Remember, in front of the benefits of our sect, other than friends, the rest are all enemies!”

He could tell that the Demon Envoy in front of him was implying something.

Sun Yaowan’s heart skipped a beat.
In his mind, he quickly made a plan against the Flat River Dynasty.

Gripping the demonic artifact longsword tightly, his entire body erupted with violent killing intent.
He said solemnly, “Sun Yaowan, you know what to do!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Sun Yaowan bowed to Mo Wentian and immediately rode the demonic qi towards the Imperial City.

Sun Yaowan’s figure completely disappeared from the horizon.

Mo Wentian, who was standing at the inn, suddenly restrained his demonic aura, and another face quickly appeared on his face.

Who else could it be but Gong Ziliang?

Previously, after Gong Ziliang learned the approximate location of Xing Feng and the others from the soul memory of the small leader of the Golden Armor Army,

He had originally planned to bring Lin Anruo directly to find them.

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However, later on, he realized that since the Golden Armor Army had the traces of Xing Feng and the others, it was very likely that the Demon Cult had already targeted them.

Therefore, Gong Ziliang placed Lin Anruo in the mystic realm of the spatial pearl.
He used the Myriad Transformations Technique to transform into Mo Wentian’s appearance.

In Patriarch Liu Yun’s stone room mystic realm.

Gong Ziliang already knew that the array formation inside had the effect of isolating the heavenly secrets.

Therefore, in his opinion, the Demon Cult should not know that Mo Wentian had already died.

As expected, in Sun Yaowan’s memory just now, the other party had learned that he had disappeared for five days and not died.

Originally, after Gong Ziliang searched Sun Yaowan’s soul memories, he planned to directly destroy the latter’s soul.

However, when he thought of the current situation of the Monet Dynasty and the plan regarding the Fair River Dynasty and the Demon Cult in Sun Yaowan’s memories,

Gong Ziliang knew that at this moment, no matter if it was joining forces with the other dynasties to resist the Flat River Dynasty,

It was better to let the Bi Fang Empire take charge.

In terms of time, the Monet Dynasty could not wait.

Therefore, he thought of a way to use the Demon Cult to deal with the Flat River Dynasty by turning Sun Yaowan against them.

“Why do these guys from the Demon Cult not seem to be very smart?”

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He thought of Sun Yaowan and Mo Wentian, as well as the Demon Cult members he had encountered in the Primordial Dynasty.

Gong Ziliang could not help but feel puzzled.

“Could it be that the Demon Cult cultivates those inhumane cultivation techniques all day and damaged their brains?”

After mumbling, Gong Ziliang did not waste his effort on this question and walked into the post house.

His spiritual sense swept past the people who had fallen to the ground.

Apart from the Golden Armor Guards, the others were only heavily injured and were not in danger.

Gong Ziliang heaved a sigh of relief.

The injuries on their bodies were obvious even to Spirit Refinement Realm and even Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivators.

He was helpless and powerless.

However, to Gong Ziliang, as long as he was still alive, there was no one he could not save.

His Wood Intent was best at healing and saving lives.

On this point, even the effect of the Muscle Growth Pills produced by the Great Unity Azure Wood Sect of the Flat River Dynasty was countless streets away.

The Wood Intent circulated.

Gong Ziliang extracted endless wood attribute spiritual qi from the world.

After some refinement, it condensed into a green ball of light that entered Xing Feng and the others.

When he sensed that their flesh and blood began to emit robust vitality, Gong Ziliang took out the spatial pearl from his storage bag and stored everyone in the inn into the stone room mystic realm.

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