Soon, a path that could allow a hundred people to pass was cleared, allowing the 800 Golden Armor Guards to advance freely.

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In front of the army, a young man wearing a python-patterned yellow robe sat on a completely black war beast that looked like a ferocious tiger.

It was the Third Prince of the Monet Dynasty, Mo Shaoyun, who had brought people to Chen Pingan’s residence to seek justice for him after hearing that he was bullied.

Beside Mo Shaoyun, a figure was lying in the palanquin with his butt raised.
Who else could it be but Chen Pingan?

“Isn’t that the only son of the Marquis, Chen Pingan? How did it become like this?”

“You don’t know about this? Three days ago, he teased Demoness Lin in the Six Tune Music Shop and was castrated by Gong Ziliang.”

“Gasp, won’t that end the Marquis’ bloodline?”

“In that case, he brought the Third Prince to seek revenge on Gong Ziliang?”

What happened in the zither shop three days ago was not a secret, but many people had only heard about it from others.

Who would have thought that the person who did it was Gong Ziliang?

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Although the influence of the Marquis in the Monet Dynasty was far inferior to the Duke’s Mansion of the Yin Zhiping Family in the Flat River Dynasty,

Chen Pingan had a good brother like Mo Shaoyun!

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Mo Shaoyun could even hand over the Golden Armor Army bestowed by the monarch of the Monet Dynasty to Chen Pingan and let him abuse his authority.
The relationship between the two could be seen.

Now, Chen Pingan’s precious organ was cut off.
With Mo Shaoyun’s righteous nature, wouldn’t he skin Gong Ziliang alive and light up the sky lantern?

First was Chen Pingan, and then it was Yin Zhiping.

When they thought of how Gong Ziliang had offended two monstrous factions in a short three days, everyone actually felt some admiration for him.

Although they were impressed, looking at the Golden Armor Guards that came in a stream, everyone knew clearly that even the Crown Prince of the Monet Dynasty would probably not be able to protect Gong Ziliang and Lin Anruo’s lives today.

When they thought of this, everyone subconsciously retreated further away, afraid that they would be splattered with blood and have nightmares at night.

On the other side, Yin Zhiping had just learned about what had happened to Chen Pingan three days ago from the whispers of the onlookers.

He glanced at Chen Pingan who was lying in the palanquin with pity.
Then, he looked at Mo Shaoyun and was about to speak when Lin Anruo’s voice suddenly sounded from the front of the attic.

“Prince Mo, Young Master Chen, what happened previously was my fault.
It has nothing to do with Young Master Liang.”

“If the two of you want to blame me, please punish me.”

Yin Zhiping suddenly turned around.
At this moment, this woman was actually still thinking of protecting Gong Ziliang!

It could not be endured!

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A wave of anger rose in his heart.
He did not even look at Lin Anruo and said to Mo Shaoyun, “Brother Shaoyun, I have some conflict with Gong Ziliang.
Can you give me some face today and hand this child to me to deal with?”

“As for what he did to offend Brother Pingan, the Duke’s Residence will prepare generous gifts to ensure that Brother Pingan is satisfied!”

At this moment, he was no longer only fighting for Lin Anruo, but also for his dignity and pride!

Originally, he planned to directly let the Crippled Heaven Elder attack and capture Gong Ziliang and Lin Anruo back to the Duke’s Mansion’s encampment in Firewood City.

However, considering that this was the territory of the Monet Dynasty after all, he still gave Mo Shaoyun some face and showed enough etiquette.

However, after he finished speaking, Mo Shaoyun, who was riding on the War Beast, glanced at him from the corner of his eye and spat out a stream of air from his nostrils, “Leave it to you?”

“Who the f*ck are you?”

A disdainful voice sounded from Mo Shaoyun’s mouth.
Wherever it passed, everyone in the surroundings seemed to have been immobilized, and even their breathing stopped.

Yin Zhiping’s expression also froze.
He looked straight at Mo Shaoyun, thinking that he was hallucinating from anger.

However, when he saw Mo Shaoyun’s arrogant expression, he immediately understood.

He had just been scolded by Mo Shaoyun.

In the next moment, an uncontrollable anger surged in his heart.

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“Prince, calm down.
I heard that Mo Shaoyun values brotherhood the most.
Therefore, I believe that the matter of Chen Pingan made him feel unbearable and refused to hand Gong Ziliang over to you to deal with.”

“In my opinion, we can’t use force on this person.
Otherwise, it’s very likely to cause a war between the two sides.”

Just as he was about to attack, the Crippled Heaven Elder’s voice sounded in his ears.

The Monet Dynasty was ranked at the bottom among the dynasties under the Bi Fang Empire.

It was far inferior to the Flat River Dynasty.

However, looking at Mo Shaoyun’s indifferent expression, it was obvious that he was a person who was amenable to persuasion but not coercion.

Then, he noticed that although the 800 Golden Armor troops behind him were only at the Meridian Opening Realm, after forming a battle formation, the strength they could unleash was far from simple.

The combat strength combined was definitely not inferior to the dozen or so Profound Realm experts he had brought over.

Not to mention that there were also an unknown number of Profound Realm and even True Martial Realm experts hidden in the army formation.

After quickly comparing the strength of both sides in his mind, Yin Zhiping came to the conclusion that with the people he brought, they could at most fight to the death with Mo Shaoyun.

It was definitely impossible to bring Gong Ziliang and Lin Anruo away from under Mo Shaoyun’s nose unscathed.

“A rich man can’t put himself in danger!”

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“That bastard surnamed Gong Ziliang and that bitch Lin Anruo are not worth me paying the price of blood for them!”

Yin Zhiping bitterly suppressed the anger in his chest and cast his gaze at Chen Pingan who was lying in the palanquin.

Since Mo Shaoyun had appeared today for the second prince, if he could make Chen Pingan relent, Mo Shaoyun would probably not continue to pester him.

Yin Zhiping thought that he had grasped the main conflict and was about to subconsciously smile.

Then, he recalled that Chen Pingan was not even a man now.
He hurriedly retracted the smile on his face to prevent himself from angering the other party.

“I’ve heard about the disrespect Gong Ziliang has done to you.
I’m deeply regretful.”

“Coincidentally, I have the Muscle Growth Pill that I brought from the Great Unity Azure Wood Sect.
It should have some recovery effect on the injury.”

“However, in exchange, I need you to hand Gong Ziliang and Lin Anruo to the Duke’s Mansion!”

He took out an exquisite jade bottle from his storage bag and played with it in his hand.

The Great Unity Azure Wood Sect was an ordinary high-grade sect under the Flat River Dynasty.

The strongest Supreme Elder in the sect was only at the late-stage Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

However, their pills were unique.

This was especially true for the Muscle Growth Pill.
Although it could not reach the level of reviving the dead, regrowing severed limbs was easy.

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