tter at hand.
That kid surnamed Yin has suffered a loss here.
He definitely won’t let this go.
Looks like he will make another trip.”

As the heir of the Duke of the Flat River Dynasty, Yin Zhiping’s status was extremely prominent.
Gong Ziliang did not think that the lesson he had given previously could subdue him.

“Young Master, you don’t have to worry about Prince Yin.
If you want, you can immediately get someone to write a letter to Brother Tianchen.”

“With him stepping forward, he will definitely be able to persuade Prince Yin to turn hostility into friendship.”

At this moment, Lin Anruo spoke confidently.
Suddenly, she seemed to have recalled something and hurriedly explained, “We’re only acquaintances.
There’s no other relationship between me and Brother Tianchen…”

Lin Anruo had a shy expression and charming eyes.
Her explanation carried obvious urgency.

Gong Ziliang could not help but exclaim in his mind, “Good lord.”

He had heard the news from Chen Pingan previously.

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Mo Tianchen, who was also the “Brother Tianchen” that Lin Anruo mentioned, was bewitched by her.

Now, he was under house arrest in the deep palace and could lose his position as the Crown Prince at any time.

This kind of simp who could even abandon the throne was only a pen pal in Lin Anruo’s mouth?

Regarding this, Gong Ziliang could only say that every simp who simped until they had nothing in the end was not worthy of sympathy.

Compared to Mo Tianchen, Yin Zhiping, and the others, Gong Ziliang suddenly felt that the future of the Primordial Dynasty was simply too bright to have a Crown Prince like Qin Yu.

Suddenly, several auras intruded into Gong Ziliang’s perception.
He raised his brows and asked, “Where is your Brother Tianchen now?”

Lin Anruo did not understand, but she still answered honestly, “He should still be in the capital.”

“Oh, then it should be too late.” Gong Ziliang nodded and said lightly.

As soon as he finished speaking, a cold voice sounded from outside the attic.

“Gong Ziliang, Lin Anruo, come out quickly!”

Lin Anruo immediately recognized this voice.
It was Yin Zhiping who had left dejectedly.

Her panicked gaze subconsciously looked at Gong Ziliang.

Gong Ziliang’s expression was calm as he released his spiritual sense.

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He sensed that several True Martial Realm cultivators and nearly 20 Profound Realm auras had already surrounded the zither shop from the outside.

At this moment, outside the attic, Yin Zhiping was arrogant.
He ignored the passersby gathered in all directions and his nostrils almost reached the sky.

Behind him, a gray-robed old man had a calm aura.
If a passerby took a few more glances, they would feel a sharp pain in their eyes and hurriedly look away.

Previously, he had suffered a crushing defeat in Gong Ziliang’s hands.
Not only did he not get Lin Anruo, but he had also dirtied his literary reputation and lost the prestige of his Duke’s Mansion.

After returning, he immediately mobilized the people he had brought and killed his way back.

“Ah, isn’t that the Crown Prince of the Duke’s Mansion of the Flat River Dynasty? Why did he bring people to surround the zither shop?”

“You don’t even know this? Didn’t Prince Yin come to participate in Lin Yao’s… everyone’s poetry gathering today? In the end, he was tortured miserably.”

“In that case, Prince Yin has regained his dignity?”

“Shh, lower your voice.
Didn’t you see that Prince Yin invited the Crippled Heaven Elder of the Duke’s Mansion? That’s a late-stage True Martial Realm mighty figure.
If he hears this, we won’t have a good time.”

Among the onlookers, there was no lack of people who knew the process of the previous poetry gathering.

News spread like wildfire.

Soon, the news of Yin Zhiping’s defeat at the poetry competition spread.

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