“This doesn’t include the fact that the heir of the Duke’s Mansion colluded with the Demon Cult to destroy a city of the Monet Dynasty.”

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“Oh, right.
Speaking of the Demon Cult, I recalled something else.”

“Previously, your dynasty framed the Monet Dynasty of colluding with the Demon Cult.
This hurt not only the Third Prince’s reputation, but also the prestige of the entire Monet Dynasty’s royal family.”

“This sum, coupled with the sum of the heir of the Duke’s Mansion, will be worth 70 million spirit stones.
I won’t wipe away the remaining 30 million.
Bring me 800 million spirit stones and I’ll let you go.”

Seeing Gong Ziliang spread his hands and make an eight, Ping Xiu could not suppress his injuries anymore.
His eyes rolled back and he was about to faint on the spot.

Just as his consciousness sank into darkness, in front of him, he vaguely saw the expression on Gong Ziliang’s face become flustered.

“This kid has not completely lost his humanity.”

Compared to the previous demand of 800 million spirit stones, seeing Gong Ziliang’s expression, Ping Xiu was actually a little touched.

“Monarch Ping, you can’t die.”

“If you die, who will I ask for 800 million spirit stones from?”

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“Monarch Mo, are the documents not prepared?”

“Quickly bring it over and sign it for him while he’s still breathing.
Otherwise, when he dies, the handprint won’t work…”

In an instant, he recalled his evaluation of Gong Ziliang.

Damn you!

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If he was given a chance to do it again and return to the time when he encountered Gong Ziliang at the palace gate,

No matter the price, he would definitely not let Gong Ziliang continue to live in this world!

At this moment, looking at Ping Xiu who had fainted, his chest was still heaving.

Gong Ziliang’s expression relaxed.
He waved his hand and said, “It’s fine.
He won’t die for the time being.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gong Ziliang took out a few Qi Calming medicinal pills from his bag.
After dissolving them with spiritual qi, he sent them into Ping Xiu’s body.

“Sigh, those who owe money are the bosses.
You’re right.”

“You owe me 800 million spirit stones.
I still have to serve you.
Who can you reason with?”

Hearing Gong Ziliang’s helpless voice, Mo Zhongtian and the others, who had watched the entire process, had cold sweat on their foreheads.

After being extorted 800 million spirit stones, he had another creditor out of thin air.

In the end, Gong Ziliang still felt wronged.

Previously, everyone was on the opposite side.

However, at this moment, they felt extremely sympathetic towards Ping Xiu.

When Ping Xiu’s aura slowly calmed down, Gong Ziliang asked Gong Ziliang to condense a few seals and seal all the apertures in his body.

This way, unless a Heaven Deity attacked and helped Ping Xiu undo the seal, he could only unleash the strength of the Meridian Opening Realm.

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“Monarch Mo, I still have something to do.
I’ll leave Monarch Ping to you to manage first.”

“Remember to treat them well.
Otherwise, if word gets out, others will think that the Monet Dynasty tortured a monarch.
That won’t be good.”

“Right, there’s also the copper coins we agreed on previously.
Monarch Mo, remember to exchange them for gold and prepare them.”

As Gong Ziliang spoke, he threw Ping Xiu over like a sandbag.

Mo Zhongtian hurriedly and carefully caught it with his spiritual qi, afraid that he would accidentally knock into Gong Ziliang and let him find him.


When he thought of the gold he had promised to exchange for, Mo Zhongtian immediately had a bitter expression.

Gong Ziliang ignored him and carried Mo Aotian in one hand and entered the stone chamber mystic realm of the spatial pearl.

As soon as he entered, Gong Ziliang saw that in the corner of the mystic realm, the Ultimate God that was covered in dense runes was twisting on the ground like a maggot.

When he discovered that Gong Ziliang had returned, the Ultimate God immediately closed his eyes and did not move, pretending to be dead.

Gong Ziliang curled his lips and did not expose the Ultimate God’s disguise.
He only used his other free hand to walk towards the Ultimate God with the Divine Striking Whip.

Sensing the aura of the Divine Striking Whip, the Ultimate God immediately stopped pretending and shouted while trembling, “Don’t come over!”

“Look at how frightened you are.
Don’t worry, I’m not here to beat you up.
I’m here to send you something good.”

Gong Ziliang smiled as he spoke, but when his words entered the Ultimate God’s ears, he immediately revealed an expression as if he had seen a ghost, and his avatar trembled even more.

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Gong Ziliang touched his nose.
He did not expect that his words would actually scare the dignified Ultimate God to this extent.

“Looks like the previous incident left too much of a trauma for Little Ji.”

“Sigh, actually, I’m a kind person.
However, others always misunderstand me too deeply.”

“Forget it.
It’s not my fault if others misunderstand.
In the end, they’ll realize that I’m doing this for their own good.”

Shaking his head, Gong Ziliang walked in front of the Ultimate God and whipped the Divine Striking Whip in the air, creating a sonic boom.
“Dogshit, you still dare to lie on the ground? Do you want me to personally pull you up?”

The Ultimate God reflexively trembled and hurriedly got up.

His broad square face that was covered in scars could no longer be seen.
At this moment, facing Gong Ziliang, one could vaguely tell that he was trying his best to squeeze out a flattering expression.

Seeing that a god had actually fallen to such a state, Gong Ziliang almost laughed out loud in anger.

“Dogshit, you almost delayed my business.”

Then, Gong Ziliang thought of something.
After cursing, he threw Mo Aotian to the side of the Ultimate God and pointed at the corners of his mouth, “Absorb his soul.”

The Ultimate God subconsciously thought that he was hallucinating.

This great demon had specially sent him a Spiritual Sea Realm cultivator to absorb his soul?

Looking at the unconscious Mo Aotian, the Ultimate God was puzzled.
He did not know what Gong Ziliang was up to.

However, when he thought of Gong Ziliang’s ruthless methods, clearly, there was definitely a huge problem!

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He saw the Ultimate God standing there without moving like a log.

Gong Ziliang’s expression turned cold.

He had let the Ultimate God absorb Mo Aotian’s soul because he had already used the soul technique to search his memories.

He discovered that in order to cultivate the demonic technique, Mo Aotian had already sacrificed a million living beings in several cities.

The souls of those living beings were not let go either and were refined into a soul flag by Mo Aotian.

Apart from the blood sacrifice needed to cultivate, Mo Aotian had a fetish for men.

Every half a month, he would ask the Demon Cult members to kidnap hundreds of young men.

He would ravage those people to death to satisfy his twisted desire.

The endless sins could not be cleansed.

It made Gong Ziliang feel that if he directly used the Fire Intent to refine Mo Aotian into dregs like Mo Wentian, this way of death was too easy for Mo Aotian.

Therefore, Gong Ziliang thought of an even crueler punishment.

That was to let the Ultimate God absorb Mo Aotian’s soul but not refine it.

Instead, he kept Mo Aotian’s consciousness alive.
Before he thought of a way to destroy the Ultimate God’s avatar, he would let Mo Aotian’s consciousness live in torment.

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