Even if he obtained all the gold in the dynasty, he would probably not be able to obtain so much.

Even the Bi Fang Empire could not take out such a huge amount of treasure at once.

However, to Gong Ziliang, this was already a request that he tried his best to restrain.

After all, these copper coins were only worth tens of millions of ingots.

If it was used for Body Tempering, it could not be used much.

Coupled with the increase in other aspects, it would cost a lot of ingots.

By quoting the price, Gong Ziliang was already very kind.

However, looking at Mo Zhongtian’s reaction that was about to be stunned, Gong Ziliang knew that this copper coin might indeed be a considerable burden to the current Monet Dynasty.

He thought that other than copper coins, there were other things that he needed Mo Zhongtian’s help with.

Gong Ziliang relaxed the conditions and said, “Of course, Monarch Mo can also pay with gold or other equivalent items.”

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“Moreover, it’s fine if I can’t take out so much for the time being.
I should be staying in the Bi Fang Empire for a while.”

“When Monarch Mo has enough, he can send someone to send it to me.”

Seeing Gong Ziliang say this, Mo Zhongtian understood.

He had to fork out this money.

“Then I’ll get the treasurer to count the copper coins and gold in the treasury and see how much is missing.”

As Mo Zhongtian finished speaking, his heart suddenly ached.

It was as if someone had taken a blunt knife and cut off a piece of meat from it.

It was so painful that blood dripped.

“There’s no hurry.”

“I still have two things to do…”

As soon as Gong Ziliang spoke, he saw Mo Zhongtian’s expression change.

Then, his eyes rolled back and he was about to faint.

Just now, Gong Ziliang opened his mouth and took away tens of trillions of copper coins.

Mo Zhongtian originally thought that this was enough.

The Monet Dynasty could still afford tens of trillions of copper coins.

At most, the entire kingdom would live a few years of hardship.

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However, he did not expect that Gong Ziliang still had two things to say.

This time, it might not even be enough to compensate Gong Ziliang with the Monet Dynasty.

However, just as Mo Zhongtian was about to lose consciousness, a pure wood attribute spiritual qi suddenly entered his body.

After circulating in his meridians, it swept away the fatigue that Mo Zhongtian had accumulated over the past few days.

His mind was clear, and his condition had never been better.

However, when he saw Gong Ziliang’s smiling gaze, Mo Zhongtian immediately felt that it was better to just faint.

However, at this point, Mo Zhongtian knew that it was impossible to escape.

After quickly preparing himself for a huge loss, Mo Zhongtian said with a tragic expression, “Sir, give me a swift death.”

“What else do you want? Tell me.”

Gong Ziliang looked at Mo Zhongtian strangely, not understanding why the latter suddenly put on such a heroic posture as if he was about to die.

Shaking his head, Gong Ziliang did not think too much about it and said, “The first thing I want you to do is to set up a temple for me in various parts of the dynasty and accept the worship of the people of the Monet Dynasty.”

Gong Ziliang’s request was not a whim.

It was an idea created from the experience of condensing the Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body in the Primordial Dynasty.

He planned to use this method to collect the power of faith of the people of the Monet Dynasty and add the dynasty’s providence to himself to resist the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul.

If it was before, Gong Ziliang would not be so anxious.

However, after knowing that the ancient Bi Fang’s descendant had appeared in the Bi Fang Empire, Gong Ziliang realized that it would not be long before the Bi Fang Empire would definitely cause a massacre because of that Bi Fang’s descendant.

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