Gong Ziliang injected his mind into the statue in the scene.

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In the next moment, he suddenly felt like he was in the sky above Tong City.

Then, Gong Ziliang saw the stunned commoners in front of the ancestral hall of Tong City.

His spiritual sense spread out.
As his vision increased, Gong Ziliang quickly discovered that other than those cultivators, most of the people in Tong City were unscathed.

The other commoners were almost covered in injuries.

It was fine with the medical hall.

If he could not let go, he would casually lie by the roadside.

“This blood rain is really a calamity!”

Gong Ziliang frowned and muttered.

Then, he sent his mind into the other images and saw that the situation in those cities was even worse than Tong City.

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Immediately, his mind split into thousands of thoughts.
He controlled the statues in the cities and used the Wood Divine Power to treat the injuries of the commoners in the cities.

As for the cities where the statues were destroyed, Gong Ziliang only dispersed the blood rain.

Although those citizens were bewitched to attack the ancestral hall, Gong Ziliang was not a saint.

He would not waste his effort to treat those people after they shattered his statue.

“Ah, my leg.
My leg has recovered.”

“My arm doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Look, my finger has grown back…”

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As the Wood Divine Power attracted the wood attribute spiritual qi in the world, it transformed into a green light that covered the cities.

Countless commoners immediately seemed to have eaten a spirit pill, and the injuries on their bodies healed at a visible speed.

Not only that…

Even some of the illnesses that had been plaguing them for countless years recovered immediately.

Looking in the direction of the green light, it was Gong Ziliang’s ancestral hall.

Immediately, countless commoners in the city immediately knelt on the ground.

“God, God Liang has clearly appeared.
He dispersed the blood rain and even treated our injuries!”

“We almost offended you previously.
Please forgive us!”

“I remember now.
It’s that little bastard from the Liu Family.
He personally told me that it was because God Liang killed another god that blood rained down.”

“Damn it, you actually dare to deceive me.
Our Monet Dynasty only has one God Liang.
How can there be other gods? When I return, I’ll definitely break his legs!”

“Father, Father, I’m fine.”

In front of the ancestral hall of Tong City, a rough voice suddenly sounded from behind the commoners who were kneeling on the ground.

A burly man carried a few years old child in his hand.
His bronze face was filled with excitement as he shouted and ran over in large strides.

Old Man Zhou, who was kneeling behind the Tong City magistrate, heard a familiar voice and suddenly stood up to look.

When he saw that his good grandson was about to be thrown out at any moment, he was immediately furious.
He took off his straw shoes and was about to smash them on the man who had run in front of him.

However, he saw his grandson raise his head and reveal a red face.

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Elder Zhou threw away the straw shoe and snatched the child away.
He pressed his head to the ground and knelt, continuously saying, “Child, quickly kowtow to God Liang.
It was God Liang who saved you!”

The child was confused.
After being pressed down by Elder Zhou and kowtowing a few times on the hard stone slab, just as he was rubbing his head, he suddenly saw the figure in the golden light in front of him smile at him.

Gong Ziliang treated the injuries of the commoners in those cities.
Even his ninth-stage Body Tempering body felt unbearable.


He exhaled the turbid air in his chest and put away the Wood Divine Power.

In the next moment, boundless power of faith surged majestically from the hundred cities of the two prefectures and fourteen provinces of the Monet Dynasty and poured into his body.

However, Gong Ziliang recalled what he had said about the power of faith before killing the Ultimate God.

After thinking about it, he temporarily sealed the power of faith and did not absorb it.

Then, he used the Illusory Shattering Golden Eyes.

His golden eyes saw that although the blood rain in the outside world was still falling, the rain had already changed from overwhelming to drizzling.
It was about to stop.

Moreover, Gong Ziliang saw that the black matter that scattered from the dark clouds had already disappeared.

The polluted earth veins were also gradually recovering.

Before long, the Monet Dynasty would recover its vitality and nurture more blessed lands.

The source of all of this was naturally the powerful providence brought about by Gong Ziliang forming his Origin Body to eliminate the divine punishment of killing the Ultimate God.

Retracting his gaze, the calamity of the Monet Dynasty was finally over.

Gong Ziliang did not need to worry about the rest.
Mo Zhongtian naturally knew how to deal with it.

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At this moment, Gong Ziliang opened the system interface.

[Gong Ziliang]

Current Level Experience: Level 76, 98%

VIP Level: 6

Ingots: …

Ignoring this unimportant information, Gong Ziliang directly opened the Body Tempering column.

The interface in front of Gong Ziliang disappeared along with the Body Tempering progress of the eight attributes from Iron Bones to Physical Sage.

On the huge interface, there was only the information of the Origin Body:

[Origin Body] Level 0

Introduction: Innate Great Dao Physique, comparable to the gods, above all Divine Bodies

The first line of words that greeted his eyes made Gong Ziliang exclaim.

It was comparable to the physique of a god and was above all Divine Bodies!

How domineering!

However, on second thought, Gong Ziliang recalled that when he was at the eighth-stage Body Tempering Realm, the Ancient Dragon Phoenix Body that he should have formed was already the peerless Divine Body that was tenth on the Divine Body Board.

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After absorbing the power of faith of the people of the Primordial Dynasty and evolving into the Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body, it was not inferior to the Divine Body that was ranked in the top five of the Divine Body Board.

As for now, the physique formed by the ninth-stage Body Tempering surpassed all the Divine Bodies.

It looked very terrifying, but when he formed the Dragon Phoenix Faith Divine Body previously, other than worthless materials like dragon horns and phoenix feathers, Gong Ziliang had only spent 3 million ingots.

This Origin Body had exhausted all 10 million of his ingots as soon as it appeared.

With such a huge difference, it would be ridiculous if it only formed an ordinary body.

When he thought of ingots, Gong Ziliang’s heart skipped a beat.
He immediately did not dare to continue looking.

With an uneasy mood, Gong Ziliang looked at the next line.

When he saw the words “Upgrade Cost: 1 Divine Crystal”, he was relieved that the system did not continue to increase the ingots needed for Body Tempering.

After all…

According to the nature of the system, just forming the Origin Body required 10 million ingots.

The subsequent increase was definitely higher than this number.

10 million ingots.

He had almost plundered all the gold reserves of the Monet Dynasty.

If the system raised the price again, Gong Ziliang really did not know if there was a better way to gather ingots that could increase his Origin Body in the short term other than robbing those dynasties.

However, soon, he was so worried that his head was about to fall.

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