In the eyes of the others, Ping Xiu was the ruler of a kingdom.

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With the Dynasty Divine Artifact in hand, he could control the life and death of thousands of people with a word.

However, to Mo Aotian, Ping Xiu was only a pawn in the hands of the Demon Cult.

He could be summoned when needed.
If not, he could be thrown away at any time.

However, seeing that the Demon Cult still needed the Flat River Dynasty in the future, Mo Aotian had no choice but to put on a show and say, “Monarch Ping, you’re right.”

“With the strength of the Monet Dynasty, that Monarch Mo is only a fish on the chopping board for the two of us to slaughter.”

Although the Monet Dynasty already had a Spiritual Sea Realm guard, and there was a group of Spirit Refinement Realm and Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivators mobilized from all over the Imperial City, Mo Aotian had already cultivated to the perfected late-stage Spiritual Sea Realm more than ten years ago.

Although he had not improved much over the years, in the Southeast Region, other than the Heaven Deity Realm Altar Master of the Demon Cult, only the Divine Opening Patriarch who was suppressing the Bi Fang Empire could firmly suppress him.

No matter how impregnable this Imperial City was, to Mo Aotian, it was no different from paper.

As for Cao Tianzheng and the Spirit Refinement Realm and Tribulation Transcendence Realm, Mo Aotian had never taken them to heart.

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If not for the fact that the incident in the Monet Dynasty’s palace had revealed some unusual clues and attracted Mo Aotian’s interest, coupled with the fact that before Altar Master left, he had entrusted Mo Wentian to be in charge of the cooperation with the Flat River Dynasty, causing a mess.

This caused Ping Xiu to personally run to the branch and invite him out.

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Otherwise, Mo Aotian could not be bothered to come over.

When he thought of this…

Mo Aotian said, “On the Bi Fang Empire’s side, I’ve already set off in advance and will arrive in a few days.”

“With Altar Master around, even if the Bi Fang Empire learns of the news here, they definitely won’t dare to rashly send people to suppress it.”

“Therefore, during this period of time, as long as you take down the Monet Dynasty and push the reputation of the Flat River Dynasty to the peak, you can join forces with my sect and sweep through and devour the surrounding dynasties.
At that time, the Empire’s hegemony can be set in stone!”

The magnificent blueprint that Mo Aotian described was what Ping Xiu had always wanted.

However, before this, despite working hard, in a few years, the power of the Flat River Dynasty had increased to an unprecedented level.

The difference between him and the Bi Fang Empire made him feel deeply powerless.

Until the Demon Cult came to find him and expressed their intention to cooperate with the Flat River Dynasty, he almost did not even think about it and agreed.

In Ping Xiu’s opinion, although colluding with the Demon Cult would push the Flat River Dynasty to the opposite side of the various dynasties, it would even become a thorn in the side of the Bi Fang Empire.

However, he knew that if he could not seize this opportunity.

Then, even if he was given another hundred or a thousand years, he would never be able to lead the Flat River Dynasty to catch up to the Bi Fang Empire.

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In the southeast region, there were many dynasties.

Facing the temptation of establishing an Empire, even Ping Xiu lost his rationality and chose to gamble on the future of the Flat River Dynasty.

If he won, it would be as Mo Aotian had said.
The Flat River Empire could rule over all in the future!

Defeat meant devastation.
The foundation of the Flat River Dynasty for 1,300 years would be severed!

Of course, Ping Xiu knew that the Demon Cult was not kind.

The so-called cooperation was mostly to make use of each other.

When the conflict between the Demon Cult and the Bi Fang Empire ended, the Demon Cult would definitely leave without any mercy, leaving the Flat River Dynasty to face the anger of the Bi Fang Empire alone.

Therefore, he did not have much hope for the Demon Cult and only treated them as targets to take what they needed.

In the early stages, with the help of the Demon Cult, they could rope in those who could be roped in and divide them.

If they could not rope in or divide, they would directly eliminate them with thunderous methods.

In the shortest time, the Flat River Dynasty would consolidate the strength of most dynasties and obtain the capital to fight the Bi Fang Empire.

Before this step began, he still needed to establish a target that could intimidate the various dynasties.

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Ping Xiu’s choice was the Monet Dynasty.

Originally, his plan was to use a million soldiers to directly crush the kingdom of the Monet Dynasty.

When those dynasties saw the outcome of the Monet Dynasty, they naturally felt cold.

However, to his surprise, just as the army of the Flat River Dynasty gathered at the border of the Monet Dynasty, Mo Wentian suddenly changed sides, but he had no choice but to put his saber back into its sheath.

Not only that, but while the Monet Dynasty was panting, Cao Tianzheng had also broken through to the Spiritual Sea Realm.

After knowing the news, Ping Xiu felt that the Demon Cult was deliberately targeting him.

However, after obtaining the information sent back from various channels, he realized that perhaps some changes had happened in the Monet Dynasty that he did not know about.

In his unwillingness, he personally went to the Demon Cult’s branch and asked Mo Aotian to come out of seclusion.

It was to use Mo Aotian to kill Cao Tianzheng.

In this case, the effect of killing a Spiritual Sea Realm was even more effective against other dynasties.

However, at this moment, hearing Mo Aotian’s extremely domineering words, Ping Xiu recalled that the spy he had planted in the Monet Dynasty had sent back the news of Cao Tianzheng’s breakthrough.
It mentioned that three Half-Spirit Sea Realm cultivators had appeared in the Monet Dynasty’s palace that day.

One was Cang Ji.

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The second was Cao Tianzheng after breaking through.

Third, it was a sword cultivator.
His identity was unknown, but it vaguely pointed to the Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure who had almost killed the royal family of the Monet Dynasty 20 years ago.

As for the last half, because those spies only saw a golden avatar, their strength was questionable.

Immediately, Ping Xiu said worriedly, “Left Envoy Aotian, regarding the sword cultivator who appeared in the Monet Dynasty’s palace that day, I wonder if your cult has found any news?”

“Could it really be that person from 20 years ago?”


Seeing that the situation had become more serious, Mo Aotian’s expression could not help but turn cold.
He said, “Don’t worry about this Monarch Ping.
That sword cultivator is indeed the person from 20 years ago.”

“However, he’s only at the Spirit Refinement Realm now.
There’s nothing to worry about.”

Although the news about Xing Feng and everything that happened that day were sealed by Mo Zhongtian’s death order, with the pervasive spying ability of the Demon Cult members, it was basically impossible to hide any news from them.

Hearing Mo Aotian’s answer, Ping Xiu revealed a surprised expression.

Thinking of Mo Aotian’s identity and position, he definitely would not lie to him like this.
Ping Xiu knew too well.

“In that case, there’s no so-called Heaven Deity Realm sword cultivator in the Monet Dynasty.”

Ping Xiu finished speaking in a low voice.

A strange smile slowly rose from the corners of his mouth and gradually became ostentatious.

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