to take the throne with the help of the “shattering heavens technique” and it would be a matter of course! Even that old forefather in the sea of consciousness realm couldn’t possibly blame him in any way.
The only thing he could do was to follow the trend of the people and let himself inherit the throne of the Pingjiang dynasty.
After carefully recollecting the layout in his heart and confirming that there were no mistakes, Yin Kun couldn’t help but become excited.
Even the grief brought by Yin Zhiping’s death had faded a lot.
“It’s a pity that I don’t know where that gongzi Liang is hiding.
” “Otherwise, we would have captured them all today!” Yin Kun was thinking.
Suddenly, the sky above them darkened.
“Eh? What was going on? Wasn’t it just daybreak? Why is it black again?” As Yi kun spoke, he raised his head in confusion.
At the start, Yi kun thought that it was dark.
However, when he raised his head, what he saw was a huge golden figure that covered the sky.
When Yi kun’s mouth was wide open, he saw the full appearance of the Golden figure.
Only then did he realize that it was actually a giant Roc.
Its two wings were as wide as the clouds in the sky.
When it flapped, the turbulence it stirred up easily tore the clouds in the sky apart.
He could feel the suffocating pressure from the Phoenix-winged divine Peng’s massive body.
Yi kun’s shocked eyes were locked onto the Phoenix-winged divine Peng and he was unable to move away.
He stood there, his mind completely blank.
After a long time, Yin Kun’s blocked throat finally regained its flow of breath.
He let out a low breath,””This … Where did this spirit beast come from?” “This kind of aura … I’m afraid he’s almost reached the sea of consciousness realm!” A spiritual beast in the spiritual ocean realm had suddenly appeared at this point in time.
Yi kun’s heart was in a mess.
Suddenly, Yi kun’s gaze caught sight of a figure sitting on the back of the Phoenix-winged divine Peng.
In an instant, Yi kun’s face was filled with disbelief.
It was not rare for cultivators to be able to control spirit beasts.
In the Pingjiang dynasty, there was a Beast Master School, and every disciple of the school had a spirit beast.
But! Using a spiritual beast in the spiritual ocean realm as a Mount.
Such an existence had completely killed off Yi kun’s imagination.
After all … The old ancestor-level powerhouses who suppressed the various dynasties were only at this realm.
Even the bi Fang dynasty’s heavenly God had a tribulation-stage flame Tiger as his Mount.
Didn’t that mean that the figure on the divine ROC’s back was even more powerful than the bifang Empire’s sky celestial? “Nirvana … Nirvana stage!” “Could this be a Nirvana stage old monster?” The last sentence, Yin Kun only dared to shout it out in his heart.
He was afraid that if he said it, it would fall into the ears of the person on the back of the divine ROC in the sky.
He was afraid that the other party would hate him and kill him with a single gaze.
Immediately, Yi kun thought of more.
Even the bi Fang Empire couldn’t order a Nirvana-level powerful being around.
Unless it was a higher level Holy Land or ancient orthodoxies, there would only be a few of them, but they would not appear easily.
Most of them were used as the foundation to suppress the forces.
Now that a Nirvana stage old monster had appeared here, the first thing that came to Yi kun’s mind was the nine Dragon sanctuary, which was the closest to the bifang dynasty.
The reason why Yi kun knew about nine Dragon Holy Land wasn’t because of his identity, which allowed him to come into contact with such a force.
However, a few years ago …

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