Chapter 50: This Dog System Is Trying to Scam Money Again!

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After some thought, Gong Ziliang decided to take down the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike that no one had learned.

After walking through the entire outer sect’s Scripture Depository, with the 1,000 contribution points that he had, only this martial technique was suitable for him.

“Outer sect disciple Gong Ziliang, 1,000 sect contribution points will be deducted in exchange for the low-grade Yellow-rank martial technique, Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike (Incomplete).
Are you sure?”

When he saw Gong Ziliang exchange this dusty, low-grade Yellow-rank booklet, the deacon of the outer sect’s Scripture Depository was slightly surprised.

He had watched over the outer sect’s Scripture Depository for a long time.
In all these years, he had never seen anyone exchange for this incomplete martial technique.

Although the mastered Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike was powerful, the conditions to learn it were very harsh!

Just learning this martial technique required reaching the Martial Intent level of the Dragon Roar Fist Technique.
That had already dissuaded most people.

If the Dragon Roar Fist Technique had reached the level of Martial Intent, this cultivator’s realm was definitely not low.
Then, how could he fancy this low-grade Yellow-rank martial technique? Moreover, it was an incomplete book!

Therefore, when the deacon saw Gong Ziliang walking over with this martial technique, his expression was that of surprise.

He thought: Did this disciple not read the introduction of the martial technique?

“Confirm!” Gong Ziliang said.

The Scripture Depository Deacon’s heart skipped a beat.
He asked kindly, “Did you see the introduction of this incomplete martial technique? The Dragon Roar Fist Technique can only be learned by those who have reached the Martial Intent level.
You have to think twice!”

The Scripture Depository Deacon was kind.
After all, 1000 sect contribution points were not easy to come by.
If he spent so much to exchange for it but could not learn it, this disciple would probably want to die!

“I’ve already confirmed it three times.
Thank you for the reminder.
Don’t worry, I’ve long cultivated the Dragon Roar Fist Technique to the Martial Intent realm and can learn the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike.” Gong Ziliang smiled lightly.

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These words directly shocked the Scripture Depository Deacon.
He revealed a surprised expression and said in surprise, “What! You’ve already learned the Dragon Roar Fist Technique to the level of Martial Intent at such a young age? This…”

The Scripture Depository Deacon sized up Gong Ziliang in surprise.
This outer sect disciple in front of him was only at the second-stage Qi Refinement Realm, but he could comprehend the Dragon Roar completely.

When he thought up to here, the Scripture Depository Deacon laughed and lightly patted Gong Ziliang’s shoulder as he said, “Alright! The younger generation will surpass the older generation.
Our Profound Heaven Sect has produced many geniuses.
Not bad, not bad!”

“I have to thank everyone for their care.” Gong Ziliang replied politely.

“Good, good, good! 1,000 sect contribution points have been deducted.
This is the martial technique jade slip that is prepared for the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike.
In a month, this will automatically be destroyed.”

Before he finished speaking, the Scripture Depository Deacon took out a spare jade slip from somewhere and handed it to Gong Ziliang.

In this book, it recorded the cultivation method of the low-grade Yellow-rank martial technique, the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike.

“Thank you!”

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Gong Ziliang praised and smiled as he received the jade slip before turning around and leaving.

The Scripture Depository Deacon stared at Gong Ziliang’s leaving figure.
The corners of his mouth curled up slightly and a smile flashed across his face.

Although this disciple had learned the Dragon Roar Fist Technique’s martial intent level, the difficulty of cultivating the incomplete Yellow-rank martial technique was too great.
This meant that he would most likely be far behind his peers.

Moreover, if he could not find a cultivation technique on the future path of advancement, this would be hopeless.
If he did not cultivate again, it was very likely that his life would be ruined!


What did this have to do with him?

This was the path of cultivation.
It was better to see his own luck!

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[Ding! You have a new skill that you have yet to learn.
Do you want to spend 100 ingots to learn it?]

As soon as Gong Ziliang left, he heard the system’s voice in his ears, so he was not surprised.

He spent 100 ingots to learn the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike.

Just as Gong Ziliang was about to upgrade his skill, he heard a new notification.

[Ding! The latest gift bag has just appeared.
What are you waiting for? Hurry up and buy it.
There won’t be such items in the future if you miss it now!]

[Skill Recovery Pill Gift Bag: 1 Skill Recovery Pill + 1 Skill Fragment + 1 Million Copper Coins!]

[Cost: $9.90.
It’ll be a huge loss if you don’t buy it.
A Skill Recovery Pill will let you directly repair any incomplete skill.]

At this moment, the corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth twitched.

Clearly, the Dog System was promoting the product the moment he needed it!

It was obvious that this Skill Recovery Pill could fix the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike.

Although he was a little tempted, he felt depressed when he saw that his $2.50 worth of vouchers was not enough to buy it.

If he could learn the Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike completely with just $9.90, his strength would definitely increase greatly.

However, he could not afford it.
This was very uncomfortable.

At this moment, the system’s notification sounded in his ears again.

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[Ding! System Shop has been refreshed!]


Oh right!

Gong Ziliang was slightly shocked.
He had almost forgotten that there was a Shop Function.

Previously, when he activated the system, this shop was empty.
Therefore, Gong Ziliang could not be bothered to look at it.
As time passed, he almost forgot.

As soon as he heard that it was refreshed, Gong Ziliang quickly opened the game’s store interface.

However, there was only one item hanging on it.

[Skill Recovery Pill Fragment: Gather ten pieces and you can fuse them into a complete Skill Recovery Pill.
(Price: 5000 ingots)]

[The next refresh time is: 23: 59: 59…]

Looking at this, Gong Ziliang instantly understood!

He had really understood everything!

This stupid system was really trying to scam him of his money!

Ten fragments was equivalent to a total of 50,000 spirit stones!

He could clearly spend ingots to purchase it in the store, but it still wanted to scam him into spending $9.90…


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What a stupid game with ridiculous paywalls!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang became vigilant.

This Legendary System was thinking of ways to cheat him of his money.
He had to think carefully when he spent money in the future!

5,000 ingots for one fragment meant 50,000 for the Skill Recovery Pill.
With the comparison of $9.90, Gong Ziliang felt that it was better to use ingots.

However, after thinking about it, it seemed that using the vouchers was more worth it.


Forget it!

In any case, neither the vouchers nor the ingots were enough now.
It should not take too long to save some spirit stones to recharge or slaughter a few chickens.

When he thought of this, Gong Ziliang took a deep breath.
When he exhaled, he roared, “Raise my Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike to the highest level possible! I, your father, have more than enough money! Hahaha!”

[Ding! Broken Army Swift Dragon Strike has reached Level 13.
After deducting 700,000 copper coins, there is still 4.35 million left!]

At this moment, in the outer sect courtyard of the Profound Heaven Sect, an old man with a long white beard and no cultivation was sweeping the pathway with an ordinary broom..


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