The anger that was brewing instantly disappeared without a trace.

This was not because he was a saint.

However, although this blood rain was said to be a calamity, it was really related to him.

If not for him killing the Ultimate God, those commoners would not have fallen to such a state.

Gong Ziliang would not shirk his responsibility.

“This matter started because of me.
I should deal with it.”

As he muttered, Gong Ziliang’s gaze landed on the 10 million ingots that he had just exchanged for in the system.

Originally, he was still hesitating if these ingots were used to increase the level of a Divine Power or to temper his body.

Now, he had a decision.

Opening the Body Tempering interface, Gong Ziliang saw the information of the Divine Body:

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< New > Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body

Level: 66

Attribute: Attack+200%, Defense+100%, Elemental Damage+100%…

Special Attribute 1: (Left Hand – Divine Dragon Power)

Special Attribute 2: (Right Hand – True Phoenix Power)

Originally, after gathering the power of the True Dragon and Phoenix and completing the eighth-stage Body Tempering, the Divine Body condensed by Gong Ziliang should have been the Ancient Dragon Phoenix Body that was ranked tenth on the Divine Body Board.

However, in the Primordial Dynasty, he had absorbed the power of faith of billions of people in the Primordial Dynasty and evolved the Ancient Dragon Phoenix Body into the Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body that was not recorded on the Divine Body Board…

Then, Gong Ziliang opened the content of the next stage of Body Tempering.

[Ninth-stage Body Tempering] (Preview)

Divine Body: Origin Body

Introduction: A Great Dao Body nurtured by the Supreme Heavenly Dao.
When formed, there is a certain chance of obtaining the accompanying laws.
A Small Success Origin Body can challenge Connate lifeforms.
A Great Success Origin Body can kill gods with its body!

Materials required: 1 Divine Dao Divine Spark or 1 Immortal Dao Immortal Seal + 10 million ingots.

Even if Gong Ziliang had already seen this content previously, at this moment, he saw the introduction of the Origin Body on the system interface again:

There was a chance of obtaining the accompanying laws when nurtured by the Supreme Heavenly Dao.

A Small Success Dao Body could challenge a Connate lifeform.

With a Great Success Dao Body, he could kill gods with his body.

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Gong Ziliang, who understood the meaning of these words, was still deeply shocked.
His mind felt like it had been ruthlessly attacked.

As long as he formed this Origin Body, his body would immediately become a deity.

The providence it brought was enough to offset the divine punishment of killing the Ultimate God.

In comparison, the 10 million ingots needed to refine the ninth-stage Body Tempering, as well as the Divine Dao Divine Spark or Immortal Dao Immortal Seal,

in Gong Ziliang’s opinion, was simply a reasonable price.

At this moment, he already had 10 million ingots.

He happened to have a Divine Spark that had fallen after the Ultimate God was killed.

He took out the Divine Spark nurtured in his soul.

The palm-sized Divine Spark had little divine force left.

It made the Divine Spark illusory, as if a gust of wind could disperse it.

The golden symbol in the center of the Divine Spark was extremely condensed and emitted an extremely profound aura.

“Using your Divine Spark to help me complete the ninth-stage Body Tempering and forge my Origin Body to eliminate the divine punishment, this is very reasonable.”

After Gong Ziliang finished speaking, he said to the system calmly, “System, increase the Body Tempering level.”

As he sent a voice transmission, he gently tapped on the Body Tempering interface.

There was a bang.

The Divine Spark in Gong Ziliang’s hand directly shattered.

Be it Gong Ziliang’s soul prying or using the Sword Law, he could not discover the secrets of the golden symbols on it.

At this moment, in his palm, it was slowly broken down into billions of golden particles by an invisible force.

Every particle emitted the aura of the Great Dao.

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