“However, Mr.
Liang, don’t worry.
I can absorb the soul of a Heaven Deity and heal your injuries while removing the Heavenly Dao curse for you.”

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Gong Ziliang tilted his head and stared at the Ultimate God for a few seconds before the smile on his face disappeared.

Accompanied by this, the ecstasy in the Ultimate God’s heart dissipated bit by bit.

Until Gong Ziliang said, “You’re wrong.”

“I said there’s no need.
It means that I don’t need you anymore.”

The Ultimate God’s heart skipped a beat, as if a huge rock had been smashed down.

‘You don’t need me anymore?’

What did that mean?

Did Gong Ziliang want to die?

This thought appeared.

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When the Ultimate God saw Gong Ziliang holding the Divine Striking Whip, his heart could not help but thump.

With his understanding of Gong Ziliang, it was really his style to deal with him here first when he knew that there was no hope of removing the Heavenly Dao curse.

Although the Ultimate God knew that Gong Ziliang did not have the power of laws and could not threaten his life, even with the Divine Striking Whip, it could at most seal his Dao Body.


After sleeping for billions of years in the Void Divine Lightning, the Ultimate God had already tasted the feeling of eternal loneliness.

There was no time or space.

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He could only sense endless darkness.

The Ultimate God looked at the Divine Striking Whip in Gong Ziliang’s hand.

Then, he thought of his Divine Spark.
As long as he absorbed some of the divine force of the Heavenly Demon Divine Soul, he could break through the seal suppression of the Divine Striking Whip and escape.

At that time, he would find a random place to hide in the outside world.

In a few years, Gong Ziliang would be exhausted to death by the Heavenly Dao curse in his soul.

Immediately, the Ultimate God decided to drag this matter over first.

“Gong Ziliang, I don’t want the soul of a cultivator anymore.”

“You just have to hand the woman called Lin Anruo outside to me.”

“In three days, I promise to eliminate the Heavenly Dao curse in your soul.”

Hearing the Ultimate God change his tone and not want the soul of a Heaven Deity, he asked for Lin Anruo.

Gong Ziliang immediately recalled the golden mark he had seen on Lin Anruo.

Knock! Knock!

The Divine Striking Whip gently knocked into the ground, emitting a muffled sound.

Gong Ziliang said, “What do you know about Lin Anruo?”

The Ultimate God’s eyes flickered.
Then, he seemed to have made a decision and said, “If I’m not wrong, she should be the harvester of the Divine Realm!”


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Gong Ziliang raised his brows.
This title gave him a very uncomfortable feeling.

The Ultimate God nodded and explained, “That’s right, she’s a harvester!”

“In the ancient war of the ten thousand races, the Primordial Heavenly Dao of this world was destroyed.
The broken Heavenly Dao was controlled by the few large factions of the Upper Realm.”

“This world has also become a place where those giants and factions are reared.”

“Every ten thousand years, those giants and factions will throw high-level living beings that need to be nurtured into this world.”

“After those living beings awaken their divine nature, they will harvest the providence and accumulation of their territory for thousands of years and forge a Supreme Divine Spark.”

When he spoke up to here, the Ultimate God noticed Gong Ziliang’s expression and quickly darkened, immediately closing his mouth.

“What a harvester!”

Gong Ziliang’s expression was cold.
He did not need the Ultimate God to continue explaining.
He already understood the role of this harvester.

He also understood why the Heavenly Dao in the Azure Province wanted to send down the Heavenly Punishment Sword thousands of years ago to kill the Demon Patriarch.

Why were there traps behind the immortal door?

Unless he was planted by the Heavenly Dao, he was not allowed to ascend to the Nirvana Realm.

It turned out that this world had already become a place for the Upper Realm to harvest providence and nurture high-level living beings.

He closed his eyes.

Killing intent suddenly appeared in Gong Ziliang’s chest.

He had never wanted to destroy some existences like now.

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For some reason, looking at Gong Ziliang in front of him, the Ultimate God suddenly felt a biting cold aura that seemed to want to freeze and shatter his avatar.

However, on second thought, with Gong Ziliang’s methods, he could not threaten him.

After tidying up his thoughts, the Ultimate God said, “Gong Ziliang, every harvester is a person with great providence.
Even the Heavenly Dao of this world doesn’t dare to attack them casually.”

“It’s best not to have anything to do with the harvesters, be it enemies or friends.”

“This is because after the harvesters awaken their divinity, they will slowly replace the personality of this world.
In the end, they will forget everything and carry out the mission of harvesting.”

“Therefore, you should hand that Lin Anruo to me.
Otherwise, you can ignore yourself and not eliminate the Heavenly Dao curse.
Your days are numbered.”

“But the people around you will be implicated.”

The Ultimate God sounded like he was thinking for Gong Ziliang.

When it landed in Gong Ziliang’s ears, he slowly opened his eyes.

“What characteristics do the harvesters have?”

The Ultimate God was stunned.

In his opinion, regardless of whether Gong Ziliang was willing or not, shouldn’t he give an answer first?

Why was he asking about the harvester?

From Gong Ziliang’s calm gaze, the Ultimate God suddenly felt an irresistible will.

He blurted out, “At first, the harvester did not have any characteristics.”

“However, when the divinity is about to awaken, it will reveal the greatest characteristic, which is that it has heaven-defying providence.”

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“Breaking through in cultivation is like eating and drinking.
You can pick up artifacts as you walk.
No matter how great the danger, you can avert it.
You can be said to be the protagonist of a world…”

As the Ultimate God described, envy flowed in his golden pupils.

Before the ancient war, although he was also a supreme being of the Divine Realm, he had spent billions of years cultivating step by step.

On the other hand, the harvesters chosen by those large factions relied on the providence and accumulation they obtained to forge a supreme Divine Spark and advance to the Ultimate God level.
It was not a matter of minutes.

How could this not make the Ultimate God envious?

Listening to the Ultimate God’s description, a name could not help but jump into Gong Ziliang’s mind: Bai Niansheng.

Gong Ziliang still learned some information about Bai Niansheng from Lin Xiao.

In his previous life, Lin Xiao had cultivated to the ninth-stage Heaven Deity Realm and was only a step away from the Nine Transformations Nirvana Realm.

In the end, he was killed by Bai Niansheng and had to be reborn.

In Lin Xiao’s description, Bai Niansheng had supreme providence and was known as the “Holy Son of the Northern Region”.

Wherever he went, he could pick up treasures.
Even the tools used to tie his hair were artifacts.

Cultivating martial techniques was even easier.
Breaking through realms was as easy as drinking water.
There was no bottleneck or mental demons at all.

He was like a harvester!

Then, Gong Ziliang recalled that he had already pierced through the Heavenly Dao in the Azure Province.

When Gong Ziliang fell into the Martial Province, because of the damage caused by that battle, the environment of the Azure Province had already become extremely harsh and was not suitable for cultivation and survival.

Once this was discovered by the huge faction behind Bai Niansheng, the harvester, perhaps it would let Bai Niansheng awaken his divinity in advance and activate the harvest.

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