“Niansheng, break through first.
Leave this to the Patriarch.”

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As the Bai Family’s patriarch spoke, he actually took a step towards the black sun.

A thousand-foot-tall avatar bathed in dense divine light condensed above his head.

Then, the arms of the avatar held the sky.

Vast spiritual sense power rushed up.

Finally, when the black sun descended to less than ten thousand feet from the ground, it was forcefully stopped.

Outside the ancestral land, the Bai Family saw that the Bai Family’s patriarch had blocked the black sun alone.

They were instantly shocked to the extreme by the mighty force displayed by the Bai Family’s patriarch.

“People of the Bai Family, follow me into the ancestral land to help the Patriarch!”

After the Bai Family’s Patriarch’s voice sounded, everyone suddenly reacted and hurriedly followed behind the Patriarch into the ancestral land.

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They used all their strength to unleash divine powers, cultivation techniques, and martial techniques to unleash spiritual qi to offset the power of the black sun.

Seeing that the Bai Family was united to buy time for him, Bai Niansheng was about to make the last step of his breakthrough.

The black sun in the sky suddenly began to surge violently.

The terrifying power that instantly erupted made the Bai Family’s patriarch’s avatar tremble.

Even the black sun that was originally intercepted fell like a waterfall in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this, the Bai Family below felt like the sky was about to collapse.

If the black sun that even the Bai Family’s patriarch could not withstand poured down, how could they survive?

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The Bai Family’s patriarch’s expression also became extremely ugly.

Then, without any time to think, he directly activated the Forbidden Divine Power.

“Forbidden Technique: Heaven Devouring!”

With a loud shout, an incomparable suction force erupted from the external body above his head.

Endless spiritual qi in the world and the spiritual qi in the bodies of the Bai Family were crazily plundered.

Even the black sun above was devoured by a large amount of demonic qi and shrank at a visible speed.

Seeing that the Bai Family’s patriarch’s avatar had become as stable as a rock after devouring a large amount of spiritual qi, the Bai Family immediately found their backbone, and a stable force surged in their hearts.

However, without waiting for them, he exhaled all his anger.

In the sky, the black sun that covered the sky slowly split open.

It seemed that a supreme existence was about to descend to this world from an unknown place.

This thought had just appeared in everyone’s minds.

It made them want to kneel on the ground and welcome the arrival of that supreme existence in the most humble manner.

Even Bai Niansheng’s firm Dao heart that pointed to the peak.

At this moment, they were all wavering.

His knees trembled, and he wanted to bow.

At the front, the pressure that the Bai Family’s patriarch endured was far more terrifying than others.


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He sensed a chaotic aura coming from Bai Niansheng’s direction.

When he realized something, his expression immediately changed greatly.

Now, Bai Niansheng was at the critical moment of breaking through.

If a problem occurred at this moment, at that time, forget about breaking through, it was already a blessing in disguise to be able to preserve his life and the Dao Realm.

“Niansheng, guard your heart and don’t be affected by the outside world…”

Immediately, he shouted to remind Bai Niansheng as he resisted the terrifying pressure that poured out of the black sun.

However, before he could finish speaking, in his vision, a huge black hand wrapped in earth-shattering demonic light stretched out from the torn void in the sky.

All of this was extremely fast.

“Niansheng, it’s all over…”

A thought popped up in his mind.

Then, the Bai Family’s patriarch closed his eyes in pain, not wanting to see the scene that made him despair.

“People of the Demon Cult, how dare you offend my Bai Family!”

However, immediately after, a furious shout suddenly sounded in the Bai Family’s patriarch’s ears.

“Ancestor! Ancestor has awakened!”

In an instant, he was enlightened and looked at the source of the voice with ecstasy.

As expected, he saw a figure with a white robe fluttering.

It was identical to the person in the portrait of the ancestor in the Bai Family’s ancestral hall!

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“Bai Family’s 132th generation patriarch, Bai Litian, welcomes the ancestor to come out of seclusion!”

The Bai Family’s patriarch knelt on the ground and let out an excited voice.

“With the return of our ancestor, the Bai Family is saved!”

“Bai Niankong of the Bai Family welcomes the ancestors.”

“Bai Xuandao welcomes the ancestors.”

“Bai Family…”

However, the Bai Family’s ancestor did not even look at these people.

A pair of eyes that contained the phenomenon of the sun, moon, and stars looked straight at the huge hand that was frozen in front of Bai Niansheng and the world behind him.


“Bai Niansheng is my bloodline!”

“If you want to touch him, no matter which leader of the Demon Cult you are, you’ll die today!”

The Bai Family’s ancestor spat out a spiritual qi river that enveloped the black hand.

With a light twist, the black hand suddenly exploded, scattering into vast demonic qi that scattered in the world.


Seeing this, the Bai Family’s ancestor snorted coldly.
The phenomenon in his eyes blossomed with thousands of lights that defeated the demonic qi.

Seeing how powerful the Bai Family’s ancestor was, easily dealing with the black hand, everyone in the Bai Family could not help but rejoice.
As they shouted, “Long live our ancestor!”, they became more and more aware that the Bai Family’s ancestor was the true stabilizing force!

As for Bai Niansheng, although he could trigger the previous phenomenon when he broke through, he was extremely young now.

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To catch up to the Bai Family’s ancestor, everyone could only say that Bai Niansheng still had a long way to go.

When they thought of this, everyone looked at the Bai Family’s ancestor with even more fervor.

As if sensing their enthusiasm, the Bai Family’s ancestor smiled and turned around to face everyone.

Seeing the Bai Family’s ancestor look over, everyone was immediately excited to the point of being unable to control themselves.

However, suddenly…

A Bai Family disciple kneeling not far from Bai Litian inadvertently glanced from the corner of his eye and landed behind the Bai Family’s ancestor.

Immediately, he seemed to have seen an unbelievable existence, and his eyes suddenly widened to the extreme.

“Ancestor’s cultivation is clearly much stronger than before he fell asleep.”

“I wonder what stage of the Heaven Deity Realm he has reached?”

Bai Litian knelt on the ground and muttered in his mind.

Only by activating the Nine Transformations could one undergo Nirvana.

If the ancestor reached the ninth transformation and attained the Dao, at that time, the Bai Family would have a Nirvana Realm cultivator holding down the fort.
Even the Holy Land would have the confidence to fight the heavens!

As Bai Litian was thinking, he suddenly heard a sharp cry not far away, “Devil… devil!”


A question mark popped up on Bai Litian’s forehead.
Wasn’t the demonic qi hand already dealt with by the ancestor?

With doubt, Bai Litian raised his head.

Then, he saw a huge body that almost filled the world.

At some point, it had appeared below the crack in the sky.

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