He held a divine artifact.

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With the Divine Dao technique, he had cultivated to the peak Spiritual Sea Realm.

Then, he passed an ancient Ultimate God technique to the Holy Son of the Canglan Dao Sect.

He went through this information in his mind.

Mo Aotian’s plan and goal were instantly obvious.

The complicated questions from before also became clear.

However, he still needed some clues to reveal the answer.

Immediately, Mo Aotian stared fixedly at Ping Xiu.

He knew that Ping Xiu’s plan would definitely not be a whim.

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Next, what he had to say was the key to answering the questions in his mind.

He did not disappoint Mo Aotian.

Ping Xiu continued, “Before going to the Demon Cult’s branch, I went to the Canglan Dao Sect.”

“We discovered that the Supreme Elder of the Canglan Dao Sect at the Spiritual Sea Realm has a weak soul.
The Holy Son’s sea of consciousness was also injured and he fell unconscious.”

“I think that after that Holy Son summoned the Ultimate God that day, there should have been some conflict.”

“The Supreme Elder of the Canglan Dao Sect is also participating.”

When he said this, Ping Xiu shook his head and said, “However, I only sensed some divine force left behind by the Ultimate God on them.”

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“After some investigation, I learned that the Ultimate God is still in the palace of the Monet Dynasty.”

He looked in the direction of the raised palm.

A magnificent palace wall barged into Mo Aotian’s vision.

Only then did Mo Aotian realize that he and Ping Xiu had already arrived in front of the palace of the Monet Dynasty.

He thought of an ancient Ultimate God who was inside the palace wall.

Mo Aotian’s consciousness had to retreat far away.

However, before he could move, in his palm, a dazzling golden rune suddenly condensed and landed on Mo Aotian.

The golden runes did not cause much of a commotion.

However, a terrifying feeling suddenly appeared in Mo Aotian’s mind.

It was as if the golden runes contained the power to erase him from this world.

However, just as he was about to send out the demonic qi that he had not released under his black robe, the golden rune suddenly disappeared from his vision.

“Oh no!”

Mo Aotian’s pupils constricted as he instantly realized something.

However, in the next moment, the golden rune that had just disappeared had already passed through his black robe.

The Extreme Realm Artifact on his body did not have any protection effect.

A palm-sized fingerprint was pierced through his heart.


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A ferocious force tore open his skin and poured into his flesh.

It made Mo Aotian instantly feel as if a hundred thousand brute elephants had barged into his body and were trampling every cell with ferocious strength.


Strange syllables sounded in his mouth.
If not for Mo Aotian’s firm will, he would have directly fainted.

However, the outcome of staying awake was that pain that tortured his nerves.

“I’ve said it before.
Lord Ultimate God needs you.”

“Therefore, before offering your soul to the Ultimate God, I can’t let you leave.”

“After absorbing the soul of a late-stage Spiritual Sea Realm cultivator, Lord Ultimate God thinks that he can at least recover the strength of the Heaven Deity Realm.”

“At that time, there will be a god under my Divine Striking Whip that I can enslave.”

Then, Mo Aotian’s voice sounded in his ears.

In an instant, Mo Aotian understood everything!

The reason why Ping Xiu had invited him out of seclusion was actually to offer his soul to that Ultimate God and let him recover the strength of the Heaven Deity Realm.

As for why he was at the Heaven Deity Realm?

It was because Ping Xiu, who was at the peak of the Spiritual Sea Realm, could hold the Divine Striking Whip and restrain the other party.

Therefore, he did not want to fight the god as a mortal.

He wanted to enslave the god!

Endless chill appeared in Mo Aotian’s heart.

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For a moment, even the pain in his entire body seemed to have become less intense.

At this moment, a sacred aura suddenly rushed into the sky from the depths of the palace in front of Mo Aotian.

Then, dazzling golden light spread out in all directions.

“Lord Ultimate God, I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Ping Xiu held the Divine Striking Whip tightly and looked at the place with the densest golden light.
His eyes were also dyed golden.

In the main hall of the throne room.

The civil and military officials of the Monet Dynasty were holding a morning court with Mo Zhongtian.

Suddenly, dazzling golden light scattered into the hall, causing their eyes to widen.
They turned their heads to look in a certain direction outside the hall.

Mo Zhongtian even stood up from the dragon throne with a whoosh.
His bearing and dignity as a ruler disappeared without a trace.
His expression changed greatly as he said, “Oh no! Mr.

Before he could finish speaking, Mo Zhongtian suddenly shut his mouth and said to the young eunuch standing at the side, “Quickly go find Eunuch Cao and ask him to bring Tianchen, Shaoyun, and the others to leave the palace!”

After the little eunuch received the order and left, Mo Zhongtian fell back onto the dragon throne.
He looked at the location of the imperial study from the golden light, his face filled with despair.

The golden light meant that Gong Ziliang had lost the battle with the Ultimate God.

What this meant to the Monet Dynasty was obvious.

Although Mo Zhongtian had long expected this outcome, moreover, they had made some preparations in advance and transferred all the royal bloodlines other than Mo Tianchen and Mo Shaoyun who refused to leave, when this day really came, he still found it difficult to accept.

After a while, the golden light in the throne room became even hotter.

The officials all revealed panicked expressions.

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Mo Zhongtian suddenly sat up.

“Vice Minister Tong, how’s the progress on establishing the ancestral hall?”

He heard a cold voice behind him.

The officials turned around in surprise.
When they saw Mo Zhongtian sitting on the dragon throne, the Emperor looked dignified.

A powerful force suddenly appeared in the hearts of those officials.
They returned to their positions and lowered their heads to stand.

Tong Wannian stepped out and took a deep breath.
His eyes were red as he said, “Your Majesty, the construction of Mr.
Liang’s ancestral hall has been completed.”

“In that case, good.”

Mo Zhongtian nodded.
After moving his gaze away from Tong Wannian, it landed on the next courtier who was covered in tears and continued to consult on political affairs.

In the throne room, when order was restored.

In the empty palace.

Xing Feng took one last look at the painting in his hand, then carefully rolled it up and put it in his storage ring.

After doing all of this, a sharp sword intent pierced out from every pore on Xing Feng’s body.

“Brother Liang, I was comprehending Sword Intent that day and did not have the time to attack.”

“Today, I’ll take that Ultimate God’s dog life and avenge you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xing Feng turned into a sword light and slashed in the direction of the golden light.

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