liang, who was wearing a mask, returned to the entrance of the palace.

“Eh, why are there two Spiritual Sea Realm cultivators here?”

As soon as he arrived outside the palace door.

Gong Ziliang’s divine sense sensed two powerful auras.

However, Gong Ziliang looked in the direction of the aura.

He saw Mo Aotian lying in the corner of the palace wall, groaning.

He bent down and spat out blood as he lay on the ground, looking for something inch by inch.

Gong Ziliang immediately revealed a strange expression.

These two Spiritual Sea Realm cultivators were so… special.

However, facing two Spiritual Sea Realm cultivators, Gong Ziliang did not dare to be careless.

After his soul hid its true aura, Gong Ziliang activated the Myriad Transformations Technique and transformed into a warm-hearted passerby.

“Uncle, what are you looking for? Do you want me to help you find it?”

Ping Xiu covered the corners of his mouth.
Dark red blood was flowing out through his fingers.

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Hearing Gong Ziliang’s voice, he raised his head warily.

When he saw that it was only a passerby at the Meridian Opening Realm, his eyes darted around as he said, “I was walking well here just now, but I was injured by a guy who ran out from inside and even lost a golden whip.”

He was injured by someone?

Gong Ziliang felt guilty.

Didn’t he run out of this palace door just now?

Moreover, he seemed to have bumped into someone.

However, at that time, his mind was focused on the system’s update.
Later on, he was attracted by the Divine Striking Whip and did not notice anything else.

Now, it seemed that Ping Xiu’s heavy injuries could really have been caused by him.

Scratching his head, Gong Ziliang was immediately a little embarrassed and was about to apologize.

He suddenly recalled that Ping Xiu had said that he had lost a golden whip.

His Divine Striking Whip was a wooden whip.

Ah, this person wanted to scam him?

A cold light flickered in Gong Ziliang’s eyes.
While he was looking around on the ground, he glanced at Mo Aotian not far away.

Even if he could not sense the unconcealed demonic qi on the latter,

from the way Mo Aotian wore the same clothes as the Demon Cult’s Right Envoy he had killed previously, Gong Ziliang could basically say that Mo Aotian was from the Demon Cult.

He would appear here with the people of the Demon Cult.

This Ping Xiu was indeed not a good person!

“Uncle, look what that is!”

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Gong Ziliang cried out in surprise, as if he had discovered something impressive.

Ping Xiu raised his head in a daze and looked in the direction Gong Ziliang was pointing, but he did not see anything.

Then, a strong wind attacked from above.

“Oh no, I was tricked!”

Ping Xiu instantly reacted, but his face did not show panic.
Instead, it was disdain.

He was a peak Spiritual Sea Realm great cultivator, even if he had suffered internal injuries from that damned person just now.

However, such injuries could not shake his foundation.

After returning, he would naturally recover after resting for two days.

Therefore, he did not take the sneak attack of a Meridian Opening cultivator to heart.


In the next moment.

When he was pulled into a boundless blood-colored space by an indescribable force, Ping Xiu’s heart quickly sank.

The disdain on his face immediately turned serious.

As a peak Spiritual Sea Realm cultivator, how could he not tell that he had been pulled into a Divine Power World?

He could use Divine Power techniques.

How could that passerby be only at the Meridian Opening Realm?

As far as he knew, even some of the Spiritual Sea Realm elders guarding the various dynasties had not comprehended a Divine Power.

Of course, this did not mean that that person was an expert at the Spiritual Sea Realm.

However, when he thought about it, the other party had deceived his perception.

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