n Zhiping’s feet.

“This is Lin Anruo’s personal maid.
I believe some of you know her.
Lin Anruo asked her to leak the question to Gong Ziliang.”

“Of course, just this lowly maid’s words are not enough to convince me.”

“However, before today’s poetry gathering, we all saw it.
Lin Anruo asked her to hand a note to Gong Ziliang.”

As soon as Yin Zhiping finished speaking, a few people who were participating in the poetry gathering stood out to express that they had indeed seen it with their own eyes.

Originally, everyone was still suspicious of Yin Zhiping’s accusation.

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However, when they saw the princes and descendants of the various dynasties express their stance, they immediately believed them.

Taking in everyone’s reaction, Yin Zhiping could not help but reveal a satisfied smile.

With the people he brought, killing Gong Ziliang was as simple as crushing an ant.

However, at the poetry gathering, he had lost too badly.
Therefore, before killing Gong Ziliang, he had to let him have a taste of his own medicine!

Gong Ziliang seemed to be unable to refute Yin Zhiping’s accusations.
He stood there without saying a word.

In the eyes of the onlookers, his performance immediately swept away the last two traces of uncertainty in their hearts.

They all firmly believed that the reason why Yin Zhiping was not a match for Gong Ziliang at the poetry competition was because Lin Anruo had told him the question in advance.

“Such a person is really an elegant scum!”

“Back then, although Duke Yin and the Great Ancestor of the Flat River Dynasty fought their way into the world on the back of the War Beast, the Duke’s Mansion has produced many geniuses in recent years.
They’re more than enough to suppress the ten kingdoms.
I believe they attracted jealousy and hatred because of this and wanted to use such a despicable method to damage the reputation of the Duke’s Mansion!”

“Heaven doesn’t hide evil! Fortunately, Prince Yin came out in time to clarify.
Otherwise, we would probably be deceived by the methods of the villains.”

In the crowd, the people Yin Zhiping had planted in advance took the lead to shout.
Soon, it attracted a huge reaction, causing everyone to feel indignant.

Seeing this, Yin Zhiping knew that his goal had been achieved.
If this continued, if Gong Ziliang used any more methods, although the Crippled Heaven Elder and the experts he brought were around, it was still a variable.

“Gong Ziliang, you and the Demoness Lin Anruo set up a trap to target me and the descendants of the various dynasties.
There’s definitely a mastermind behind this.
I want to bring the two of you back for interrogation!”

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“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you directly.
I’ll only break your limbs.
When I have sex with this Beauty Lin, I’ll let you watch from the side.”

The last sentence was secretly sent by Yin Zhiping, so only Gong Ziliang and Lin Anruo could hear it.

Lin Anruo’s expression changed instantly.

Her confidence came from her charm technique.

However, in this environment, forget about whether she had the chance to use it, even if she used it, it would be difficult to affect Yin Zhiping who was protected by the Crippled Heaven Elder.

While her heart was cold, she turned to look at Gong Ziliang at the side.
Just as she was about to speak, a rumbling sound of iron hooves sounded from behind the crowd of onlookers.

The sudden commotion instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

When they saw guards in gold lined up in a battle formation and advancing, their terrifying killing intent spread through the air, everyone immediately began to turn around.

“Golden… Golden Armor Army!”

They recognized the origin of these Golden Armor Guards and immediately ignored their appearance and rolled to the side to dodge.

No matter how noble Yin Zhiping’s status was, he was still the heir of the Flat River Dynasty.

As for the Golden Armor Army, it was the personal army under the monarch.
To the commoners of the Monet Dynasty who were born and raised in Firewood City, it was undoubtedly more intimidating.

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