has also written a poem.
Cai Lian, quickly read it to everyone.”

The Cai Lian that Yin Zhiping was talking about was Lin Anruo’s maid.

At this moment, Yin Zhiping called her as if he was ordering his servant.

When Cai Lian heard Yin Zhiping’s words, she actually did not even look at Lin Anruo and directly walked towards the table with Gong Ziliang’s poem.

Looking at the scene in front of them, the few princes present revealed amused smiles, as if they had long expected this.

Lin Anruo could not stand steadily.
Half of her face that was exposed outside the thin veil was pale.

“That Yin guy has something.
It’s fine if he bribed his competitor, but even the referee is his servant.”

Gong Ziliang shook his head and saw the situation clearly.
Then, he glanced at the tottering Lin Anruo and temporarily gave up on the idea of leaving.

This was not because he was protective of women, but because if Lin Anruo fell into Yin Zhiping’s hands, he would definitely not be able to obtain the token.

He stopped and let Cai Lian pick up the paper.
His posture made Yin Zhiping’s gaze involuntarily freeze.

“Could it be that this kid can create poems that surpass the scholars of our dynasty?”

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As soon as this thought appeared in his mind, it was instantly suppressed by Yin Zhiping.

One improvised, and the other was prepared.
In Yin Zhiping’s opinion, even if Gong Ziliang was a little talented in poetry, it was definitely impossible for him to surpass his poem.

Moreover, even if Gong Ziliang was really talented, so what?

He had the final say!

While Yin Zhiping was thinking, Cai Lian had already begun to read the poem in her hand.

“With a heavy heart, I look at the sea of talent.”

However, after hearing the first two sentences, Yin Zhiping could not help but be a little suspicious.

This was completely unrelated to the topic of ‘sword’!

He turned his head to look at the few princes and saw the same confusion on their faces.

However, when he thought about how these two sentences were not enough to surpass his poetry, Yin Zhiping suppressed his doubts and continued to listen.

He did not notice that a blazing light surged in Lin Anruo’s eyes again.

As the daughter of the Lin Family, her talent was not inferior to a man’s!

Wasn’t she the one being written?

In order to protect the family, when she left, she still did not let go of her concern for the family.

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Wasn’t she the one with a heavy heart?

In terms of talent, these two sentences were not outstanding.
However, because of her experience, Lin Anruo felt extremely sympathetic and began to look forward to the other sentences.

“When I’m young, I’ll bury my head in history.
When I’m old, I’ll fall to the path of virtue.”

“After achieving great merit and becoming an immortal, I returned to my usual life.”

However, when the couplets were out, Lin Anruo was a little disappointed.

These two sentences continued the resentment that was rarely seen.
The ambition that they expressed was only to leave some stirring words.

It could be said that Lin Anruo’s evaluation was not worthy of praise.

Compared to Yin Zhiping, forget about the sword poem later, it was a little inferior to the first poem.

Yin Zhiping and the princes also understood the meaning of the poem.
When their gazes looked at each other, they revealed a mocking expression.

“Looks like this good young master is only so-so.
He’s really inferior to Brother Yin.”

A prince was overjoyed.
As soon as he finished speaking, it attracted the praise of the others.

Yin Zhiping had a smile on his face.
Victory was in his grasp.
Without waiting for Cai Lian to finish reading the poem, he had already cupped his hands and accepted everyone’s praises.

After pretending to be modest, Yin Zhiping’s gaze swept past the ashen-faced Lin Anruo and immediately looked down at Gong Ziliang.

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