Coupled with the fact that Yin Zhiping had also suffered the backlash of the Demon Reversal Pill, Mo Shaoyun could easily kill a mere Meridian Opening cultivator with a single finger.
He was no longer a threat.

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However, the information Yin Zhiping had given him previously made Mo Shaoyun clearly understand that their current situation had not become safe.

Instead, it was even more dangerous!

Once the Flat River Dynasty learned that Yin Zhiping had failed in Firewood City, it was very likely that they would directly send an army to suppress the border.

The Monet Dynasty would probably be destroyed.

When he thought of this, Mo Shaoyun hurriedly looked at Gong Ziliang and said, “Brother Liang, didn’t you go with Senior Xing to find a way to recover your strength? How’s Senior Xing’s condition now?”

In order to help the Flat River Dynasty devour everything, the Demon Cult had sent two Spiritual Sea Realm mighty figures to help.

On the other hand, after the only Supreme Elder at the Spiritual Sea Realm in the Monet Dynasty was killed by Xing Feng 20 years ago, even after 20 years of recuperation, the vitality that he had exhausted back then had still not completely recovered.

The strongest combat strength now was only at the half-step Spiritual Sea Realm.

They did not have the strength to fight the Flat River Dynasty.

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Therefore, Mo Shaoyun could only place his hopes on Xing Feng.

“Brother Xing is outside the city now.
He has recovered his True Martial Realm cultivation.”

Hearing Gong Ziliang’s answer, Mo Shaoyun’s expression was not surprised and a little ugly.
He clenched his fists, lowered his head, and gritted his teeth, “Only the True Martial Realm…”

Then, he raised his head and said, “Forget it! Brother Liang, please find Senior Xing.
We’ll return to the Imperial City as soon as possible.”

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The Flat River Dynasty was already prepared and could attack the Monet Dynasty at any time.

Until now, the Monet Dynasty was still in the dark.

Therefore, under the circumstances that Xing Feng might not be able to count on, Mo Shaoyun felt that the most important thing now was to bring the news of the collusion between the Flat River Dynasty and the Demon Cult back to the Imperial City as soon as possible.

They gathered everyone’s strength to discuss how to deal with it.

Should he send a request for help to the Bi Fang Empire or find other dynasties and ask the Spiritual Sea Realm that was guarding the dynasty to help?

No matter which method he chose, if he could let the Monet Dynasty react earlier, the chances of survival would undoubtedly increase.

Coincidentally, Gong Ziliang also needed to use the teleportation formation of the Monet Dynasty to head to the Bi Fang Empire.

There was naturally no reason to refuse Mo Shaoyun’s request.

After leaving the hall, Gong Ziliang quickly encountered the two of them and rushed over from outside the city.

They were Xing Feng and Jin Zhan.

Not long after Gong Ziliang left, they sensed the aura that erupted in the city.

He immediately rushed back without caring that his injuries had not recovered.

After being stopped by Gong Ziliang, the three of them returned to the City Lord’s Mansion together.

The two of them learned about everything that had happened in the city from Gong Ziliang’s explanation.

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When they saw him, the two of them roughly guessed the outcome.

However, when Gong Ziliang said in a calm tone that he had already dealt with the Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators in the city,

The injuries suppressed in their bodies almost erupted, causing their spiritual qi to fall into madness.

“Five Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators? Brother Liang, you’re not joking with me, right?”

Even outside the city, Xing Feng had personally seen Gong Ziliang burn the Crippled Heaven Elder to death with the white holy flame.

However, at that time, there were a total of five Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators in the City Lord’s Mansion.

Coupled with so many True Martial Realm experts, no matter how domineering Gong Ziliang’s Fire Intent was, it was impossible to deal with so many opponents in such a short time, right?

Although Jin Zhan did not sound doubtful like Xing Feng…

However, when he looked at Gong Ziliang, his wandering gaze clearly contained some doubt.

It was not that they did not trust Gong Ziliang’s character, but what he said was really too absurd, simply like a fantasy.

However, when they returned to the City Lord’s Mansion, they saw Mo Shaoyun, Chen Pingan, and the others.

The doubts that lingered in his mind dissipated a little.

When Mo Shaoyun took the initiative to welcome them and boasted to Xing Feng and Jin Zhan, Gong Ziliang dealt with Yin Zhiping and the others like he was chopping vegetables.

The two of them ignored Mo Shaoyun and looked at each other.

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When their eyes met, the two of them saw the same shock in each other’s eyes.

With the cultivation of the Profound Realm, he had defeated five Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators and more than 20 True Martial Realm cultivators.

Was this something a human could do?

Moreover, if he included the Crippled Heaven Elder who had been burned to ashes by Gong Ziliang outside the city, that was, six Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators!

When they thought of this, the two of them could not help but roar in their minds.

That was the Spirit Refinement Realm!

In the entire Southeast Region, they could be considered experts!

In the Monet Dynasty, where the Spiritual Sea Realm did not exist, the Spirit Refinement Realm was the second tier of strength below the Divine Flame.

In a place, it was more than enough to guard a city.

Even under the feet of the Emperor, he could easily obtain a high position in the Imperial City.

For example, the Golden Armor Army’s commander who commanded 30,000 soldiers was only at this realm.

Just as Xing Feng and Jin Zhan felt their world view being ruthlessly attacked…

“A few Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators are not worth mentioning.”

The voice that came from Gong Ziliang’s mouth made their barely maintained Dao hearts almost collapse.

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A few Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators?

This tone made one think that it came from a Tribulation Transcendence Realm expert.

However, when he thought of the Crippled Heaven Elder and the Spirit Refinement Realm cultivators Yin Zhiping had brought, they were indeed like chickens and dogs in Gong Ziliang’s hands.

For a moment, the corners of their mouths twitched.

Looking at Gong Ziliang’s casual attitude, the two of them quickly made a decision in their minds.
Next, no matter what shocking words Gong Ziliang said, they pretended not to hear them.

Otherwise, they were afraid that their Dao hearts would really collapse from the blow.

Fortunately, Gong Ziliang seemed to have considered their tolerance and did not continue his actions.
He changed the topic.

“The problem now is that one of the two Spiritual Sea Realm envoys sent by the Demon Cult to the Flat River Dynasty has already arrived in Firewood City.”

“Although I don’t know why that Demon Envoy hasn’t appeared until now, it’s definitely impossible to hide the huge commotion just now.”

“Therefore, next, we have to be prepared to be pursued by a Spiritual Sea Realm mighty figure.”

As soon as Gong Ziliang finished speaking, the hall was so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

Before this, they only considered how the Monet Dynasty would deal with the attack that the Flat River Dynasty could launch at any time.

It was not until they were reminded by Gong Ziliang that they suddenly realized that they were still standing on the edge of the cliff and had not escaped danger.

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