In less than two hours, it was emptied.

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Even the grass that was corroded by the demonic qi was not spared.

Everything was taken away by the city residents.

Just as the citizens were about to leave in satisfaction with their gains, a black cloud suddenly appeared in the sky above Firewood City.

“It’s the aura of the Demon Reversal Pill!”

“Yin Zhiping, that trash, can’t even deal with those people from the Mo Family.
He still wants to waste my medicinal pills!”

In the dark clouds, a figure wrapped in a black robe swept his spiritual sense across the city below and quickly discovered the aura left behind by Yin Zhiping and the others.

However, immediately after, when his spiritual sense entered the City Lord’s Mansion, he suddenly sensed several pure elemental forces.

“This is the power of the Fire Intent…”

“Not only that, but there’s also the Water Intent and Wood Intent!”

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“Could it be someone from the Five Elements Sacred Sect?”

Under the black robe, Mo Wentian’s voice became a little heavy.

The Five Elements Sacred Sect was an existence second only to the Holy Land in the southeast region.

The depth of their foundation was even greater than the Bi Fang Empire.

Even the Demon Cult’s branch behind Mo Wentian did not dare to rashly provoke him.

However, the Five Elements Sacred Sect had always been low-key.

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Their sect disciples would not appear easily.

Therefore, in the mortal world, not many factions knew of its existence.

However, it was precisely because of this that Mo Wentian felt that it was troublesome.

“Could it be that the Five Elements Sacred Sect is also here for the thing in the Bi Fang Empire?”


Mo Wentian thought of a possibility, and his voice suddenly became sharp.

He stretched out a few more spiritual senses, but soon, Mo Wentian discovered that because of the destruction of the city residents, the little elemental power left in the City Lord’s Mansion had already become extremely weak.

Feeling frustrated, his spiritual sense immediately swept down with the power of destruction.

The citizens who were staying in the City Lord’s Mansion still raised their heads in surprise and looked at the dark clouds that had inexplicably appeared in the sky.

Suddenly, an invisible spiritual force blasted into their minds.

In the next moment, those people did not even have the chance to shout.
Their weak mental strength was directly crushed by Mo Wentian’s spiritual sense.

He would kill these ordinary people who were no different from ants in his eyes.

Mo Wentian’s vexed mood finally improved slightly.

Then, he put away the demonic qi clouds and flashed, his figure directly teleporting to the empty hall of the City Lord’s Mansion.

Following the elemental power left in the air, after Mo Wentian carefully sensed it, he could not help but mutter in doubt,

“Oh? What’s going on? These Intent auras seem to come from the same source?”

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For a moment, Mo Wentian thought that he had made a mistake.

After all, a cultivator who could comprehend an Intent was already an extraordinary genius.
How could anyone fuse three Intents into one?

Moreover, he sensed that among the three Intents, there was also the Water Intent and the Fire Intent, which were completely incompatible.

Even the young supreme beings of the Five Elements Sacred Sect had never heard of anyone being able to do this.

However, he used his spiritual sense to sense it several times.

The result that Mo Wentian obtained was completely the same as before.

Moreover, he discovered that the person who had these three Intents seemed to only be in the Profound Realm.

A Profound Realm cultivator who had grasped three Intents and had even killed Yin Zhiping and the others who had consumed the Demon Reversal Pill?

If not for the fact that Mo Wentian had obtained this information himself, if anyone else said this to him, he would definitely use demonic qi to refine that person into dregs.

“Hmph, I understand.”

“That person from the Five Elements Sacred Sect must have wanted to hide his identity, so he deliberately used a smokescreen!”

“There are three Intents of Water, Fire, and Wood here.
In other words, the Five Elements Sacred Sect has sent at least three people here!”

Mo Wentian felt that he had seen through the tricks of the Five Elements Sacred Sect.
He then said coldly, “I want to see who the Five Elements Sacred Sect has sent out this time!”

“Heavenly Demon Tracking Technique!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Wentian activated the Demon Dao Divine Power Technique and used the elemental power in the air to trace the origin aura of the Intent.

A moment later, he put away his Divine Power.
Under the black robe that covered his head, a gaze seemed to be able to see through the void and look in the direction of the Level Cloud Mountain Range.

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He sent a ball of demonic qi that contained information back to the branch using the Divine Power unique to the Demon Cult.

Mo Wentian’s figure directly disappeared from the hall.

In the depths of the Level Cloud Mountain.

Gong Ziliang had just brought Lin Anruo over the third mountain.

Unknowingly, his Dao heart suddenly felt a sense of fear.

Gong Ziliang instantly understood that this was the demonic envoy using some unknown method to lock onto him through the void.

Next, no matter where he fled to, that Demon Envoy would be able to find him.

The soul turned into consciousness and connected to the heavens and the earth, forming a sea with a thought.

This was the terror of the Spiritual Sea Realm.

“As expected of a demonic cultivator at the Spiritual Sea Realm.
My Aura Concealment Technique is actually useless!”

As soon as Gong Ziliang finished speaking, he removed the Aura Concealment Technique that enveloped him and Lin Anruo and used all his spiritual qi to activate his movement technique.

The hundred-mile mountain range shrank under his feet.

In a few blinks of the eye, he and Lin Anruo arrived in front of the mountain wall where Patriarch Liu Yun’s mystic realm was.

He stretched out his spiritual sense.
When he sensed that the stone room mystic realm in the depths of the mountain did not disappear, Gong Ziliang could not help but sigh in relief.

If Patriarch Liu Yun moved the Stone Room Mystic Realm away, he would really be at a dead end.

“Senior Liu Yun, sorry for disturbing you.”

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He bowed to the mountain wall in front of him.
Under Lin Anruo’s surprised gaze, Gong Ziliang directly collided with it.

The green-gray mountain was even weaker than tofu in front of him.
In the blink of an eye, Gong Ziliang arrived outside the stone room in the depths of the mountain.

Lin Anruo followed behind Gong Ziliang and walked into the mystic realm.

Seeing that other than a few array formations that she could not understand, there was only the jade essence with all its spiritual qi extracted, she could not help but say in surprise, “Is this the mystic realm of that Nirvana Realm senior?”


Gong Ziliang nodded and did not explain to Lin Anruo how stingy Patriarch Liu Yun was.

Instead, he took out spirit crystals and black gold from his storage ring and placed them in the array formations in every corner of the stone room.

A small portion of these spirit crystals and black gold were Mo Shaoyun’s assets.

Most of them were ‘borrowed’ from the president of the Xu Family’s Chamber of Commerce.

Therefore, when Gong Ziliang used them, he did not feel any heartache.

Soon, after he used the black gold liquid to repair the damaged part of the array formation, he began to absorb the spiritual qi in the spirit crystal and pour it into the array formation.

A moment later…

Looking at the array formation that was slowly circulating under the stimulation of dense spiritual qi,

Gong Ziliang’s tense mind finally calmed down a little.

However, at this point, it was not over.

From the wall of the stone room, he took down two spirit crystal jade essences that had their spiritual qi drained.

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