he Gold Farming Event dungeon, in the Monet Imperial City, a thousand miles of scorched land.

The demonic qi on the ground had unknowingly accumulated to a meter tall.

The vortex had already completely covered the location of the original palace.

At this moment, if anyone could enter the vortex, they would discover that behind the vortex was a world filled with sulfur and magma.

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Demons were soaked in the magma.

Its huge body was branded with dense divine patterns.

Every time they wanted to break free from the magma, the divine patterns would erupt with the terrifying power of wind, rain, lightning, and thunder, striking those demons back into the magma.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Just as the demons roared in pain, suddenly, a terrifying aura emitted from the depths of the endless magma.

In an instant, the demons outside suddenly fell silent.

All of them buried their bodies in the magma, only revealing their scarlet eyeballs as they looked straight into the depths of the magma world.

Soon, a knight covered in black demonic flames rode a warhorse that was also burning with demonic flames.
He stepped on the boiling magma and rushed over.

The strange thing was that neither the knight nor the warhorse he was riding had a head.

“Oh my god, it’s actually the Headless Demon General!”

“The aura of the headless Demon General is even stronger than the last time it appeared.
Could it be that it wants to condense its Demon Heart again and return to the high level?”

Looking at the headless Demon General that appeared, the demons cried out in surprise.

This headless Demon General was a terrifying existence that had almost killed a high-level second-stage god in the ancient era.

In the end, his head was cut off by the god and the demonic horse under him and sealed in this Lava Demon Realm.

His strength could not be underestimated.

The headless Demon General rode on his horse.
There was clearly no hole on his shoulder.

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However, the demons who had sunk into the magma could sense a cold gaze sweeping past their demonic bodies.

They were so frightened that they did not even dare to breathe loudly.
They sank the half of their head that was exposed into the magma and pretended to be dead.

Until the headless Demon General rode a headless warhorse and jumped into the vortex passageway in the sky of the Lava Demon Realm and left.

Those demons grimaced from the heat and raised their heads from the magma.

Looking at the vortex passageway where the headless Demon General had disappeared, their eyes revealed extreme yearning.

They knew that not only was the world where the headless Demon General was going filled with extremely delicious blood and food,

Moreover, the density of spiritual qi was far from what this extremely harsh Lava Demon Realm could compare to.

However, they also knew.

After the battle that affected the myriad worlds, those gods who were powerful enough to make the myriad races tremble in despair had already left that world.

However, at the same time, it isolated that world from the myriad worlds and transformed it into the paradise of the gods.

Only when a living being in that world violated the taboo of the gods and the Heavenly Dao so it needed to be killed would the will left behind by the gods in that world would randomly summon monsters from a Demon World.

As for demons like them…

As the loser of the ancient battle, they were sealed here by the gods.

Without a god to undo the seal for them, with their strength, let alone whether they could break the realm wall and cross the border to enter other worlds,

Even if they barely blasted open the realm wall, as long as they dared to take a step out of the Lava Demon Realm, the divine patterns seal on their bodies would directly erase their souls.

When the aura of the headless Demon General completely dissipated from the Lava Demon Realm…

“Roar, roar, roar.
I’ve already waited for 30,000 years.
Why isn’t it my turn to punish on behalf of the gods!”

A green-gray demon that seemed to have been piled up by rocks roared at the sky.

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