Ping xinghun came back to his senses and his expression changed drastically when he saw Yi kun charging towards him.
The spiritual power of the sea of consciousness realm was subconsciously directed at Yin Kun.
Luckily, ping xinghun saw the handkerchief that Yin Kun took out in time.
When he saw Yi kun’s Python robe, he finally remembered Yi kun’s identity and hurriedly retracted 90% of his strength.
Even so, the spiritual energy was not something that only Yi kun, who was in the Tribulation passing realm, could withstand.
“Ah!” “Ah!” With a scream, Yi kun, who had just stepped into the hall, turned into a human cannonball and flew back at a faster speed.
Just as he kept the Phoenix-winged divine ROC into the system, he suddenly saw Yin Kun being sent flying.
Gong Ziliang quickly used his spirit energy to stop Yin Kun.
Yi kun still had several large spirit stone mines and more than 20 medium-sized spirit stone mines.
If he were to die just like that, it would be a huge loss to Gong Ziliang.
After dispelling the spirit energy from Yin Kun’s body, Gong Ziliang walked into the hall with a cold expression.
Ping xinghun’s gaze had been fixed on Gong Ziliang ever since he made his move.
When he saw Gong Ziliang walking into the main hall with an unfriendly expression, his heart skipped a beat.
In his eyes, Gong Ziliang’s cultivation was only at the beginning of the sea of consciousness realm, not even at the graded level.
However, to be able to ride on a spiritual beast of the spiritual sea realm, no matter how stupid ping xinghun was, he wouldn’t treat Gong Ziliang as an ordinary spiritual sea realm cultivator.
After some thought, ping xinghun decided to lower his stance and spoke first,”Fellow Daoist …” “Who is your fellow Daoist?” “Do I know you? You’re just randomly trying to establish a relationship with this Lord!” Gong Ziliang retorted angrily.
After all, his spirit mines had almost been destroyed by ping xinghun.
Ping xinghun was embarrassed after being rebuked by Gong Ziliang out of the blue.
As the ancestral patriarch of the Pingjiang dynasty, he was not just a sea of consciousness realm expert.
At the same time, he also represented the prestige of the Pingjiang dynasty! Now, a junior who didn’t even look as old as his grandson was using such a disrespectful tone to rebut him.
If he didn’t show some attitude, people would think that he, patriarch star soul, and the Pingjiang dynasty were pushovers.
However, before ping xinghun could get angry, a figure appeared from the side.
It was Yin Kun.
When he saw Gong Ziliang’s gloomy expression earlier, he realized that something was amiss.
And when ping xinghun had bumped into the muzzle of the gun and was rebuked by Gong Ziliang, he was about to explode.
As Yi kun thought of the consequences of angering this Nirvana stage ancestor, he immediately forgot all the pain he felt from ping xinghun’s attack.
He rushed forward and covered ping xinghun’s mouth.
At this moment, ping Xiu finally linked this pig-headed face in front of him to the country guarding Duke, who was always at odds with him in court.
However, when he saw that Yin Kun had the audacity to cover ping xinghun’s mouth, he was both shocked and furious.”Yin Kun … What are you doing?” “Quickly release the ancestor!” In terms of cultivation, ping Xiu, who had reached the peak of the sea of consciousness with his divine Dao techniques, had long surpassed ping xinghun.
However, in ping Xiu’s heart, ping xinghun would always be The Guardian of the ping Jiang dynasty! He would not allow anyone to offend ping xinghun! When Yi kun heard ping Xiu’s words, he couldn’t help being stunned.
The hand that was covering ping xinghun’s mouth lifted up and pointed at Gong Ziliang.
He asked,”Brother Wang, don’t you know this Nirvana stage Grandmaster from nine Dragon sanctuary?” Nine Dragon sanctuary! A Nirvana forefather! These words seemed to have magical power.
The moment it jumped out of Yi kun’s mouth, the air in the entire Hall seemed to be sucked away by some kind of great divine power.
Other than Gong Ziliang, everyone else held their breath.
His pupils contracted to the size of needle tips as he looked at gongzi Liang.
His eyes were filled with countless complicated emotions.
Shock, horror, disbelief … ‘Holy Land’.
The meaning it represented was known to all the people in the hall.
It was a force that was even above the Imperial court! A powerful figure who ruled a large region! Nine Dragon sanctuary.
Everyone was even more familiar with this.
After all, the Holy Son who had the nine Dragons heaven swallowing body had defeated the sea of consciousness patriarchs of the various dynasties with his tribulation passing realm cultivation.
In the end, even the bi Fang dynasty’s sky celestial realm ancestor could not suppress The Fiend.
It was from the nine Dragon sanctuary! But at this moment.
The one standing in front of them was not the nine Dragon Saint son.
It was a Nirvana stage ancestor! A Nirvana realm warrior from the nine Dragon Holy Land! He connected these two words together.
Mo Zhongtian, who had been pulled back by Xing Feng and protected behind him, was completely pale.
In his mind, only one thought was left.
Ping Xiu actually knew the Nirvana forefather of nine Dragon sanctuary! Even though mo Zhongtian subconsciously refused to accept the reality in front of him.
Ping Xiu’s status was noble.
However, the monarch of a dynasty and the Nirvana forefather of a Holy Land … The difference between the two was like heaven and earth, cloud and mud! However, mo Zhongtian immediately thought of the strength of the peak of the sea of consciousness realm that he had displayed before the rest.
Not to mention the Monet dynasty.
Even the various dynasties under the bi Fang Empire had never seen a monarch who could reach such a cultivation level.
Moreover, it was under the watchful eyes of the bi Fang dynasty’s celestial God Realm ancestor.
“It turns out that the force behind you is nine Dragon Holy Land!” “No wonder you could reach the peak of the sea of consciousness realm.
No wonder you dared to take the risk of being suppressed by the bi Fang Empire and attack the Monet Empire …” Mo Zhongtian understood everything.
After understanding it, what he got in return was endless despair.
Behind him stood a Holy Land, and the resting of a Nirvana stage ancestor.
What could he use to fight for it? With what? In his moment of despair, the image of Gong Ziliang suddenly appeared in mo Zhongtian’s mind.
However, mo Zhongtian soon revealed a bitter smile.
Gongzi Liang’s talent could be said to be terrifying.
Mo Zhongtian still could not see the upper limit of gongzi Liang’s abilities.
Whether it was the Holy Son of the Azure water Dao sect or the elder of the spiritual ocean realm.
Or reverent-god level.
Any one of these people was a person with great magical abilities that could intimidate an area! However, they fell at Gong Ziliang’s feet one after another.
It was as if there was no enemy that young master Liang could not defeat in this world.
However, if the one in front of him was the Saint son of the nine Dragon Holy Land … Mo Zhongtian even felt that Gong Ziliang had a chance to continue his undefeated streak.
But … His rationality reminded him again and again.
The person standing in front of him now was not the elite of the Azure water Dao sect or the sea of consciousness realm elder.
He wasn’t a reverent-God who had fallen into the mortal world after sleeping in the void Thunder for tens of thousands of years and had less than one percent of his strength.
He was a Nirvana patriarch who stood at the peak of cultivation in this world! 

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