Not to mention that Mo Tianchen was only the Crown Prince now.

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Even the current Emperor was forced to send people to capture his son when facing those old officials.

When he thought of this, Mo Shaoyun immediately lost his composure and said, “Then, in Zhou Qing’s opinion, what should we do?”

Zhou Wu’s expression was terrifyingly heavy, but his tone was neither fast nor slow.

“After the Flat River Dynasty finds out about Yin Zhiping’s mistake in Firewood City, they will definitely consider that our Monet Dynasty has been alerted.”

“According to Yin Zhiping, the Flat River Dynasty can mobilize a million troops to suppress the border in at least ten days or half a month.”

“According to the fastest time, we have to let the Monet Dynasty be sufficiently prepared in seven days.”

Seven days!

Hearing the time Zhou Wu gave, everyone’s breathing tightened and they felt a little breathless.

In a short seven days, would the Monet Dynasty really have time to react?

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In their minds, after everyone compared the strength of the Flat River Dynasty and the Monet Dynasty,

The conclusion they reached made them despair.

He saw everyone’s reaction.

Zhou Wu knew that what he said next might shock them even more.

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However, he still chose to continue, “In addition, from the news that Commander Jin Zhan brought back previously, I think that there will definitely be a force that is bought over by the Flat River Dynasty in the imperial court.”

“Otherwise, a large number of courtiers would not have stood out to force the Emperor to arrest His Highness without obtaining full news.”

“Those people must be adding fuel to the fire behind the scenes!”

When he heard this, Mo Shaoyun’s expression immediately changed.

In fact, the officials that Zhou Wu mentioned were bribed.
This was a common thing among the various dynasties.

However, to the Monet Dynasty, especially at this critical moment, the effect of the court officials that were bribed was a little terrifying.

After Mo Shaoyun digested it slightly, Zhou Wu continued, “Next, be it telling Prince Tianchen or the Emperor, it’s useless.”

“After all, the matter of the Demon Cult is too shocking.
We can’t convince everyone with just our words.”

“Therefore, in this situation, if we want to break the situation as soon as possible, there’s only one way!”

When he spoke up to here, a trace of determination suddenly appeared in Zhou Wu’s eyes.

Then, under everyone’s expectant gazes, he said firmly, “That is, join the Demon Cult!”

Join the Demon Cult?

In the end, Zhou Wu actually threw out such a ridiculous method.

Question marks immediately appeared on everyone’s heads.

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Just as everyone looked at Zhou Wu with strange expressions, they thought that he had been running around for the past three days and was too nervous to speak nonsense.

“City Lord Zhou, what you said might indeed be a solution.”

Suddenly, Xing Feng, who had been cultivating with his eyes closed, let out a sound of agreement.

In the past three days, Mo Shaoyun had relied on his thick skin and glib tongue.

He had already gone from calling Xing Feng ‘Senior Xing’ to ‘Uncle Xing’.

When he heard that Xing Feng actually approved of Zhou Wu’s crazy idea, he immediately said, “Uncle Xing, what do you mean?”

Xing Feng looked at Mo Shaoyun and said, “The Demon Cult’s whereabouts have always been mysterious.
From the imperial courts to the martial world, the Demon Cult disciples exist in all the dynasties.”

“In that case, it’s not surprising that a Demon Cult force suddenly appeared near the Imperial City.”

“If these Demon Cult disciples accidentally reveal some news and reach the Emperor’s ears…”

Without waiting for Xing Feng to continue, Mo Shaoyun already understood what he meant.

“There’s no time to lose.
Uncle Xing, Zhou Qing, let’s make a plan as soon as possible.”

When he thought about how he had to cause trouble as a member of the Demon Cult, Mo Shaoyun immediately became a little impatient.

Xing Feng and Zhou Wu looked at each other and smiled tacitly.

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After running two war beasts to death, after spending nearly five days, Gong Ziliang finally brought Lin Anruo to the Imperial City of the Monet Dynasty.

“We’re finally here.”

Riding the War Beast, Gong Ziliang looked at the towering city wall that appeared at the end of the official road and heaved a long sigh.

In the past five days, he missed his Screw Heaven so much.

However, when the system restarted and symbolically advanced by one or two percentage points every day, he knew that if he wanted to see Yi Yi, Screw Heaven, Gong Ziwu, and Little Tuan Tuan again, Gong Ziliang would have to wait for at least 20 days.

Just as Gong Ziliang was calculating in his mind how much income he would lose in these 20 days if he could not farm gold and farm dungeons…

In front of the official road, a wave of dust rose.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately after, the sound of iron hooves trampling on the ground rumbled.

Before they saw the figure in the dust, the war beast under Gong Ziliang and Lin Anruo let out a low cry of fear and crawled on the ground, its entire body trembling.

“What a useless thing.”

Gong Ziliang kicked the War Beast’s butt.
Seeing that he could not count on it and that it was not far from the Imperial City, he decided to walk the last part.

As soon as he jumped down from the War Beast, the smoke had already arrived less than a thousand feet away.

Golden Armor Army?

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Moreover, Jin Zhan beside Mo Shaoyun seemed to be the commander of the Golden Armor Army.

When he thought of this, he used the Lone Goose Movement Technique and shot out like lightning.

When he was about to collide with the small leader of the Profound Realm who had shouted just now, he waved his arm, and surging spiritual qi was like an iron lock that forcefully forced the other party to stop.

After the small leader was stopped, the hundred Meridian Opening Golden Armor Guards behind him had no choice but to stop in their tracks.

When they saw that the person who stopped them was actually a young man, the expression of the small leader changed slightly.
He temporarily suppressed the anger in his chest and said, “Which family are you from? Don’t you know that we’re here on the orders of the Emperor to eliminate the remnants of the Demon Cult outside the city?”

Eliminate the remnants of the Demon Cult?

Had the people of the Demon Cult arrived in the Imperial City?

Gong Ziliang was slightly shocked, but his expression did not change.
He smiled and said, “I’m Gong Ziliang.
General, you might not have heard of me.”

“However, I’m an old friend of your Golden Armor Army’s Leader Jin Zhan.”

Gong Ziliang originally wanted to directly use Mo Shaoyun’s name, but when he saw that after saying Jin Zhan’s name, the other party’s expression had already changed greatly, he dispelled his thoughts.

“Since you know Commander Jin Zhan, you should also know the Third Prince, right?”

The small leader narrowed his eyes and smiled.

However, in Gong Ziliang’s opinion, the other party’s smile hid a bone-chilling coldness.

Immediately, Gong Ziliang sensed that something was amiss.

However, before he could speak, the small leader had already placed a hand on the hilt of the saber at his waist.

Behind him, a hundred golden-armored soldiers also drew their bows and aimed.

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