Hearing the Ultimate God’s words, Gong Ziliang frowned.

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He knew that incense was a term used by high level gods to address the power of faith in the mortal world.

However, incense to the gods was like spiritual qi to cultivators.
It was a cultivation item.

Why did the Ultimate God say that the gods of the Divine Kingdom Ruins had been poisoned by incense?

There was also the title of ‘Evil God’.

For some reason, Gong Ziliang had a strange feeling.

Without waiting for Gong Ziliang to ask, the Ultimate God took the initiative to explain, “In the ancient era, when our gods first came into contact with the humans, the power of faith that the humans worshiped and contributed was still pure.”

“But later…”

When he said this, the Ultimate God seemed to have recalled a bad memory.

After taking a deep breath, he continued, “Later on, the human race became filled with desire.
Some humans began to suspect or even abandon the gods…”

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“As for the humans who still worship the gods, the power of faith they contribute is no longer pure.”

“It’s mixed with too many of your human desires.
After the gods absorb it, their divinity will be contaminated, slowly distorted, become evil, and become an evil god.”

Gong Ziliang had heard some similar words from Ping Xiu and Mo Zhongtian before.

Moreover, it seemed that the reason why the Divine Kingdom ruins were sealed was because the cultivators who entered the ruins back then brought out the evil god’s bad curse.

After the Ultimate God finished speaking, Gong Ziliang sneered, “So, you mean that the human race should forever worship the gods without any desire and contribute the pure power of faith to you?”

Hearing Gong Ziliang’s words, the Ultimate God was stunned.
“Shouldn’t this be the case?”

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“In the ancient era, our Divine Race spread light to the human race and saved countless humans from the flood.
Moreover, we protected them from the danger of poisonous insects and ferocious beasts.”

“After giving them so many gifts, shouldn’t the human race repay the most loyal faith of the gods?”

Gong Ziliang was stunned.

The words that he had thought of to scold the gods were stuck in his mouth.

From the perspective of the gods, in the ancient era, the human race rose from minor chaos.

In those dark years, the gods were indeed the light that illuminated the path of the human race.

However, suddenly…

Gong Ziliang thought of the other world.

There were no gods or even cultivators there.

However, the humans there went from the primitive era of farming to civilization.

It was not because of the gods.

It was the human race’s own effort!

Some of them drilled wood for fire, some tasted a hundred herbs, and some polished rocks into tools and sharp weapons to be used for production and hunting.

In that world, there were also legends about gods.

However, Gong Ziliang, who had experienced the baptism of that world’s civilization, knew that those were only legends.

The humans of that world were different!

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They relied on their own strength and not the illusory protection of the gods!

In this world, Gong Ziliang admitted that perhaps what the Ultimate God had said had really happened in the ancient times.

There were indeed gods who protected the human race.

However, which gods were sincerely protecting the human race?

Or was it like now, where the giants who controlled the Heavenly Dao in this world treated the humans as pigs and dogs?

Coupled with the will of the Heavenly Dao, as well as everything he saw on the Ultimate God, and the existence of the harvester, all of this made Gong Ziliang even more inclined to think that the motive of the ancient gods was the latter.

Looking at the doubt on the Ultimate God’s face, Gong Ziliang knew that there was no need for him to argue with the Ultimate God about this.

Firstly, what happened in the ancient era had long been concealed by time and could not be verified.

Secondly, he and the Ultimate God were on different sides.

There was no need for him to spend so much effort to persuade a god whose position was different from his.

He threw the matters of the ancient era from his mind.

Then, Gong Ziliang thought of an important question and said, “What’s the realm of the evil god in the Divine Kingdom Ruins?”

The Ultimate God trembled, wanting to tell Gong Ziliang that the evil god was not an existence he could provoke at all.

However, seeing the determination on Gong Ziliang’s face, he said aggrievedly, “That evil god is the original owner of the Divine Striking Whip.
You can ask your artifact spirit.”

The original owner of the Divine Striking Whip?

Oh, it was an old friend.

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Gong Ziliang nodded and summoned the Gong Goddess.

Unfortunately, after the Divine Striking Whip was repaired, Gong Goddess had almost forgotten all her past memories.

She only vaguely knew that her original owner, the god, was already at the Ultimate God Realm when he refined her back then.

“Ultimate God…”

Gong Ziliang looked at the Ultimate God who stood in front of him and did not dare to breathe loudly.

He suddenly felt that the Divine Kingdom ruins were not that terrifying.

“Lord Ji, I’ll leave it to you this time.”

“Don’t worry, after this matter is over, I won’t treat you badly.”

Hearing that Gong Ziliang still insisted on going to the Divine Kingdom Ruins, the Ultimate God was immediately so anxious that his voice carried tears.

“Gong Ziliang, you can’t go.”

“You don’t know, but the evil god is even more terrifying than the harvester.”

“Even the evil gods who are sleeping are filled with the power of darkness in their Divine Kingdoms.”

“After stepping in, even low-level tenth-stage living beings will have their minds corroded by the darkness.
Without being able to sense it, they will become the slaves of the evil god.”

When the Ultimate God spoke, his mouth was dry, but Gong Ziliang was still unmoved.

Immediately, his expression changed, as if he had made a difficult decision.

Without hesitating for too long, the Ultimate God quickly weighed the pros and cons.
He gritted his teeth and said, “Gong Ziliang, I know you think that there’s no hope of removing the Heavenly Dao curse in your soul, so you want to go to the Divine Kingdom ruins and risk your life.”

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“However… actually, my injuries have already recovered a little.
I can help you eliminate the Heavenly Dao curse.”

Choosing between Gong Ziliang finding out that he had hidden the Divine Spark, and being forcefully brought to the Divine Kingdom Ruins by Gong Ziliang, the Ultimate God rationally chose the former.

After all…

After Gong Ziliang learned the truth, he would at most be whipped a few times.

To the Ultimate God who had already been whipped for half a month, the matter of being whipped was only a few times.
It was not even considered a serious injury.

However, if he went to the ruins of the Divine Kingdom, perhaps his spiritual body would be contaminated by that evil god.

If he was lucky, he might even be able to become a slave under the evil god and survive.

If he was unlucky, the evil god would need a large amount of divine force to recover like him.

It was not impossible to directly refine him.


“How much have you recovered?”

Gong Ziliang raised his brows.
He did not expect to obtain such an unexpected gain.

The Ultimate God gestured with his finger and said carefully, “I’ve recovered… a little.”

Gong Ziliang could tell that the Ultimate God did not plan to tell the truth and pretended to be disappointed, “Oh, just a little?”

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