Hearing his words, Mr.
Xing seemed to feel that it made sense.
He replied calmly, “Continue.”

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Cang Ji glanced at Mo Zhongtian and said, “The Monet Dynasty is in troubled times.”

“There are internal and external troubles.
It can be said that they’re in a mess.”

“I took out spirit stones, spirit mine, cultivation techniques, and martial techniques because I really want to help Monarch Mo tide over the current crisis.”

“This intention is obvious to the world.
The sun and moon can testify.”

When Cang Ji spoke of the emotional parts, his breathing became heavy, and his face turned red from agitation.

It seemed that if Mr.
Xing did not believe him, he would cut open his heart and let Mo Zhongtian test his intentions.

“I see.
Looks like I misunderstood Fellow Daoist Cang.”

As soon as Gong Ziliang’s soul voice sounded, Mo Zhongtian immediately said in his mind, “Oh no, I see that Gong Ziliang is still a young man in the end and was easily deceived by his acting skills.”

Just as he was thinking about how to remind Gong Ziliang, the latter’s voice sounded in his ears again, “I didn’t expect that Fellow Daoist Cang, as an outsider of the Dao Sect, actually has such a benevolent heart that cares about the mortal world.”

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“I’ll be in seclusion for a period of time next and won’t have the time to care about the Monet Dynasty.
I’m worried about who to entrust it to.”

“Now, it seems that Fellow Daoist Cang was really sent by the heavens to resolve my problem.”

The more Cang Ji heard Gong Ziliang’s words, the more he felt that something was amiss.

Although it gave him a high profile at the beginning, the later turn made him have a faint feeling that Mr.
Xing was digging a hole for him.

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When he thought of this, he hurriedly said, “Mr.

Before Cang Ji could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Gong Ziliang, “Alright, Fellow Daoist Cang, I already understand your intentions.”

“After I enter seclusion, I’ll leave the Monet Dynasty to you.”

What did he mean by leaving it to him?

Cang Ji’s eyes widened.
He did not expect that his premonition would actually come true.

“No, Mr.
Xing’s cultivation is already at the sixth transformation of the Divine Opening.
He’s an existence with the hope of reaching the Ninth Transformation Nirvana Realm.
How high is his realm? Why would he harm me for no reason?”

“Could it be that I didn’t make it clear and made Mr.
Xing misunderstand my words?”

Then, Cang Ji recalled Mr.
Xing’s strength and began to search for problems that could have happened.

After confirming that he did not explain clearly, Cang Ji explained, “Mr.
Xing, you’ve misunderstood.
What I mean is…”

“Fellow Daoist Cang, there’s no need to say anything.
I know what you mean.”

After interrupting Cang Ji again, Gong Ziliang turned to Mo Zhongtian and said, “Monarch Mo, I’ve checked Fellow Daoist Cang’s character, temperament, and strength.
They’re all excellent.”

“Fellow Daoist Cang will definitely do his best to help resolve the resources, cultivation techniques, and martial techniques that the Monet Dynasty lacks.”

When he spoke up to here, Gong Ziliang’s spiritual sense landed on Cang Ji and said, “With Fellow Daoist Cang’s status in the Canglan Dao Sect, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to take out tens of millions of spirit stones, ten, eight Earth-rank cultivation techniques, and martial techniques to support the Monet Dynasty every year, right?”

Cang Ji’s face was purple and the corners of his mouth twitched.

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Tens of millions of spirit stones every year?

There were also ten or eight Earth-rank cultivation techniques and martial techniques?

Was he looking for him to stock up?

Or did Mr.
Xing treat spirit stones as rocks that could be picked up anywhere on the roadside and Earth-rank cultivation techniques and martial techniques as cabbages on the streets?

However, Cang Ji could only think about these thoughts in his mind.
He did not dare to show any expression.

At this moment, how could he not tell?

That Mr.
Xing had used his previous words to deliberately raise him up high.

Now, he was already being roasted on the fire.

If he did not agree to the other party’s conditions, it was undoubtedly contradictory to the previous sincere words that wanted to help the Monet Dynasty tide over the current crisis.

Not only would it slap his face, but it would also allow Mr.
Xing to legitimately cause trouble.

However, if he agreed…

Cang Ji recalled that his annual spirit stone quota in the Canglan Dao Sect was only a little more than ten million.

Where could he get the rest for the Monet Dynasty?

Could it be that he had to shamelessly accept sect missions and earn spirit stones like those sect disciples?

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In this case, he, the dignified Supreme Elder of the Canglan Dao Sect, was a Spiritual Sea Realm mighty figure!

Wouldn’t he become a worker for the Monet Dynasty?

If word got out, would he still have his dignity?

Where was the face of the Canglan Dao Sect?

Just as the scales in Cang Ji’s heart quickly tilted towards rejecting Mr.
Xing’s request…

“Oh? Could it be that Fellow Daoist Cang is unwilling to help the Monet Dynasty?”

“Or is Fellow Daoist Cang’s previous words just to tease me?”

Suddenly, a questioning voice sounded, causing Cang Ji to feel a chill.

“No, no.
Xing, it’s not that I’m unwilling to help the Monet Dynasty, but I have no intention of teasing you.”

“However, I really can’t afford the resources Mr.
Xing wants.”

Afraid that he would be interrupted by Mr.
Xing, Cang Ji hurriedly explained his difficulty.

“Fellow Daoist Cang, I’ve never liked to bargain with others!”

He could tell that Mr.
Xing’s tone was clearly filled with malice.

Cang Ji immediately felt as if he had lost his bearings.
He was considering whether he should lie and acknowledge it first.
After that Mr.
Xing went into seclusion, he would discuss with Mo Zhongtian if he could reduce it a little.

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Suddenly, Mr.
Xing’s tone became a little gentler.
“However, on the account that Fellow Daoist Cang’s attitude is alright, I can give you a chance.”

“In that case, I have a disciple who is quite interested in your Holy Son’s Divine Dao technique.”

“I’ve never forced anyone.
Therefore, let my disciple compete with your Holy Son.”

“If your Holy Son wins, then I won’t interfere in the matter between Fellow Daoist Cang and Monarch Mo.
The two of you can discuss the resources to support the Monet Dynasty.
I won’t interfere.”

“However, if my disciple wins, other than the resources mentioned previously, your Holy Son will also have to hand over the Divine Dao cultivation method.
How about that?”

Divine Dao techniques could refine the power of faith formed by the will of all living beings into divine force.

It could be said that this was a cultivation path that was completely different from the Immortal Dao.

Of course, if one had to compare between the two, now that the Immortal Dao was prosperous and the Divine Dao was withering, the outcome was clear.


Just like how the Divine Dao faced Cang Liu’er, it could forge the Divine Dao Divine Body and make up for the weakness.

To Gong Ziliang, it could also be used as a method to resolve the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul.

Therefore, after learning about the ancient Divine Dao from Mo Zhongtian, Gong Ziliang began to have designs on Cang Liu’er’s Divine Dao technique.

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