The corners of Mo Zhongtian’s eyes turned sour and tears welled up.
He hurriedly said, “I’m also responsible for Qinglan’s matter.
Xing, you don’t have to blame yourself.”

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“As for helping the Monet Dynasty tide over the current crisis…”

When he said this, Mo Zhongtian revealed a bitter smile and shook his head.

Xing, it’s not that I don’t want to give you this chance, but I believe you know the current situation of the Monet Dynasty.”

“The entire court is now under the control of the Flat River Dynasty.”

“To be honest, I’m not afraid of being mocked by Mr.
My decree can only be useful on Eunuch Cao in this imperial study.”

“Other than the imperial study, even the maids and eunuchs outside might not be able to order them around.”

As a ruler, he had fallen to such a state.

If not for the fact that Mo Zhongtian had experienced that dangerous situation 20 years ago and had his endurance trained, he would have already done some extreme things.

After Mo Zhongtian finished speaking, he saw that Xing Feng remained silent and thought that he did not understand the seriousness of the problem.

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He continued, “Mr.
Xing, I’ll be frank with you.”

“If Mr.
Xing is still the Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure of the past, you can naturally resolve the current situation of the Monet Dynasty with a swing of your sword.”

“But now, Mr.
Xing’s strength at the True Martial Realm is really a drop in the ocean for the Monet Dynasty.”

Hearing Mo Zhongtian say this so bluntly, he almost pointed at his nose and said, “You can’t do it.”

Xing Feng did not show any displeasure on his face.
Instead, he nodded in agreement and said, “With my current strength, I indeed can’t be of much help to the Monet Dynasty.”

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“Therefore, I’ve already persuaded Brother Gong Ziliang to attack.”

As Xing Feng spoke, he turned around and gestured to Mo Zhongtian.

Previously, when Xing Feng wanted to pull out his sword and kill himself, Gong Ziliang attacked in time and stopped him.

At that time, Mo Zhongtian noticed this young man.

However, after discovering that Gong Ziliang’s realm was even inferior to Xing Feng’s after his fall, and he was only at the peak Profound Realm, he did not take it to heart.

At this moment, hearing Xing Feng introduce Gong Ziliang so solemnly, he seemed to treat him as the savior of the Monet Dynasty.

For a moment, Mo Zhongtian did not know what to say.

Relying on a Profound Realm cultivator to save the Monet Dynasty?

If not for the fact that this was said by Xing Feng, if it was anyone else, Mo Zhongtian would have long let Cao Tianzheng chase them out.

However, immediately after, Mo Zhongtian’s gaze inadvertently swept towards Mo Shaoyun.

He suddenly saw that his son, who refused to submit to anyone in the imperial city, was looking at Gong Ziliang with a fanatical expression.

Soon, Mo Zhongtian noticed that even the Spirit Refinement Realm Zhou Wu and the attendant Mo Shaoyun’s Jin Zhan were looking at Gong Ziliang with respect.

“Could it be that Gong Ziliang really has some extraordinary methods?”

A trace of doubt rose in Mo Zhongtian’s heart.

However, when he thought of the news that had come from the border previously, the Flat River Dynasty had already gathered a million troops a few days ago and headed towards the Monet Dynasty.

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Moreover, in order to accomplish this in one go, even the Spiritual Sea Realm ancestor of the Flat River Dynasty walked out of seclusion and personally went forward to supervise the array.

Facing this situation, what was the use of a small Profound Realm cultivator with extraordinary methods?

Could it be that he could fight a million troops and defeat a Spiritual Sea Realm mighty figure with his Profound Realm body?

When he thought of this, Mo Zhongtian planned to politely decline Xing Feng’s good intentions.

Suddenly, he saw Gong Ziliang smiling and nodding lightly at him.

As the monarch of a dynasty, Mo Zhongtian had seen many young geniuses before.

Some were arrogant, some were proud, and some were wild and unrestrained.

However, the feeling Gong Ziliang gave him was completely different from those people.

He looked young, but it was as if there was a world in his heart.

Especially the smile on his face, it was neither flattering nor dazzling.

He was calm and composed.

It made one feel extremely stable and safe.

It was as if he did not have to worry about anything as long as he was around.

“This child’s bearing is not even inferior to the Holy Son of the Canglan Sect!”

In his mind, after Mo Zhongtian placed Gong Ziliang and the most outstanding Holy Son of the Canglan Sect that he had seen together, he discovered that he could not determine the winner immediately.

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Immediately, Mo Zhongtian realized that there was a huge difference in status between Gong Ziliang and the Holy Son of the Canglan Sect.

Immediately, he understood.

It seemed that the two of them were on par.

However, in fact, the winner had already been determined.

“If we give this kid enough time and resources, I’m afraid his future achievements will not be inferior to the Canglan Holy Son!”

In the next moment, a thought suddenly popped up in Mo Zhongtian’s mind, immediately scaring him.

The Holy Son of the Canglan Sect was a genius who had already formed his spiritual sense at a young age.

In order to nurture him, the Canglan Sect did not hesitate to spend a fortune to send letters to the various dynasties in advance.

They were willing to take out a large amount of resources in exchange for the various dynasties to open up their inheritance cultivation techniques and martial techniques for the Holy Son to observe.

Clearly, the Canglan Sect planned to let that Holy Son gather the strengths of a hundred sects and walk a path that surpassed his predecessors.

Such a genius, even the young supreme beings of the Bi Fang Empire would feel ashamed in front of him.

How could a mere Profound Realm Gong Ziliang be compared to it?

Mo Zhongtian shook his head and revealed a self-deprecating smile.

However, when his gaze landed on Gong Ziliang again,

his gaze was suddenly attracted by a ball of light that appeared in the latter’s hand.

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He felt the dense water-element spiritual qi in the ball of light.

Mo Zhongtian immediately shouted in a low voice, “Water Intent!”

As Mo Zhongtian, who had barely touched the threshold of Intent at the Spirit Refinement Realm,

He knew very well how difficult it was to comprehend a complete Intent at the Profound Realm.

With this Intent, even if Gong Ziliang went to the Bi Fang Empire, he could definitely obtain the same or even better treatment as those young supreme beings.

When he thought of this, Mo Zhongtian’s heart skipped a beat, and he had the thought of recruiting him.

However, when he thought of the predicament in front of the Monet Dynasty, he could not help but sigh in his heart, “Sigh, if such a genius was a few years earlier… Hmm? What’s that?”

Mo Zhongtian sighed in his heart.

Suddenly, he saw that in Gong Ziliang’s open palm, other than the blue ball of light condensed from the Water Intent, another white ball of light appeared.

The white ball of light was like a flame sprite.

It jumped and flipped in Gong Ziliang’s hand, revealing the spirituality of life.

However, when Mo Zhongtian’s gaze landed on it, in his mind, he suddenly felt an uncontrollable fear.

It was as if the power contained in the ball of light was enough to burn him.

As an existence at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, Mo Zhongtian knew very well that this was not his illusion.

Moreover, his mind indeed felt a huge threat from that white light!

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