As a result, the Emperor of the Monet Dynasty could not even leave the city.

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At this node, there was a motive and the ability to do this.

The identity of the mastermind was obvious to Gong Ziliang.

It was the Flat River Dynasty.

To be precise, it was the Flat River Dynasty that had colluded with the Demon Cult.

After all, although the power of the Flat River Dynasty far surpassed the Monet Dynasty, it had not reached the point where it could control all the officials of the Monet Dynasty.

This was definitely thanks to the Demon Cult.

The second thing that caught Gong Ziliang’s attention was the Demon Cult faction that had suddenly appeared outside the Imperial City recently.

In the memories of the small leader’s soul, those people from the Demon Cult acted strangely.

Although they had done many things to block the way, they had never harmed anyone until now.

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What was most incomprehensible was that those people actually used the banner of the Flat River Dynasty.

It was said that they had come to deal with the Third Prince of the Monet Dynasty on the orders of the Duke’s Mansion of the Flat River Dynasty.

Combining these two pieces of information, Gong Ziliang already had some guesses about the identities of those people from the Demon Cult.

After using the power of the soul to comfort the two frightened war beasts, Gong Ziliang jumped on and drove away from the official road.

“Young Master, where are we going? Aren’t we going to the imperial city?”

Lin Anruo asked in confusion as she blinked her large eyes.

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Gong Ziliang smiled and said, “I won’t go to the Imperial City for the time being.
I’ll go find a few friends first.”

In the posthouse ten miles west of the Imperial City.

More than ten figures wrapped in black robes were gathered here.

“Official Zhou, the news has already been released for two days, but the imperial city has only sent more and more Golden Armor Guards to capture us.”

“If this continues, we’ll run out of time.”

One of them revealed two eyes that revealed extreme anxiety.
His tone was extremely anxious as he said to the person beside him.

When the person heard this, his gaze was filled with self-reproach as he said guiltily, “Your Highness, from the looks of it, I underestimated the situation.”

“The situation in the imperial city is probably even more troublesome than I said.”

“It’s very likely that the Emperor has already lost control of the royal court.”

“Therefore, after we released the news, those court officials who were bribed dared to be so fearless.”

When Mo Shaoyun, who had spoken previously, heard Zhou Wu’s words, he hurriedly said, “Zhou Qing, I don’t mean to blame you.”

“However, if this continues, I’m afraid that before Big Brother leaves the city, we’ll be tracked down by the Golden Armor Army.”

“At that time, even outside the Imperial City, there won’t be a place for us.”

“When I thought of this, I was worried.
I misspoke.
Please don’t blame me.”

Seeing that Mo Shaoyun, who was a prince, was actually so humble as to apologize to him,

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Zhou Wu hurriedly said, “Your Highness, you’re being too serious.”

“I’ll bear your worries as your subject.”

“I’ve received the emperor’s favor.
It’s already a huge dereliction of duty that I can’t help Your Highness resolve your problem.
If Your Highness continues to say this, I really don’t know what to do.”

After Zhou Wu finished speaking, Mo Shaoyun was about to comfort him.

“Damn, he’s about to die and still has the mood to be in a deep relationship with his subjects.”

Suddenly, a teasing voice sounded from outside the inn.

Hearing this voice, everyone in the inn was shocked.

They had been touched nearby but did not notice at all?

“Protect the Third Prince!”

In the next moment, Jin Zhan shouted loudly.
He drew the saber at his waist and rushed out of the inn.

However, just as he took a step out of the range of the inn, a demonic light that emitted an evil aura enlarged in his vision with an ear-piercing roar.

From the terrifying aura emitted by the demonic light, the pressure that Jin Zhan felt was even more terrifying than the peak Spirit Refinement Realm commander who had faced the 30,000 soldiers of the Golden Armor Army back then.

“An existence at the peak of the Spirit Refinement Realm? No wonder even City Lord Zhou did not discover it.”

Suddenly, a thought appeared in Jin Zhan’s mind.

Immediately, he felt as if he had been slapped by a mountain.

His flesh, blood, and bones almost exploded in an instant.

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However, before he could feel any pain, his vision darkened and he fainted.

In the inn.

Jin Zhan flew back at an even faster speed.

Chen Pingan and Zuo Shandiao immediately widened their eyes.

They knew Jin Zhan’s strength.

In terms of realm, his late-stage True Martial Realm cultivation was already second only to Zhou Wu, who was at the Spirit Refinement Realm.

Now, he had not even seen the figure of his opponent before being almost instantly killed by a demonic light?

“It’s a demonic cultivator at the Spirit Refinement Realm.
His realm is above mine!”

When Zhou Wu caught Jin Zhan’s body and his heavy voice sounded, the pupils of the two of them shrank to the extreme.

Zuo Shandiao even said in shock, “A Spirit Refinement Realm demonic cultivator stronger than you, City Lord Zhou?”

“Then wouldn’t killing us be as simple as crushing ants?”

Zhou Wu ignored Zuo Shandiao and sent a stream of spiritual qi into Jin Zhan’s body to protect his life force.

Then, he stood up and looked in the direction of the demonic light.

In his vision, a young man wearing a black robe and a hooked nose on his face was extremely eye-catching.
He appeared out of thin air.

Zhou Wu, who was also at the Spirit Refinement Realm, could also do this.

However, it could not reach the level of the young man.

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Before Zhou Wu could speak, the young man took a step forward.

When his footsteps landed, his figure had already arrived outside the inn.

Sweeping a glance at the people in the inn, the young man said with an unhappy expression, “Hmph, you rats, hiding everywhere and making me search for you.”

“Now that everyone is here, I’ll send you on your way.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the young man raised a fair palm.

When five green jade fingers pointed at everyone in the inn, demonic light immediately shot out from his fingertip.

The few Golden Armor Guards standing around the inn were the first to bear the brunt.

Before he could react, his body exploded from the demonic light.

At the critical moment, Zhou Wu threw out the large seal on his waist and shouted at the same time, “Brother Xing, bring the Third Prince away.
I’ll block here for a while!”

However, before he could finish speaking, the large seal that had been corroded by the demonic qi in the City Lord’s Mansion.

After barely blocking two demonic lights, with a crack, it was blasted into pieces by the third demonic qi.

Seeing that even the treasure that Zhou Wu threw out could not withstand the demonic light, for a moment, other than Zhou Wu and Xing Feng, the others all thought that they were definitely dead this time.

Even Zhou Wu felt the gap between him and the young man.

His heart continued to sink to the bottom.


His gaze saw Mo Shaoyun who was about to be struck by the demonic qi.

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