Hearing this, the Crippled Heaven Elder said solemnly, “I won’t let you down!”

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“Prince, you have to be extremely careful.
If you see that things can’t be done, you can retreat first and protect yourself.
It won’t be too late to plan later!”

Yin Zhiping nodded and immediately recalled the information gathered by the scouts.
After the poetry gathering, Gong Ziliang had already left Firewood City with someone.

He could not help but say coldly, “Hmph, let’s bring that bitch Lin Anruo back today.
When we find Gong Ziliang, we’ll tear him to pieces!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yin Zhiping gestured and asked everyone behind him to seal their auras and hide.

After making the preparations, the Crippled Heaven Elder stepped on the void and ascended to the sky step by step.

The aura of the late-stage True Martial Realm erupted.

In the depths of the mansion, an aura that was not inferior to his rose at the same time.

“Who are you? How dare you attack the Dynasty Palace at night!”

Accompanied by an explosive shout, Jin Zhan, who was wearing dazzling golden armor, rushed out with a longsword in hand.

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Before he arrived, the stench that assaulted his face made a heavy expression appear in the eyes of the Crippled Heaven Elder.

In the next moment, spiritual qi surged out of his body and directly crushed the bodies of the few Golden Armor Guards guarding nearby into meat paste.

This scene made Jin Zhan furious!

The long saber closed and condensed a corporeal saber light that carried the will to split the world.
It instantly sealed the location of the Crippled Heaven Elder!

The old man’s thin palm pointed, poked, slapped, and struck in the void, leaving behind a graceful afterimage that quickly dissipated the blade light that slashed over.

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“Jin Zhan, we can’t use it here.
Let’s change places and have a good battle!”

As the Crippled Heaven Elder spoke, his gaze intentionally or otherwise looked in a certain direction behind Jin Zhan.

Jin Zhan’s eyes turned cold.
How could he not tell that the other party was luring him away?

However, the direction that the Crippled Heaven Elder was looking in was Mo Shaoyun’s location.

If the other party attacked without caring about the consequences, Jin Zhan believed that he could stop them.

However, there was no guarantee that the battle would not affect the Third Prince.

“I’m going to capture the bandit leader.
All of you, stay here and protect the Third Prince.
You’re not allowed to leave!”

After weighing the pros and cons, Jin Zhan ordered the Golden Armor Army that had gathered behind him to activate his movement technique and follow the retreating figure of the Crippled Heaven Elder.

The two figures disappeared into the black night sky in the blink of an eye.

In the blink of an eye, the Golden Armor Army had already gathered hundreds of people.

“Everyone, Elder Crippled has already lured Jin Zhan away.
It’s our turn to attack.”

At the same time, outside the residence, with Yin Zhiping’s order, the people he brought removed the seal on their aura.

In an instant, several auras rumbled.
The ten-feet tall wall in front of them was pushed down like paper.

“Hahaha, Yin Zhiping, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

However, before they could enter the residence, Mo Shaoyun, who was dressed in military clothes, led a thousand Golden Armor Army soldiers who were solemn and charged into their vision.

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He looked at Mo Shaoyun and the Golden Armor Guards who were waiting for him.

How could Yin Zhiping not know that the other party had long expected that he would attack tonight?

However, Yin Zhiping had also expected the current situation.

Immediately, he tore off the veil covering his face and shouted, “Mo Shaoyun, I don’t want to waste my breath on you.”

“Hand over Lin Anruo and I’ll leave Firewood City immediately.”


At this moment, there was no need to continue hiding.

“Oh? What else do you want?”

The corners of Mo Shaoyun’s mouth curled up.
His tone was 30% domineering and 30% curious.

“Otherwise, don’t blame me for disregarding the friendship between the two dynasties and starting a massacre!”

As soon as Yin Zhiping finished speaking, Mo Shaoyun seemed to have heard a good joke and laughed loudly, “Hahaha, Yin Zhiping, don’t you think it’s ridiculous to say such words?”

“Do you really think I don’t know what you’ve been doing in Firewood City these days?”


“Spying on the military intelligence of my Monet Dynasty, colluding with and bribing the seven kingdoms’ imperial families that border my Monet Dynasty, this is your so-called ‘relationship between the two dynasties’?”

Mo Shaoyun was domineering and did not care about anything.
He could even fight with a second son like Chen Pingan.

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However, this was only his disguise.

As a disciple of the Imperial Family, if he really charged forward as he displayed, how could he survive in the vortex of scheming in the Imperial City until now?

This time, he had come to Firewood City because he had smelled that there was something wrong with the actions of the Flat River Dynasty and took the initiative to ask the Emperor for permission.

After arriving, after some investigation, he indeed discovered many problems with Yin Zhiping, the main target of his surveillance.

Originally, due to Yin Zhiping’s identity and the fact that he had always been very careful every time he moved, he did not leave any evidence behind, so Mo Shaoyun could not attack him.

Until three days ago, because of Chen Pingan, he learned of Xing Feng’s existence.

Therefore, he had tried his best to protect Gong Ziliang and Lin Anruo outside the Six Tune Music Shop.

However, what happened during the day was only a test for Yin Zhiping.

Or rather, lure!

With his understanding of Yin Zhiping’s investigation, the latter would definitely take action at the poetry gathering and after suffering such a huge loss.

Therefore, they had set up a large number of troops here in advance and were waiting for Yin Zhiping to fall into their trap.

Even Jin Zhan received his signal in advance.

It seemed that Jin Zhan had been lured away by the Crippled Heaven Elder, but in fact, Mo Shaoyun had played along and used Jin Zhan to delay the strongest combat strength beside Yin Zhiping.

Mo Shaoyun had exposed his secret plan.

Then, he saw the Golden Armor Army that was still surging out from the surrounding buildings behind Mo Shaoyun.

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In the blink of an eye, it had already exceeded 1,500.

In addition, there were dozens of Profound Realm and even True Martial Realm cultivators guarding Mo Shaoyun.

Three of them had auras that were not inferior to Jin Zhan’s.

How could Yin Zhiping not know that Mo Shaoyun was more prepared than he had imagined?

His face was dark.

“Golden Armor Army, listen up!”

Opposite, in front of the building lit by torches, Mo Shaoyun ordered.

The armor of the two thousand Golden Armor Guards reflected the flames.
The sound of long sabers being unsheathed broke the silence of the long night.


Without any nonsense, Mo Shaoyun exhaled and rode his War Beast to be the first to rush towards Yin Zhiping.

The three leaders of the Golden Armor Army, who were also at the late-stage True Martial Realm, stood at the side.
Their gazes were cold like ice, as if they were about to seep into the bones.

The surging aura on his body was as dense as fire.

Clearly, they were all ferocious generals who had been baptized in blood and fire on the battlefield!

“Don’t snatch it.
Today, This Prince wants to capture that Yin guy alive!”

Mo Shaoyun was afraid that someone would snatch his credit, so he shouted.

However, he was less than a thousand feet away from Yin Zhiping.
At this distance, the War Beast under him could arrive with a charge.

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