Seeing Gong Ziliang smile so happily when he heard about the token, when she recalled how he had rejected her righteously just now, Lin Anruo’s chest immediately heaved.

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For a moment, she even suspected if the guy standing in front of her was still a man.

However, in the next moment, Lin Anruo recalled some of the background of Gong Ziliang that she had investigated through her fans in the past three days, as well as the information about the two people who had followed him three days ago.
Her expression changed seamlessly as she said softly,

“Young Master, other than the token, I have something else.
I wonder if you’re interested?”

After obtaining the news of the token, Gong Ziliang had originally planned to bid farewell and leave.

Immediately after hearing Lin Anruo’s words, he swept his spiritual sense, and all the secrets on Lin Anruo’s body were clearly displayed.

He did not find anything that caught his eye.

“This woman doesn’t look like a good person.
It’s better to leave!”

Gong Ziliang recalled the various dealings he had with Lin Anruo previously.
He was about to find an excuse to escape when he saw Lin Anruo’s slender fingers suddenly hit the sleeve of her clothes.

From the looks of it, she wanted to undress?

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“The thing I’m talking about is… my body…”

Then, Lin Anruo’s trembling voice entered Gong Ziliang’s ears.

In the end, when the word ‘body’ was spat out with difficulty, bean-sized tears involuntarily surged out of her eyes.

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Seeing Lin Anruo’s action, Gong Ziliang’s eyes widened, but he immediately reacted that something was amiss.
Spiritual qi immediately seeped out of his body and controlled Lin Anruo’s hands.

“Miss Lin, I’ve already said that I’m here today for the token!”

“As for Miss Lin, I don’t have any thoughts…”

After Gong Ziliang finished speaking, he saw that Lin Anruo did not continue to undress, so he retracted his spiritual qi.

When Lin Anruo heard this, she was stunned for a moment before wiping the tears on her face.

Then, she lowered her body and bowed to Gong Ziliang, saying bitterly, “I know my own appearance can’t interest you.”

Gong Ziliang was a little speechless and sighed.

What was going on?

Why were women so troublesome?

He walked over and wanted to help Lin Anruo up, but the latter retreated and said firmly, “Young Master, please hear me out.”

“I’ve had the Seduction Physique since I was young, so…”

As Lin Anruo’s pleasant voice entered his ears, Gong Ziliang slowly learned about her background.

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He also understood why the other party had to use her appearance to deal with the princes of the various dynasties.

“Three days ago, when I saw that you were chivalrous and not afraid of Chen Pingan’s power, and that you were not moved by my zither charm technique, I felt that you were extraordinary.”

“After that, I got someone to investigate and found out that one of the two people who followed Young Master that day was actually Senior Xing Feng who suppressed a dynasty alone back then.”

“Therefore, I’m willing to hand this Vital Yin to you.
I only hope that you can let Senior Xing Feng go to my Lin Family and guard it for a while.”

In the end, Lin Anruo knelt on the ground and bowed.

In the beginning, Gong Ziliang still suspected if the background Lin Anruo mentioned was true.

However, when Lin Anruo said that she had to pay the price of the Seduction Physique’s Vital Yin, he was moved.

With Lin Anruo’s beauty and talent, if she hid the secret of her physique and changed her name, it would be too easy for her to obtain wealth and splendor for the rest of her life.

However, for the sake of her family, she wandered between the various dynasties as a weak woman.

In Gong Ziliang’s opinion, this was no different from a sheep taking the initiative to be surrounded by wolves.

If she was not careful, she would be crushed to death.

Gong Ziliang himself had a Divine Body, so he naturally knew how popular such a special physique was when he cultivated.

However, the problem was that if there was no powerful faction behind the special physique, then be it the person with the special physique or the faction behind him, it would be a disaster instead of a blessing.

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As the saying went, a gentleman’s wealth was his crime.

Lin Anruo’s experience made him feel this deeply.

Now, she had told him the secret of her physique without holding back.
Clearly, she had already reached a dead end.

Sighing softly in his heart, Gong Ziliang used spiritual qi to support Lin Anruo and said, “You should keep your Vital Yin for your future sweetheart.”

Even a mighty figure at the half-step Heaven Deity Realm could not resist Lin Anruo’s Seduction Physique’s Vital Yin.
It was enough to prove that it was extraordinary.

However, Gong Ziliang had absorbed the faith of the people in the Primordial Dynasty.
His body had already evolved into the Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body and stood at the peak of all the Divine Bodies.
Naturally, he no longer needed this.

However, as soon as he said this, Gong Ziliang realized that Lin Anruo would misunderstand.

As expected, large tears rolled down Lin Anruo’s teary eyes again, making one pity her.

Gong Ziliang dared to provoke the Heavenly Dao, but at this moment, when he faced Lin Anruo’s tears, he was a little flustered and hurriedly explained.

“Miss Lin, don’t misunderstand.
It’s not that I don’t like you, but… it’s the cultivation technique I cultivate.
Before I reach the large success stage, I can’t get close to women!”

Gong Ziliang quickly came up with a lie.

Lin Anruo was first stunned, and then she said doubtfully, “Young Master, is this true?”

“Really, really! If I lie to you, I’ll be struck by lightning!”

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Gong Ziliang said: In any case, I’ve already been struck by the divine lightning of the Heavenly Dao.
I don’t feel any psychological burden when I swear an oath.

“Young Master, with the Heavenly Dao above, you can’t spout nonsense.
I’ll believe you.”

If Lin Anruo believed Gong Ziliang’s words, the defeat and humiliation from being rejected by him would be swept away at this moment.

However, just as a trace of joy crawled onto her brows, she heard Gong Ziliang say, “However, I’m afraid Miss Lin will be disappointed in letting Xing Feng head to the Lin Family to guard it.”

Lin Anruo’s curved brows froze.
He said anxiously, “Young Master, my Vital Yin is still intact.
If you refine it with the dual cultivation method, it will definitely allow your cultivation to advance to another level!”

“If it’s not enough, my Lin Family still has thousands of assets.
Even the spirit crystals needed for cultivation are in stock…”

Gong Ziliang patted his head.

This matter concerned the family.
Lin Anruo was too anxious and did not wait for him to finish speaking.

“No, no, no.
Miss Lin, you’ve misunderstood again.
It’s not that I’m unwilling to help you, but you don’t know Xing Feng’s situation.”

Immediately, Gong Ziliang told the truth about the situation where Xing Feng was plotted against and lost his cultivation realm.

“Young Master, you mean that Senior Xing Feng only has the strength of the Profound Realm now?”

Lin Anruo seemed to be unable to accept this fact and asked again.

After Gong Ziliang nodded in confirmation, she suddenly staggered.
After being supported by Gong Ziliang’s spiritual qi in time, she shook her head and said miserably, “Could it be that the heavens gave me the Seduction Physique to destroy my Lin Family?”

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