The moment everyone disappeared, dark golden flames condensed into two thick pillars of fire that spat out from Wu Zhiqi’s eyes.

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Wherever the flames passed, the palaces below instantly turned to ashes.

On the ground, two deep pits were plowed by the flames, spreading from the palace to the outside of the Imperial City.

In the Divine Power World.

Before those cultivators could understand what had happened, they saw themselves being pulled into a blood-colored hell.

The terrifying scene of the blood-like sky and white bones everywhere immediately frightened them until endless cold air surged from the bottom of their hearts.

“Gong Ziliang, why did you pull me into your Divine Power World?”

“Let me… go.
Otherwise, I-we’ll destroy you…”

A Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivator from a high-grade sect originally wanted to ask Gong Ziliang to let him out.

On second thought, when he thought of Gong Ziliang’s method, he could not help but change it to ‘we’…

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However, before he could finish speaking, suddenly, he saw the blood-colored sky above show the scene of the outside world.

When he saw that the huge Imperial City was swept by the pillar of flames thrown out by Wu Zhi and Qi Mo, it instantly turned into scorched earth.

In an instant, endless cold air grew in his heart and quickly blocked his throat, causing the remaining words to transform into meaningless laughter.

The other cultivators’ performance was not any better than his.

Their faces were pale as they stood there in a daze, their bodies covered in sweat.


“I failed to recognize your greatness.
I was wrong, Mr.
Please don’t blame me!”

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The Tribulation Transcendence Realm cultivator who had scolded Gong Ziliang suddenly knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

He was not really regretful.

Instead, he saw that after Wu Zhiqi spat out the flames and did not stop, he was afraid that Gong Ziliang would really let him out if he was unhappy.

However, Gong Ziliang could not be bothered with him at this moment.

“Damn… Damn!”

At the edge of the Divine Power World, Gong Ziliang observed the outside world.

At this moment, his heart was bleeding.

There was no other reason.


Spirit stones!

The resources accumulated by the Monet Dynasty for generations were all in the palace treasure vault.

Before he could use them, they were burned to a crisp by Wu Zhiqi?

In the next moment, Gong Ziliang was about to rush out and fight Wu Zhiqi.

Liang, I’ve already moved the resources in the treasure vault away in advance.”

Suddenly, Mo Zhongtian’s voice sounded.

Immediately, Gong Ziliang seemed to have returned to heaven from hell.

“Monarch Mo is indeed talented and strategic!”

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Gong Ziliang praised from the bottom of his heart.
He looked at Mo Zhongtian and felt that he was extremely pleasing to the eye today.


Gong Ziliang’s vision returned to Wu Zhiqi in the outside world.

Soon, he discovered the wound left on Wu Zhiqi’s demonic body by the Heavenly Dragon Purple Blade had completely healed in just a while.

This could not help but make him speechless.

After spending half a day, the damage to Wu Zhiqi was neither painful nor itchy.

Although Gong Ziliang still had many trump cards and had not taken out the set in his bag, those sets were mostly used for defense.

The increase in attack attributes was far inferior to the Heavenly Dragon Purple Blade.

Even if he took them out, it would not be of much help in the following battle.

However, seeing that Wu Zhiqi could not find him, he began to walk out of the Imperial City.

Even if he did not think of a solution, Gong Ziliang had no choice but to brace himself and walk out of the Divine Power World.

Outside the Imperial City, there were hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Once Wu Zhiqi left the range of the Imperial City, even if he did not take the initiative to attack those ordinary people, just the demonic qi emitted was enough to cause countless casualties among those ordinary people.

After a spatial fluctuation, seeing Gong Ziliang appear in his vision again, Wu Zhiqi was no longer as calm as before.

Gong Ziliang’s method did not cause much trouble, but it made it very annoyed.

His patience was almost exhausted.

It only wanted to slap Gong Ziliang to death and swallow those humans to eat its fill before returning to the Demon Realm to sleep.

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As for staying here…

Wu Zhiqi looked into the distance at the world covered in blood.

This world was soon going to become a land of death worse than the Demon Realm.

It was not interested in staying in such a place.


With a furious roar, Wu Zhiqi swung his thick arms and smashed the two rows of bulging muscles in front of his chest.

The aura of the Heaven Deity Realm mixed with killing intent spread out from its green demonic body.

Outside the Imperial City, the citizens’ faces were ashen.

Gong Ziliang narrowed his eyes.
He could tell that this demonic creature no longer had the patience to waste time with him.

He released the cultivators in the Netherworld Divine Palm Divine Power Space.

Gong Ziliang had his back facing them as he said, “Take the citizens outside the city and escape.”

In his calm voice, Gong Ziliang did not tell them that he could definitely deal with Wu Zhiqi.

Those cultivators also heard Gong Ziliang’s hidden meaning in his words.

Some cultivators originally had a lot of objections to Gong Ziliang.

They thought that Gong Ziliang had summoned this demonic creature and caused them to fall into a dangerous situation.

However, when they saw Gong Ziliang’s tall figure, compared to Wu Zhiqi, the spiritual qi was not powerful, but it blocked all the demonic qi in front of him.

Those cultivators were silent for a moment…

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Then, in unison, they bowed to Gong Ziliang.

Liang, this Extreme Realm Artifact is our sect’s trump card.”

“There’s no use keeping it.
I’ll give it to you today.
I hope it can be of help to you.”

The beardless old man, who had been charred black by the lightning previously, took out a treasure armor covered in spiritual qi from his storage ring.

Looking at the beardless old man’s pained expression, he wrapped the Extreme Realm Artifact in spiritual qi and sent it to Gong Ziliang.

Some cultivators could not help but gasp.

That was an Extreme Realm Artifact that was even more precious than a Heaven-rank artifact!

An ordinary medium-level sect had one that was enough to be the sect’s ultimate treasure!

However, now, the old man actually took it out and gave it to Gong Ziliang?

Immediately, everyone’s impression of the beardless old man changed greatly.

The two disciples standing behind the beardless old man also looked at their grandmaster in extreme admiration, feeling honored.

[Ding! Level 40 Attributeless Equipment (Green) detected.
Do you want to directly recycle it?]

However, Gong Ziliang, who was confronting Wu Zhiqi, did not hear what the old man said.

After hearing the notification from the system, he subconsciously clicked on recycling.

Seeing the Extreme Realm Artifact he had given Gong Ziliang disappear into thin air, the beardless old man was first stunned, but then he thought that perhaps Gong Ziliang had never seen an Extreme Realm Artifact and did not know how to use it.

Gong Ziliang did not want to show ignorance in front of so many cultivators, so he put it away.

He was about to explain the use of the Extreme Realm Artifact to Gong Ziliang.

Suddenly, his vision blurred…

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