Regarding Mo Aotian’s warning, Ping Xiu only smiled disdainfully and said coldly, “Left Envoy Aotian, don’t you think such words are ridiculous?”

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“The gods view all living beings as food, but in the eyes of your Demon Cult, the lives of my Flat River Dynasty’s billions of people are no different from grass by the roadside.”

“After the matter with the Bi Fang Empire is over, the Flat River Dynasty will lose its value to the Demon Cult.
Wouldn’t it still be abandoned?”

“At that time, the outcome of the Flat River Dynasty will probably be even worse than the Monet Dynasty.”

Mo Aotian could not refute Ping Xiu’s words.
He could only fall silent with an ugly expression.

Seeing that Mo Aotian was speechless, Ping Xiu continued in a cruel voice, “If I’m abandoned by the Demon Cult and let the Bi Fang Empire destroy me, I’ll die.”

“We’ll die if we become the food of the gods.”

“Since we can’t escape this outcome, I’ll drag you all to die with my Flat River Dynasty!”

Mo Aotian’s breathing paused.
He instantly understood the “you” that Ping Xiu was talking about.
It did not only include the Bi Fang Empire and the Demon Cult.

For a moment, Mo Aotian was in a mess.

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Although he still did not know what this guy had to do to revive an Ultimate God, since Ping Xiu dared to say all of this, it meant that he was already extremely confident in his subsequent actions.

What made Mo Aotian most uneasy was…

Earlier, Ping Xiu had said that the Ultimate God needed him…

As he was thinking, Ping Xiu changed the topic and said, “Moreover, who says that I’ll definitely bring the Flat River Dynasty to a dead end?”

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Hearing Ping Xiu’s words, Mo Aotian suddenly looked at him, and dense disbelief surged on his face under the black robe.

Even if he had the means to deceive and hide his strength in front of their Heaven Deity Realm Altar Master, if he wanted to fight the god as a mortal, this kind of thing had never happened even in the Demon Cult’s secret manual.

As if he had guessed Mo Aotian’s thoughts, Ping Xiu smiled and said, “Left Envoy Ao Tian, do you think I’m joking with you?”

Mo Aotian was about to speak when suddenly, Ping Xiu grabbed with his palm and took a golden whip in his hand.

Looking at the dense runes carved on the three-foot-long whip, an extremely sacred aura circulated between the runes.
Mo Aotian blurted out in surprise, “Divine artifact!”

Divine artifact.

As the name suggested, it was a weapon controlled by gods.

In the secret books of the Demon Cult that had obtained the information left behind by the devils, there was no lack of large volumes that recorded the power of some divine artifacts.

It could kill ten thousand immortals, suppress space and time, shatter stars, stabilize the chaos, and reconstruct the world…

All kinds of methods could be said to be unbelievable.

Just as Mo Aotian fell into deep thought…

Ping Xiu’s voice sounded again, “Left Envoy Aotian is indeed the Demon Cult’s Guardian.
Your knowledge is extraordinary.
You even know about divine artifacts.”

“That’s right, this is a divine artifact.
Its name is: Divine Striking Whip!”

Divine Striking Whip!

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Although Mo Aotian had never seen the name of this divine artifact in the Demon Cult’s secret manual, just from the name, it was not difficult to guess that it was a divine artifact that could restrain the gods.

“How good would it be if this divine artifact is in the hands of our Demon Cult?”

At this moment, greed appeared in Mo Aotian’s eyes.

Then, he heard Ping Xiu say, “Left Envoy Aotian, don’t you want to know where I obtained this divine artifact?”

Mo Aotian was stunned when he heard this, and then he cast his burning gaze at Ping Xiu.

Now, the gods were isolated in the Divine Realm.
The divine artifacts left behind in this world became ownerless.

In that case, as long as he knew where Ping Xiu obtained the divine artifacts, he might be able to obtain a few himself.

Taking in Mo Aotian’s reaction, he softly said, “Divine Kingdom Ruins.”

Hearing the answer given by Ping Xiu, Mo Aotian’s pupils immediately constricted.

The ruins of the Divine Kingdom were accidentally discovered by a sect in the southeast region thousands of years ago.

In the ruins of the Divine Kingdom, there was not only a complete altar.

On the altar, there was a complete ancient Divine Dao technique.

Under the altar, divine artifacts were everywhere.

When the news spread, the various sects, dynasties, and even Holy Lands and ancient sects in the southeast city went crazy.

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The large number of cultivators they sent out plundered a large amount of gains from the ruins.

However, not long after that, all the cultivators who had entered the ruins, no matter their cultivation levels, even the Heaven Deity Realm, went crazy.

In the end, less than a month after the ruins opened, the various Holy Lands joined forces with the ancient orthodoxies and high-level families to seal the Divine Kingdom ruins again.

The items that had spread from the ruins of the Divine Kingdom were also recovered and destroyed.

This secret was spread even in the various kingdoms.

Moreover, it was a powerful proof of the existence of the ancient Divine Race.

Regarding this, Mo Aotian naturally knew.

In fact…

When Ping Xiu took out the Divine Striking Whip, he had his doubts and thought of the Divine Kingdom ruins.

However, when he thought of the evil nature of the Divine Kingdom Ruins, he felt that Ping Xiu should not dare to hide the items in the Divine Kingdom Ruins.

Who would have thought that Ping Xiu was so bold!

Immediately, the burning heat in Mo Aotian’s gaze as he looked at Ping Xiu disappeared completely.

He would not dare to take the divine artifact in the Divine Kingdom Ruins for free.

After Mo Aotian learned about the origin of the Divine Striking Whip, his reaction was so different that it was not unexpected.

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Then, he recalled that ever since he obtained the Divine Striking Whip and the Divine Dao technique that had been imprinted on the altar of the Divine Kingdom Ruins, in a few years, through absorbing the faith of the people of the Flat River Dynasty, his cultivation had broken through to the peak of the Spiritual Sea Realm.

On the other hand, without needing to worry about governing the kingdom, after cultivating for several times longer than him, his realm was actually left behind.

In Ping Xiu’s eyes, such talent could only be described as ‘bad’.

Shaking his head, he said calmly, “Other than the Divine Striking Whip, I also obtained the Divine Dao technique of the Divine Kingdom Ruins.”

“With this, not only did I cultivate to the peak of the Spiritual Sea, but I also comprehended from those techniques that if there’s a chance to communicate with the remaining divine sense of the ancient Divine Race, it’s possible to wake them up.”

“Therefore, when the Holy Son of the Canglan Dao Sect came to ask for the method, I taught him a method created by the ancient Ultimate God.”

“I just didn’t expect that it would take so long for that Holy Son to summon the Ultimate God’s divine sense.”

He said these words calmly and bluntly.

However, it did not stop him from dropping bombs in Mo Aotian’s heart.

Previously, he had thought that Ping Xiu was only at the peak of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

His true realm was actually the peak Spiritual Sea Realm!

What shocked Mo Aotian even more was the golden avatar that appeared in the Monet Dynasty that day.

It was actually Ping Xiu’s plan.

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