Wherever it passed, be it the spiritual qi in the air or being attacked by Wu Zhiqi, the demonic qi that sealed the space exploded!

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When the sea of flames touched the fire pillar, the two extreme flames entangled and fell into an intense battle.

However, soon, the sea of flames formed by the fire lotus retreated under the impact of the pillar of flames.

The range quickly began to shrink.

Gong Ziliang was not surprised by this outcome.

It was indeed impossible for him to be Wu Zhiqi’s match with just a Fire Divine Power.

After all, the True Sun Fire, True Samadhi Divine Flame, Red Lotus Karmic Fire…

They were not real flames.

Instead, they were products condensed from the aura of the flames simulated by the Fire Origin Great Dao.

Their power was not even one ten millionth of those true flames.

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As long as Gong Ziliang continued to increase the Fire Divine Power, the simulated fire origin aura would increase.

When he could completely simulate the origin of fire, his Fire Divine Power would advance to the level of laws!

After witnessing the power of the Sword Law, Gong Ziliang looked forward to the day his Fire Divine Power increased to the Fire Law.

Of course.

The next step was to increase the level of the Fire Divine Power and open up a Divine Power World.

“There’s no hurry to increase the level of the Fire Divine Power.”

“I’ll raise the other four Intents to Divine Powers first.”

It was not that Gong Ziliang did not want to raise the Fire Divine Power to the next level in one go.

He really had a limited number of ingots.
Moreover, he had to keep them for Body Tempering and could not squander them casually.

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With a thought, Gong Ziliang opened the remaining four gift bags and clicked on the remaining four Intents.

In the next moment.

[Ding! Your Water Intent has been upgraded to the Water Divine Power!]

[Water Divine Power] Level 0: Upgrade Cost: 1 Million Ingots

[Ding! Your Wood Intent has been upgraded to the Wood Divine Power!]

[Wood Divine Power] Level 0: Upgrade Cost: 1 Million Ingots

[Ding! Your Earth Intent has been upgraded to the Earth Divine Power!]

[Earth Divine Power] Level 0: Upgrade Cost: 1 Million Ingots

[Ding! Your Metal Intent has been upgraded to the Metal Divine Power!]

[Metal Divine Power] Level 0: Upgrade Cost: 1 Million Ingots

Another series of notifications sounded.

At the same time, the four auras of water, wood, earth, and metal directly broke through the peak of Intent on Gong Ziliang’s body, emitting an aura that was as powerful as the Fire Divine Power.

From the Five Elements Intent, they had been upgraded to the Five Elements Divine Power.

There seemed to be only a few words of difference.

However, in fact, there was a difference between heaven and earth.

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“I originally wanted to get along with you as an ordinary person, but you actually became distant.”

“Forget it, I won’t pretend anymore.
I’ll lay my cards on the table.
I’m a pay-to-win player!”

As soon as Gong Ziliang finished speaking, the five Divine Powers were activated to the extreme at the same time.

The Fire Divine Power condensed into a seven-colored fire lotus.

The Water Divine Power condensed into a surging river.

The Wood Divine Power condensed into a tree in the eternal blue sky.

The Earth Divine Power condensed into a vast land.

The Metal Divine Power condensed into a trillion divine weapons.

Just as the Five Elements Divine Power appeared around Gong Ziliang…

[Ding! New product in the Gift Bag Shop! The $649 Divine Power Fusion Pill Gift Bag is online! It contains 1 Divine Power Fusion Pill+100,000 ingots!]

Divine Power Fusion Pill?

This name was so familiar!

He seemed to have heard it before?

Suddenly, Gong Ziliang recalled.

Previously, he had bought the Intent Fusion Pill Gift Bag to fuse the Five Elements Intent.

Therefore, now that the Five Elements Intent had increased to the Five Elements Divine Power, he still had to buy another gift bag?

If Gong Ziliang remembered correctly, the Intent Fusion Pill Gift Bag had cost him $648.

The Divine Power Fusion Pill Gift Bag this time was even more expensive?

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Gong Ziliang was shocked by the system’s operation.

Damn it, how could there be such a thing?

On the other side, when Wu Zhiqi saw the Five Elements Divine Power circulating around Gong Ziliang, his eyes revealed a trace of fear.

Immediately, Wu Zhiqi noticed that Gong Ziliang was standing there with a shocked expression.
He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, thinking about something.

While Gong Ziliang was stunned, Wu Zhiqi turned his head and drilled into the crack in the sky above.

“Oh? This demonic creature wants to escape?”

Gong Ziliang immediately recovered from his shock.
After discovering Wu Zhiqi’s goal, he immediately refused.

He had been played by Wu Zhiqi like a monkey just now.
It was not easy for him to get a pile of gift bags.
Before he could show his strength, Wu Zhiqi wanted to run?

How could there be such a good thing?!


Looking at Wu Zhiqi’s back that was inadvertently exposed to him,

Gong Ziliang’s anger at the system for having nowhere to vent immediately found a breakthrough.

The corners of his mouth curled up into a sinister smile.

“Stupid monkey, eat my Thousand-Year Kill!”

With a loud shout, although Gong Ziliang could not afford the Divine Power Fusion Pill Gift Bag, with his control of the five elements, he forcefully formed the five Divine Powers into a huge ball of light that smashed towards Wu Zhiqi’s butt.

Before throwing the ball of light, Gong Ziliang activated the Myriad Star Technique.

Under the eight times increase, the ball of light carried a whistling sound that tore through the void.
It struck Wu Zhiqi’s vital points like a comet.

Wu Zhiqi was agile.
Half of his demonic body had already quickly crawled into the crack.

Suddenly, a chill rose from its mind and spread throughout its body in the blink of an eye.

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Before Wu Zhiqi could react, something happened.

A tearing pain came from that part of its body, as if it wanted to tear its demonic body and soul apart.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

In an instant, an extremely tragic cry sounded from Wu Zhiqi’s sharp mouth.

The terrifying sound wave spread for thousands of miles and showed no signs of stopping.

When the people who had retreated a hundred miles away from the Imperial City heard Wu Zhiqi’s tragic cry, their expressions immediately changed.

However, soon, they discovered that something was amiss.

“This cry… seems to be made by that demonic creature?”

Liang is so powerful.
He can even subdue that demonic creature!”

“Eh, why does this voice sound a little similar to what I heard at the brothel the day before yesterday?”

A prince who often hung around the brothel revealed a puzzled expression.

Hearing his words, the few people who were originally gathered around him hurriedly jumped away with frightened expressions.

At this moment, in the sky above the palace that had turned into scorched earth.

The sound wave of Wu Zhiqi’s tragic cry shattered a large area of the void.

It made its demonic body fall, smashing a huge pit with a radius of ten thousand feet on the ground.

Gong Ziliang stood on the cloud and looked down at the deep pit.

The ten thousand feet tall demonic body of Wu Zhiqi bent in the opposite direction like a bow.

Its two ape palms were firmly covering a certain part of its lower body behind it, and it was still emitting muffled sounds from time to time.

This appearance made Gong Ziliang feel a little unbearable.

Then, Gong Ziliang decided to attack first.

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