“It’s to capture a few people from the enemy sect and chase them all the way here.
Senior, please forgive me for my offense!”

After Mo Wentian finished speaking, he felt uneasy.

He was afraid that his words were not enough to convince the Nirvana Realm cultivator in the stone chamber mystic realm to kill him in a fit of anger.

“Oh? The people you want to arrest are these two?”

Just as Mo Wentian was feeling uneasy…

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The old voice replied from the stone room.

Mo Wentian raised his head and saw that the spiritual qi in the stone room had dispersed a little, revealing two unconscious figures.

Among them, Mo Wentian quickly recognized that it was Lin Anruo whom he had asked Yin Zhiping to bring back.

The other one looked to be similar in age to Lin Anruo.
His appearance was rare and handsome, but Mo Wentian did not know him.

Kneeling outside the stone room, Mo Wentian was a little uncertain if the person beside Lin Anruo was the person from the Five Elements Sacred Sect that he had sensed previously.

Immediately, he could only brace himself and say, “I… I think so.”

“Oh? Are you kidding me?”

In the stone room, when he heard Mo Wentian’s answer, the old voice immediately became furious.

In the next moment, an extremely terrifying Heavenly Punishment aura erupted from the stone room with a world-destroying pressure.

Mo Wentian’s heart shook violently.
He could not help but recall a saying he had seen in the Demon Cult’s secret manual.

It was said that after some Nirvana Realm cultivators reached the extreme of cultivation, they would choose to challenge the Heavenly Dao and sublimate in the extreme battle.

If he failed, he would die.

In addition, some Nirvana Realm cultivators took another step after reaching the extreme.

Even if such an existence did not take the initiative to challenge the Heavenly Dao, because their strength was too heaven-defying, even the Heavenly Dao felt threatened and sent punishment to kill them.

In the records of the Demon Cult’s secret manual, this type of Nirvana Realm was called “Extreme Dao Nirvana”.

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The closest Extreme Dao Nirvana Expert had appeared for thousands of years.
It was said that he came from the Northern Region and used a demonic spear.

He had once pulled out his spear and faced the sky.
In the end, he was killed by the Heavenly Dao Sword that descended from the region.

Now, the aura of the Heavenly Punishment from the stone room mystic realm ahead undoubtedly meant that the Nirvana Realm cultivator inside was the legendary Extreme Dao Nirvana Realm cultivator!

“Senior, listen to my explanation…”

Mo Wentian was already on the verge of tears.
He hurriedly spilled the truth of the matter.

It was not that he was spineless.

The pressure that the Extreme Dao Nirvana Realm cultivator in the stone room mystic realm gave him was too great.

Forget about him, even the Altar Master of the Heaven Deity Realm Demon Cult, who was guarding the southeast region, would probably not perform any better than him.

“An ancient Bi Fang’s descendant? There’s actually such a strange thing in the Bi Fang Empire?”

In an alternate space in the stone chamber mystic realm.

When Gong Ziliang heard that Mo Wentian had taken the initiative to tell him that the reason why the Demon Cult had mobilized on a large scale this time was to seize a descendant of the Bi Fang Empire that had been sealed in ancient times, he could not help but be surprised.

The name Bi Fang1 had been spread in the world before Gong Ziliang transmigrated.

It was said that the Bi Fang was like the phoenix and the Vermilion Bird, they were all divine birds born from fire.

In his previous life, Gong Ziliang would naturally treat these rumors as nonsense and scoff at them.

However, now, half of his Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body bloodline came from the ancient True Phoenix.

Therefore, it was very easy to accept the existence of the Bi Fang.

However, how long ago was the ancient era that Mo Wentian mentioned? It was already impossible to determine.

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