It was almost noon.

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There was a blazing sun above his head, but when Mo Aotian saw the smile on the corners of Ping Xiu’s mouth, he shivered for no reason.

Frowning, Mo Aotian said in a low voice, “Monarch Ping, what do you mean?”

Ping Xiu glanced at Mo Aotian indifferently, and his smile faded a little as he said, “It’s nothing.”

“I feel that that Heaven Deity Realm sword cultivator is only at the Spirit Refinement Realm now.
Then, no one can stop me from doing what I want to do next.”

Hearing this, Mo Aotian sensed a strange feeling.

Apart from the goal of sweeping through the Monet Dynasty on the surface, was there another meaning?

Before Mo Aotian could think of anything else, Ping Xiu suddenly changed the topic and said, “Right, I’ve heard rumors recently that the golden avatar that appeared in the Monet Dynasty’s palace that day was a miracle manifested by the ancient Divine Race.”

“I wonder what Left Envoy Ao Tian thinks about this?”

When Mo Aotian heard this, he raised his head.

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Countless years had passed since the era of the ancient Divine Race.

It was so old that some people even suspected if the power of the Divine Race had existed in the River of Time.

Or could it be that it was just a story created by the fellows who created the Divine Dao in the future to spread the Divine Dao?

However, Mo Aotian knew that in the ancient era, the Divine Race indeed existed.

Moreover, he used his boundless power to suppress the ten thousand races and created countless legends that shook history.

After all…

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In the ancient era, the devil race was one of the few powerful races that had once competed with the gods.

In the end, the devils were no match for them and retreated into the harsh Demon World.

However, there were detailed records of the Divine Race.

Many days ago, the information of the golden avatar was presented to Mo Aotian.

According to the description of the ancient secret manual of the Demon Cult, Mo Aotian was more than confident that the golden avatar should be related to the ancient Divine Race.

This time, the reason why he was willing to come out of seclusion and come to the Monet Dynasty with Ping Xiu was because of the golden avatar.

However, why did he suddenly mention this?

Could it be that he was also interested in the ancient Divine Race?

“No, even those Holy Lands and ancient sects know very little about the Divine Race.”

“How can he hear the rumors of the ancient Divine Race from the streets?”

In the next moment, Mo Aotian suddenly realized the problem.
When he raised his head, his gaze happened to meet Ping Xiu’s smiling eyes.

The moment their eyes met, Mo Aotian read various emotions in his calm and bottomless eyes.

It made a trace of uneasiness surge in Mo Aotian’s heart, and it quickly brewed and expanded.

“Ping Xiu, how much do you know about the ancient Divine Race?”

Mo Aotian called his name.
Before he finished speaking, demonic qi had already begun to circulate under his black robe.

At the same time, the aura of the late-stage Spiritual Sea Realm erupted from Mo Aotian’s body.

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In an instant, it crushed towards Ping Xiu.


Mo Aotian’s pupils quickly constricted.

This was because after his aura pressed down on Ping Xiu,

not only was he not crushed to the ground as he had imagined, instead, he stood there perfectly fine.
His face was still calm, and the corners of his eyes were even mocking him.

“Something is wrong with you!”

“You’re not Ping Xiu!”

“Who are you?”

Mo Aotian shouted softly, his tone carrying a trace of trembling that even he did not notice.

He knew that Ping Xiu was at the peak of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

Such strength made him look down on everyone among the monarchs.


Mo Aotian was at the perfected late-stage Spiritual Sea Realm.
He was just a hair’s breadth away from stepping into the peak and becoming an existence that could open gods!

With his aura, forget about a peak Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivator, even an early or middle-stage Spiritual Sea Realm mighty figure could not withstand it.

Ping Xiu’s performance was like a breeze.

Without the strength of the peak Spiritual Sea Realm, it was impossible to do this.

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If Ping Xiu really had such strength, there was no need to work with the Demon Cult.

He could directly flatten the Monet Dynasty.

Moreover, the Altar Master had personally confirmed his cultivation realm before leaving.

With Altar Master’s method of approaching the mid-stage Divine Opening Realm, there was definitely no mistake.

Therefore, the only explanation that Mo Aotian could think of was that the person in front of him was not Ping Xiu.

It was a great cultivator at the peak of the Spiritual Sea Realm who had disguised himself.

After finding an answer, countless questions appeared in Mo Aotian’s mind: Since the person in front of him was fake, where was the real Ping Xiu?

When did the other party exchange for the real person?

What was the other party’s motive for pretending to be ordinary and approaching him?

With this series of questions, Mo Aotian could not find any useful clues.

“Who else could it be but me?”

At this moment, the answer that Ping Xiu gave with a smile immediately angered Mo Aotian.
He said, “Shut up!”

“If you’re Monarch Ping, let me ask you, why did you invite me out of seclusion?”

“Could it be that your peak Spiritual Sea Realm strength is not enough to deal with Cao Tianzheng?”

Facing Mo Aotian’s reprimand, Ping Xiu revealed a smile and shook his head, “Left Envoy Aotian, you’re wrong.”

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“I invited you here not because I need you.”

“Instead, the Ultimate God needs you.”

The moment the words “Ultimate God” were spat out, Mo Aotian felt a chill run from his feet to his legs and spine.


“After the battle of the ten thousand races ended, this world has long been isolated from the world and become a place abandoned by the immortals.”

“How can an Ultimate God come to the lower realm!”

“This is definitely impossible!”

Mo Aotian recalled the secrets in the secret manual of the sect and shook his head to refute.

“If it’s an Ultimate God from the Upper World, it’s naturally impossible for him to come down.”

“But what if the Ultimate God who died in the war of the gods recovers?”

However, when Ping Xiu’s words sounded again, his teasing tone landed in Mo Aotian’s ears.

Every word transformed into violent lightning that blasted until his mind almost collapsed from the shock.

Mo Aotian understood that if this situation really happened, it would cause an unimaginable impact on the situation in the Southeast Region and even this world.

That was an Ultimate God!

After reviving from ancient history, even if it was no longer at its prime, it was enough to sweep through all the living beings of the lower realm!


Mo Aotian recalled Ping Xiu’s ambition and immediately warned in a heavy tone, “Ping Xiu, do you know the consequences of doing this?”

“After reviving the god, aren’t you afraid that your Flat River Dynasty’s billions of people will become the food of the Ultimate God in the future?”

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