He had consumed those high-level pills just now to raise his level to Level 80.

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In this case, the monsters of the gold farming event would also increase.
He could also obtain more vouchers and gather the difference in price of the Maximum Weapon Level Pill Gift Bag in one go.


He looked at the black scorpions that crawled out of the yellow sand under his feet.
Every one of them was dozens of feet tall.

The black shell looked filled with an indestructible aura.

On the high tail, the scorpion needles flickered with a dark blue light.
Clearly, they were covered in poison.

Gong Ziliang revealed a knowing expression.

Then, he slashed out a sword qi that struck the shell of one of the scorpions.

[Desert Demon Scorpion]: 5 million health points!


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Seeing the Gold Farming Monster in the Level 70 dungeon, its health was more than twice as high as the Human-Faced Black Spider with 1.5 million health points at Level 60.

Moreover, his sword qi only caused more than 4,000 damage.
Gong Ziliang’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Although this sword qi was only transformed from pure spiritual qi and did not use the Sword Law and the power of the Origin Body, it was a true Spiritual Sea Realm attack!

In this case,

Even without considering if the spiritual qi could be supplied, according to the speed of one sword qi per second, he would need more than ten minutes to deal with a gold farming monster.

In an hour, he could deal with four or five at most.

According to his previous experience, if he was lucky, he could kill real gold farming monsters.

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Under normal circumstances, Gong Ziliang estimated that the income a Desert Demon Scorpion could bring him should be about $10.

In other words, he had first swallowed four high-level pills and earned gold for an hour.

In the end, the income was less than $100?

Could it not compare to those Human-Faced Black Spiders that he had farmed at Level 60?

This outcome was clearly not what Gong Ziliang wanted to see.

“Gong Ziwu!!”

With a light cry, Gong Ziliang summoned three swords.
After fusing them, he asked Gong Ziwu to find a Desert Demon Scorpion and slowly grind its blood.

“Five Elements Divine Power!”

Then, Gong Ziliang activated the Five Elements Divine Power and attacked the Desert Demon Scorpion that the sword qi had struck.






He saw the numbers rising on the Desert Demon Scorpion.

The Water Divine Power that was the weakest against the Desert Demon Scorpion could cause double the damage of the sword qi.

As for the Metal Divine Power and Fire Divine Power, they both dealt more than ten thousand damage.

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Gong Ziliang was still very dissatisfied.

With a step, he threw a punch.
With the flesh and blood poured into the Law of Strength, he smashed into the front claws of the Desert Demon Scorpion.

There was a bang.


A number close to 30,000 jumped out.

Even Gong Ziliang was shocked by the damage of his punch.

Although his punch was aimed at the weakness of the Desert Demon Scorpion, the damage of a punch was seven times that of sword qi.
This effect really exceeded his expectations.

“This is still the unranked Origin Body and the Law of Strength.
If it’s leveled up…”

Gong Ziliang’s eyes lit up with a hot light.
While the Desert Demon Scorpion was in pain and spitting out poison to retreat, he condensed a golden sword with the Sword Law and slashed at the place where the fist had struck.

There was a click.

The black pincer of the Desert Demon Scorpion was actually directly cut off by the Level 1 Sword Law.

At the same time, a scarlet number jumped out from the broken front limb of the Desert Demon Scorpion:


Seeing the power of the Sword Law, the damage increased by nearly 20,000 on the foundation of the Origin Body and the Law of Strength, Gong Ziliang no longer hesitated and directly bought a Divine Crystal Gift Bag.

[Ding! You have bought the $499 Divine Crystal Gift Bag.
499 charge points will be deducted.]

[Please click on the Gift Bag to check your items.]

Taking out ten divine crystals, his soul devoured them and absorbed the golden fog inside.
Gong Ziliang began to increase his Origin Body and the Law of Strength.

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[Spending 1 Divine Crystal to increase your Origin Body and the Law of Strength.]

[Spending 1 Divine Crystal to increase your Origin Body and the Law of Strength.]

[Spending 1 Divine Crystal to increase your Origin Body and the Law of Strength.]

Without stopping, he pointed at the Origin Body of the Body Tempering interface ten times in one go.

[Ding! Your Origin Body has been upgraded to Level 1.
The Law of Strength has also been upgraded to Level 1.]

[Upgrade Cost: 10 Divine Crystals]

Gong Ziliang ignored the notification that the system was continuing to increase the cost and directly looked at the attributes of the Origin Body:

[Origin Body] Level 1: Upgrade Cost: 10 Divine Crystals

Introduction: Innate Great Dao Physique, comparable to the gods, above all Divine Bodies

Special Attribute: Connate Dao Body, suppressing all enemies in the world.
Host will cause a suppression effect on living beings below Rank 1, reducing the enemy’s strength by 10%.
Every increase in the level of the Origin Body will increase the suppression effect by 10%.

[Law of Strength] Level 1: Upgrade Cost: 10 Divine Crystals

Introduction: Among the 3,000 laws, strength is first!

Special Attribute: The limit of strength that split apart the chaos, creating the world.
Host’s attack will cause a 10% penetration effect on living beings below Rank 1.
Every increase in the level of the Law of Strength, the penetration effect will increase by 10%.

Seeing the Level 1 Origin Body and Strength Law, Gong Ziliang was stunned for a moment.

The suppression effect of the former reminded Gong Ziliang that the “Azure Demon Belt” that dropped from Wu Zhiqi previously had a similar suppression attribute.

The suppression effect of the Azure Demon Belt could only suppress the blood of enemies whose levels were lower than Gong Ziliang.

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With Gong Ziliang’s foundation, it was not that he was bragging, but he could not find a match in the same realm.

As for those whose cultivation levels were lower than his, needless to say, they would only be instantly killed if they encountered him.

Therefore, the blood suppression effect of the Azure Demon Belt was completely useless to Gong Ziliang.

However, the suppression of the Origin Body was useful for living beings below the Rank 1.

In other words, as long as it was a living being below Level 100, even a peak Nirvana Realm cultivator would still be suppressed in front of him.

This effect was simply domineering and unreasonable!

Coupled with the Law of Strength, it did not have the same unreasonable penetrating effect on enemies below Rank 1.


Such powerful two attributes made Gong Ziliang feel satisfied.

In the next moment, Gong Ziliang’s amused gaze landed on the fleeing Desert Demon Scorpion.

“Tsk, where are you going, little guy? Take my Invincible Fist!”

With a loud shout, Gong Ziliang’s figure shot out like lightning.
His sandbag-sized fist smashed down on the other claw of the Desert Demon Scorpion.

The Desert Demon Scorpion was about to retreat.

Suddenly, a pressure that came from the level of life pressed down on Gong Ziliang.

Immediately, a trace of confusion flashed in the two black gem-like eyes of the Desert Demon Scorpion.

The demonic body that was dozens of feet tall stopped there in a daze and did not move.

In the next moment, there was a bang.

Gong Ziliang’s fist smashed into the huge claw that was hanging in the air.

The Law of Strength transformed into extremely pure power that poured out from his fist.

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