“Your body is strange…”

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The Demon General spoke hoarsely and found the reason.

Up until now, other than using his body to withstand the attack, the human opposite had used other methods.

After sensing this, disdain appeared in the Demon General’s eyes that were darker than the night.

Before being sealed, his body could fight a high-level second-stage god without being defeated.

If not for the despicable second-stage god using a divine artifact to cut off his head, the outcome would have been unknown.

In the thousands of years of being thrown into the Lava Demon Realm and sealed, although he had lost his head, this demonic body had been burned by magma and demonic flames day and night.
Even the Demon General did not know how powerful it was now.

It was also with such a powerful demonic body that he had beaten up countless demons in the Lava Demon Realm and occupied a spot.

In the next moment.

The Demon General stopped condensing the Demon Spear.
His palm that was corroded by the magma and poisonous flames of the Lava Demon Realm made a suppressing action towards Gong Ziliang.

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With a simple action, Gong Ziliang suddenly felt a ferocious force mixed with a domineering will that instantly pressed down on his body.

It made him feel like he had fallen into a swamp and could not move.

“A God Slayer is not tolerated by the gods!”

At this moment, when the Demon General opposite looked over, he spat out a string of words.

At the same time, the palm slowly raised again and slapped down heavily.

Demonic qi, poisonous flames, magma…

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This power was squeezed to the extreme by the Demon General’s Demon Body.
At this moment, under this palm, it erupted with extreme power.

It was pushed out by the Demon General.
Wherever it passed, the space of this world could not withstand it, and a void path more than a thousand meters long was forcefully pierced through.

At the end of the path, it pointed at Gong Ziliang.

After throwing out this palm and pouring out the power of the Demon Body, the Demon General no longer looked at Gong Ziliang.
He casually summoned demonic qi and prepared to condense a vortex passageway to return to the Lava Demon Realm.

In the Demon General’s opinion, Gong Ziliang’s body was indeed extraordinary.

He could maintain his advantage when facing his Demon Spear when his realm was suppressed.

Even the peak low-level lords of the Lava Demon Realm could not do this with their demonic bodies.

However, that was all.

The lower-level ants were shackles that they could never break through.

Now, although the Demon General had also fallen from his high position, the gods could cut off his head and shatter his demonic heart, his demonic body still retained the origin power that only high-level creatures could grasp.

Even if the peak existences of this world came and faced such power, there was no other possibility other than being suppressed.

Many thoughts did not stay in the Demon General’s chaotic consciousness for long.

He had come to this world to fight on behalf of the gods and kill the God Slayer.

If it was any other demon, they might want to stay here for as long as possible.

After all, the environment of the Lava Demon Realm was completely different from here.

However, the Demon General did not hesitate at all.
He only wanted to return to the Lava Demon Realm as soon as possible.

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30,000 years ago, he discovered the corpse of a high-level demon in the depths of the Lava Demon Realm.

What surprised the Demon General even more was that the high-level demon’s demonic heart still retained a trace of life.

He took off the demonic heart of the high-level demon and secretly refined it for 30,000 years.

Now, he was only one step away from fusing with the Demon Heart.

Once he succeeded, he could use this to return to the high level.

The divine pattern seals on his body would no longer pose a threat to him.

When he recovered his former cultivation, at that time, he could break through the realm wall and escape from the Lava Demon Realm to obtain true freedom!

When he thought of this, the Demon General could not wait and began to accelerate the condensation of the vortex passageway.



A sigh sounded from less than a thousand meters behind him.

The Demon General was slightly stunned.
He remembered that that location should be where the human was.

However, the problem was, shouldn’t that human have been blasted to pieces?

How could there be a commotion?

With doubt, the Demon General slowly looked in the direction of the voice.

He saw Gong Ziliang standing there unscathed, but his clothes had exploded.

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Gong Ziliang quickly took out a set from his storage ring and wore it.

The Demon General immediately could not react to the scene in front of him.

What had happened?

Why was this human still alive?

Even those demons below the Great Lord level in the Lava Demon Realm should have been smashed to pieces after suffering the palm strike that had fused with the origin power of his demonic body!

Just as the Demon General was puzzled…

Gong Ziliang revealed a happy expression.

The palm strike of the Demon General just now was extremely terrifying.

Apart from the world-destroying method that erupted from the Heavenly Dao in the Azure Province in the Primordial Dynasty,

it could already be considered the strongest attack he had faced in his life!

Fortunately, his Origin Body had already increased to Level 1.

Even the power of the Demon General’s Demon Body was resisted safely.

Not only that, but Gong Ziliang surprisingly discovered that his Origin Body had also absorbed the various powers contained in the Demon General’s palm.

It allowed his body to obtain resistance to those powers.

Coupled with the Myriad Transformations Technique, Gong Ziliang could even simulate the same move through the power absorbed by his Origin Body.

“Give him a taste of his own medicine!”

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“Could this be the true use of the Myriad Transformations Technique?”

A door seemed to have opened in front of Gong Ziliang.

He instantly deduced thousands of uses of the high-grade Yellow-rank martial technique, the Myriad Transformations Technique.

“Come, eat my palm too!” He shouted softly.

Gong Ziliang flipped his palm and slapped down at the Demon General.

It was the same palm strike.

He could not even tell the difference between them.

The power that was thrown out from Gong Ziliang’s palm shockingly contained surging demonic qi, magma, and the poisonous flames unique to the Lava Demon Realm.

At this moment, in the Demon General’s opinion, that was his other self attacking him.

However, the Demon General immediately sensed something.

Apart from the many powers he was familiar with, it was accompanied by an inexplicable suppression.

When he faced this palm, he had the illusion that he had once faced those higher-level gods.

The suppression that the Demon General felt was naturally the suppression attribute of Gong Ziliang’s Origin Body.

Although the former Demon General was a high-level creature, now, as a first-stage Divine Opening Realm cultivator, he was still suppressed by the status of the Origin Body.

“What a pity!”

Under the suppression of that aura, the Demon General could still remain calm.

However, the headless warhorse under him instantly became irritable.

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