“Cai Lian, finish reading Young Master Liang’s masterpiece.
Otherwise, we won’t have the chance to hear his full poem again in the future.”

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Yin Zhiping directly mocked Gong Ziliang’s poem, but after saying that, there was no movement from Cai Lian for a long time.

Frowning slightly, Yin Zhiping turned around.
When he saw Cai Lian’s shocked expression, his heart skipped a beat for no reason.

Something was wrong!

However, on second thought, Yin Zhiping recalled the arrangements he had made in advance and immediately said in a low voice, “I told you to read it!”

“Stupid bitch, are you deaf? Can’t you hear Brother Yin?”

A prince saw that Yin Zhiping was already a little angry and immediately cursed at Cai Lian.
As he went forward and snatched the paper, he licked his lips and smiled, “Brother Yin, it’s just a small matter.
Let me do it for you.”

“What if…”

The prince had just said these words when he suddenly seemed to have seen something unbelievable.
His eyes widened, and his mouth could not close.

In the next moment, he suddenly recovered from his shock and revealed a smile that was uglier than crying, “Brother… Brother Yin, I don’t know the words behind this.
Why don’t you read it yourself?”

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As he spoke, the prince hurriedly held the hot rice paper in his hand and was about to send it to Yin Zhiping.

However, just as he took a step forward, a figure interrupted and took away the paper.

He raised his head in surprise and saw that it was Lin Anruo!

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From the performance of Cai Lian and this prince, Lin Anruo had already seen some clues and guessed that Gong Ziliang’s last sentence was definitely extremely shocking.

Although she was not confident in suppressing Yin Zhiping’s poem, this was the last straw she could grab.

After taking away the paper, she first bowed and said leisurely, “Since this poetry gathering is held by me, I should naturally be the one to recite the poem.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she lowered her head to look at the poem on the paper.

“What if the barrier has been broken and the beauty appears like a jade sword?”

One word after another, a clear sound like pearls falling on a jade plate sounded from under the veil.

After the last word was spoken, the air on the six zither workshops seemed to have been sucked away by a mighty figure with a mighty divine power, and it was instantly silent to the point of death.

Even everyone’s minds turned to ashes.
Only the lingering sound of poetry echoed.

“With a heavy heart, I look at the sea of talent.”

“When I’m young, I’ll bury my head in history.
When I’m old, I’ll fall to the path of virtue.”

“After achieving great merit and becoming an immortal, I returned to my usual life.”

“What if the barrier has been broken and the beauty appears like a jade sword?”

The first three lines of this poem were filled with sadness and pessimism.

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However, at the end of the poem, there was a twist!

Although he used the words ‘what if’, the words ‘beauty appears like a jade sword’ swept away the negativity.
It could be said to be a turnaround, magnificent and brilliant!

Especially when compared to the previous sentence, everyone felt that they were still at the end of their rope a moment ago.
Suddenly, their vision reached the nine heavens, and their chests widened, as if they could contain the world.

For a moment, everyone racked their brains but could not think of anything to say.

They even felt that with the bit of literacy they had, if word got out, they would only become a joke to outsiders.

Therefore, after regaining their senses, those princes and nobles all looked down and pretended to be bystanders.

Although Yin Zhiping had previously offered an extremely heavy price to bribe them,

compared to the poor reputation they would suffer for thousands of years, those gold, silver, and treasures seemed to be insufficient.

As for whether they would offend Yin Zhiping because of this and cause a reckoning later, no one was worried.

Although the Flat River Dynasty was powerful, the dynasties behind them were not all weak.

It might not be a problem to deal with one or two, but if he made too many enemies, not to mention that Yin Zhiping was only the heir of the Duke’s Mansion, even if the Crown Prince of the Flat River Dynasty angered everyone, he would most likely be deposed.

Sensing everyone’s attitude, Yin Zhiping immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation.

As evil thoughts surged, the spiritual qi at the peak of the Profound Realm in his body erupted, and it was instantly poured into the sword hilt that was sheathed at his waist.

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Before the sword appeared, a sharp sword cry that carried sharp sword intent swept through the hall.

Wherever it passed, there was a series of sizzling sounds.
The tables and chairs in the attic were shattered into wood shavings and powder by the sword qi.

Although the sword force deliberately avoided those princes and nobles under Yin Zhiping’s control, everyone still could not help but feel their scalps tingle when they felt the aura of destruction.
They hurriedly dodged outside and looked at Gong Ziliang with pity.

In their opinion, facing Yin Zhiping’s unexpected attack, Gong Ziliang’s death was inevitable.

However, soon, when the sword force swept through everything and arrived in front of Gong Ziliang, it suddenly disappeared into thin air.

This strange scene immediately exceeded everyone’s expectations.

While they were still stunned, they suddenly saw Gong Ziliang advance instead of retreating, walking towards the sword edge that was level with Yin Zhiping’s eyebrows.

“Prince Yin has the strength of the peak Profound Realm.
Coupled with that spirit artifact-level sword, he can even fight a True Martial Realm cultivator!”

“Has this kid gone crazy? He still dares to step forward?”

“Could it be that he wants to show his heroism in front of everyone? How laughable!”

The princes cried out in surprise.
In the end, the pity on their faces disappeared and was replaced with ridicule.

Gong Ziliang could not be bothered with those people’s words.

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Looking at the distorted expression of Yin Zhiping, his footsteps did not change as he said indifferently, “I actually wrote another poem just now.”

His voice spread, immediately causing an uproar.

At this time, he still had the mood to write poems?

Was Gong Ziliang’s brain really damaged?

However, in the next moment, a dormant sword intent was awakened by Gong Ziliang from his flesh and blood, turning into sharp cold lights that slowly condensed into a huge light sword that was hundreds of feet long behind him.

Including Yin Zhiping, everyone stared at the gaze behind Gong Ziliang, their pupils constricting to the point of needles.

Especially Yin Zhiping, under the terrifying suppression of Gong Ziliang’s Myriad Sword Convergence Sword Intent, he could not even hold the sword in his hand steadily.

Then, Gong Ziliang’s indifferent voice sounded from the corners of his lips.

“I’ve sharpened my sword for ten years and have never tried using both edges.”

“Today, I’ll show the world its power.
Who can stop me?”

As these sentences were uttered, the extremely domineering aura shook the minds of the many princes and nobles in the periphery.

The timid few people were directly frightened until they collapsed on the ground.
In a while, a warm current that was suffused with a fishy smell surged out from their pants.

However, in the eyes of the others, they did not feel that it was funny at all.

Gong Ziliang’s current aura was really too shocking!

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