Suddenly, he saw Yin Zhiping touch a pitch-black medicinal pill with ruthlessness.

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“Mo Shaoyun, you forced me to do this!”

Yin Zhiping’s angry shout sounded in his ears.

At the same time, the people he brought also took out medicinal pills and swallowed them.

Immediately, the auras of those people began to increase crazily.

More than 20 Profound Realm cultivators directly entered the True Martial Realm.

The five True Martial Realm cultivators had even broken through their current limits and stepped into the higher Spirit Refinement Realm.

In a breath of time, those people’s strength had crossed several stages or even an entire major realm on their original foundation.

Yin Zhiping’s realm had also increased from the peak Profound Realm to the late-stage True Martial Realm.

In the next moment, his eyes flickered with a cruel light as he looked at Mo Shaoyun.

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Being looked at by Yin Zhiping, Mo Shaoyun felt his body being covered in a cold aura and could not help but shiver.

He saw the three late-stage True Martial Golden Armor Army leaders rushing to Yin Zhiping first.

In just a moment, they were sent flying by a Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator covered in black gas.

In his shock, Mo Shaoyun realized that he seemed to have lost control this time.

Before he could figure out why the people Yin Zhiping brought suddenly became so ferocious, the three who had been sent flying previously were covered in a dangerous aura as they rushed towards Yin Zhiping again.

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“Third Prince, leave quickly!”

After a loud roar, the three of them chose to self-destruct.

In an instant, peerless spiritual qi swept forward with a shocking impetus that tore through everything.

Mo Shaoyun’s eyes almost popped out.

Those three people were his masters who had taught him cultivation since he was young.
Their relationship was extraordinary.

This time, Mo Shaoyun had invited them to lie in ambush beside him.
He had originally planned to use them as a surprise attack against Yin Zhiping.

Who would have thought that he would end up like this!

“Ahhh, Yin Zhiping, return the lives of my three teachers!”

Mo Shaoyun was furious.
He could not care less about the difference in strength between him and Yin Zhiping.
He kicked the War Beast and was about to rush out.

However, immediately after, a familiar force slashed down from the back of his neck.

Before his consciousness fell into darkness, Mo Shaoyun vaguely saw that Chen Pingan’s face was filled with fear.
He carried him in the opposite direction of the Golden Armor Army and fled for his life.

A hundred miles away from Firewood City.

Two figures flew over.

The night was cold, and the wind surged in the sky.

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However, when it struck the two of them, it only raised a corner of their clothes.

Xing Feng was slightly behind.
He looked at Gong Ziliang’s back and felt a little helpless.

In the stone chamber mystic realm, the injuries that had accumulated in his body for 20 years were healed by Patriarch Liu Yun.

Although he could not return to the Heaven Deity Realm immediately, in a few hours, he had already recovered the strength of the True Martial Realm.

He thought that he could defeat Gong Ziliang and brag a few times.

After racing with Gong Ziliang, Xing Feng discovered that it was just a dream.

Gong Ziliang remained slowly in front of him, maintaining a distance of half a body.

In the end, Xing Feng concluded that after breaking through to the True Martial Realm, the difference between him and Gong Ziliang became even greater.

After understanding the truth, Xing Feng slowed down and did not say a word for the second half of the journey…

In front of him, Gong Ziliang sensed the change in Xing Feng’s mood and the corners of his mouth curled into a smile.

Xing Feng only saw his realm recover, but he did not know that after Gong Ziliang obtained the Qi Observation Technique that drew providence and the method to cultivate the soul from Patriarch Liu Yun, although he had not escaped the Heavenly Dao curse and the negative effect on his cultivation, it was difficult to increase his cultivation level in a short time.

However, many methods that could not be used previously had gradually been unlocked.

Not to mention anything else, just the movement techniques he had cultivated previously, let alone the True Martial Realm, even if a Spirit Refinement Realm cultivator came, they could only follow behind him and eat the dust.

In other aspects, the Water Intent, Fire Intent, and Earth Intent in the Five Elements Intent could already be used.

Just this was enough to make Gong Ziliang invincible below the Spirit Refinement Realm.

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Coupled with the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear and the comprehensive martial technique, Gong Ziliang was also confident that he could defeat anyone with a single strike!

As the curse was slowly removed, his strength would also increase.

According to Gong Ziliang’s estimation, it should not be a problem for him to recover to his peak when he returned to the Primordial Dynasty.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of two powerful auras colliding entered Gong Ziliang and Xing Feng’s ears.

They looked at each other and tacitly increased their speed, flying towards the source of the sound.

On an official road, two figures moved around, occasionally fighting with fists and weapons.

Every time they fought, they would bring about wild air waves that wreaked havoc in all directions.

The official road under their feet had long been damaged beyond recognition, and there were pits everywhere.
Xing Feng’s gaze landed on one of the two people fighting.

The golden armor on that person was covered in deep cracks.

The armor on his chest and arms was even shattered, revealing the bronze skin inside.
He immediately shouted in a low voice, “That’s… the Golden Armor Army!”

Xing Feng’s voice was not loud, but to Jin Zhan and the Crippled Heaven Elder, who were at the critical moment of the battle, it was like thunder.

Immediately, the two of them could not be bothered to continue fighting.

After stopping, he threw a vigilant gaze at Gong Ziliang and Xing Feng who had suddenly appeared.

His gaze swept over.

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Jin Zhan quickly recognized Gong Ziliang and Xing Feng.
The serious expression on his face first relaxed slightly.

He immediately realized that Gong Ziliang and Xing Feng’s strength was only at the Profound Realm.

Not only could he not help him deal with the late-stage True Martial Realm Crippled Heaven Elder, but he also had to spend effort taking care of them.
He could not help but frown.

At this moment, the Crippled Heaven Elder also discovered Gong Ziliang.

He immediately said in surprise, “Little bastard, I didn’t expect that the Crown Prince would take the initiative to send you to me instead of stopping you at Mo Shaoyun’s place.”

“What did you say? Yin Zhiping brought people to find Mo Shaoyun?”

Xing Feng’s expression became extremely ugly as he shouted.

The aura of the True Martial Realm erupted at the same time and pressed towards the Crippled Heaven Elder.

The Crippled Heaven Elder had placed his attention on Gong Ziliang and did not care about Xing Feng.

At this moment, sensing the aura coming from Xing Feng, he could not help but say coldly, “Hmph, a mere first-stage True Martial Realm cultivator dares to act fiercely in front of me?”


The strength of the late-stage True Martial Realm was displayed by the Crippled Heaven Elder without holding back.
He planned to kill Xing Feng.

Although Xing Feng was only at the first-stage True Martial Realm, when he fought with Jin Zhan later, if Xing Feng attacked from the side, even if it did not pose a threat to his life, it would still be troublesome.

As for Gong Ziliang, he was only at the peak of the Profound Realm.
The Crippled Heaven Elder did not take him seriously at all.

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