Seeing this, Gong Ziliang said, “Monarch Mo, you’re the host of this place.
You can be the judge.”

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“Senior Cang, what do you think?”

Cang Ji naturally had no objections to Gong Ziliang’s request.

The battle between Gong Ziliang and Cang Liu’er was carried out in front of him.
There was no possibility of deception.

Mo Zhongtian wanted to decline, but then he saw Gong Ziliang vaguely gesture to him with the words ‘five’ and ‘seven’, indicating that he should not forget the spirit stones and the large spirit mine with 70 million spirit stones.

He immediately revealed a bitter smile.

“Cough cough.”

After coughing twice, Mo Zhongtian said, “Alright, I’ll use my identity as the monarch of the Monet Dynasty to be the witness to this battle today.”

“After the outcome of the battle is out, both sides should fulfill the previous promise as agreed.”

“If you disobey, we’ll kill you together!”

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“Now, if the two of you have any objections, you can raise them.”

After Mo Zhongtian finished speaking, he looked at Gong Ziliang and Cang Liu’er.

“No objections.”

As soon as Gong Ziliang finished speaking, Cang Liu’er walked in front of Cang Ji and handed the Mountain River Seal to him.

Then, he temporarily stopped the circulation of the Divine Dao technique.
After the white power of faith surging on his body lay dormant, the Void Golden Lightning above his head immediately lost its perception of his aura and showed signs of scattering.

The dark spatial crack also began to close.

Seeing this, Cang Ji was about to speak when he heard Cang Liu’er say, “It’s fine.”

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“Before the Void Golden Lightning disappears, Liu’er will defeat him.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Cang Liu’er took a step forward and said to Mo Zhongtian, “No objections.”

“Alright, I announce that the battle has officially begun!”

As soon as Mo Zhongtian finished speaking, two powerful spiritual pressures rose from Gong Ziliang and Cang Liu’er’s bodies.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With a dense explosion, the two spiritual pressures quickly began an invisible but extremely intense collision in the void.

Before the spiritual pressure could determine the winner…

“Lone Goose Movement Technique!”


Accompanied by two light shouts at the same time, the two of them had already activated their movement techniques at the same time and rushed towards each other.

In the blink of an eye, the two figures collided.

“Sword Drawing Technique!”

Facing Cang Liu’er, whose cultivation level surpassed his, Gong Ziliang did not hold back and used the Sword Drawing Technique.

The sword drawing action that he had practiced a billion times had almost become an innate memory for his muscles.

This caused Gong Ziliang’s sword to be extremely fast.

In Mo Zhongtian’s eyes, he even saw Gong Ziliang grab the sword hilt.

There was no time to see how Gong Ziliang drew his sword.

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In the next second, his vision was devoured by the boundless sword light.

Cang Ji saw all of Gong Ziliang’s sword-drawing movements clearly.
He still had time to analyze the way he used his strength.

The final conclusion was that Gong Ziliang’s Sword Drawing Technique was not too outstanding in terms of moves.

Even those without any foundation in the Sword Dao could basically grasp it as long as they were willing to work hard and practice hard.

However, when this ordinary Sword Drawing Technique was used by Gong Ziliang, Cang Ji felt a sense of purity from it.

As a sword cultivator, Cang Ji deeply understood that the Sword Dao was the extreme path.

Only those who were loyal to the sword could comprehend the true meaning of the Sword Dao.

Gong Ziliang’s purity in the Sword Dao could already be seen from this move.

“Without hundreds of millions of sword draws, this kid definitely can’t swing such a pure sword!”

Cang Ji muttered.
He asked himself if he could even train a sword technique so many times like Gong Ziliang.

This not only required a sincere heart for the Sword Dao, it also required great determination that ordinary people could not reach!

Then, after Cang Ji silently compared Cang Liu’er to Gong Ziliang, although he did not want to admit it, Cang Ji had to say that if the two of them had the same talent, the achievements that Gong Ziliang could obtain would most likely be above Cang Liu’er.

When he thought of this, Cang Ji could not help but feel lucky.

Fortunately, he did not soften his heart and let Mr.
Xing’s other Spirit Refinement Realm disciple fight.

Otherwise, the outcome of Cang Liu’er’s battle would really be unpredictable.

“If it’s only the True Martial Realm, it shouldn’t be difficult for Liu’er to take down Gong Ziliang.”

As Cang Ji thought, he indeed saw that at this moment, facing Gong Ziliang’s Sword Drawing Technique, Cang Liu’er calmly took half a step back.

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A low voice sounded from Cang Liu’er’s mouth.

Then, he did not use any martial technique.
He only casually pinched a stream of spiritual qi and formed a wall of light to block Gong Ziliang’s sword.

There was a bang.

A huge backlash surged along the longsword, almost causing the hilt in Gong Ziliang’s hand to fly out.

After all, there was a difference in the realm.
When Gong Ziliang saw that the Sword Drawing Technique could not even break through Cang Liu’er’s defense, his expression finally began to become serious.

“First move of the Sun Moon Sword Technique, Sunrise, Purple Cloud!”

“Second move, Blazing Sun, Burning Flame!”

“Third move, Sunset, Moon Rise…”

In the next moment, the longsword in Gong Ziliang’s hand displayed sword techniques.

Sword qi surged.
It was either sharp, hot, or cold.

“Ninth move, Sun Moon Strike!”

In the last move, a huge sun and a bright moon suddenly rose behind Gong Ziliang.

The phenomenon of the sun and moon made Cang Ji tremble and cry, “Divine Power Sword Technique!”

However, soon, Cang Ji calmed down.

Gong Ziliang had already displayed the Divine Power Realm Sword Intent previously.

It was not strange that he could use the Divine Power Sword Technique martial technique now.

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Moreover, Cang Ji could tell that the Sun Moon Sword Technique that Gong Ziliang used only had the last move and had barely touched the threshold of the Divine Power Realm.

The power it could unleash was limited and was not enough to threaten Cang Liu’er.

“This martial technique should have been comprehended from the changes in the sun and moon.”

Looking at the sun and moon behind Gong Ziliang, Cang Liu’er was not in a hurry to attack.
Instead, he deduced this martial technique.

In a moment, he used his finger as a sword and sent out sword qi from his fingertip.
Soon, he simulated the same sun and moon phenomenon in front of him.

“Unfortunately, the cultivator who created this martial technique has limited talent.
He can only deduce to the point where the sun and moon appear together.”

“He didn’t expect that there was a blue sky above the sun and moon.”

“Therefore, the tenth move should be like this.”

When Cang Liu’er said this, he put away his sword finger and threw a thick sword force as a fist, shattering the sun and moon simulated in front of him.

“Tenth move: Sun and Moon Changing the Blue Sky!”

Accompanied by a shout from Cang Liu’er’s throat, in front of him, the scene of the sun and moon shattering a second ago was still evolving.

The scattered sword qi and spiritual qi seemed to be returning to chaos.

In the next moment, a blue light was born from the chaos and spread crazily.

Ten meters!

A hundred meters!

A thousand meters…

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