If the gods did not descend to the world, the man in front of him was a God! No matter how heaven-defying Gong Ziliang was, he would not have the slightest chance of winning against such an existence.
It was the same as mo Zhongtian.
The other people in front of him, including Xing Feng, were all trembling in their hearts.
In front of a Nirvana stage practitioner, no one could remain calm.
Especially Xing Feng.
Other than the sword, he had inherited almost all of his cultivation from patriarch liuyun.
He knew better than anyone how powerful a Nirvana stage practitioner was.
Even if he were to return to his former peak heavenly God Realm, he would still be instantly killed by the Nirvana stage ancestor.
“You mean this person is the Nirvana forefather of the nine Dragon Holy Land?” Just as mo Zhongtian and the others were in despair.
Pingxiu, who was pointed at by Yi kun, suddenly asked in a puzzled voice.
However, his suspicion did not come from Gong Ziliang’s identity.
It wasn’t that he believed in Yi kun’s character.
It was the Nirvana forefather from the nine Dragon sanctuary.
With such an identity, even if Yi kun made a mistake, no one would dare to fake it.
What he was puzzled about was that Yi kun had asked him not to know this Nirvana stage ancestor.
However, he really didn’t know anyone from the nine Dragon Holy Land! Even when the nine-Dragon Saint child had swept through the ten countries, ping xinghun was the only one who had left the Imperial City.
He had fought the Saint child outside the city and returned in defeat.
He had never even seen ping Xiu.
Seeing ping Xiu’s expression, Yi kun immediately realized something and his expression changed.
Could it be that he had been deceived? But why did this person pretend to be the Nirvana forefather of nine Dragon Holy Land to deceive him? No, it should be said, how did he dare to? Did he really think that the nine Dragon sanctuary, which had cultivated a devil like the nine Dragon Saint son, would not come to settle the score with him? Just as Yi kun was thinking, he heard ping xinghun’s cold voice,”Hmph, what Nirvana forefather from nine Dragon Holy Land? his cultivation is only at the sea of consciousness realm!” Sea of consciousness realm! That guy was only in the sea of consciousness realm? Yin Kun did not doubt ping xinghun’s words.
After hearing it, a sense of humiliation from being deceived instantly surged up.
He, the country guarding Duke of Pingjiang dynasty, was deceived by a conman in the sea of consciousness realm? Immediately, Yi kun’s eyes widened as he glared at Gong Ziliang.
“You, Who are you? Why did you impersonate the Nirvana forefather of the nine Dragon Holy Land?” Being glared at by Yi kun, gongzi Liang laughed.”When did I say that I’m the Nirvana forefather of the nine Dragon sanctuary?” Yi kun was stunned when he heard Gong Ziliang’s question.
After thinking about it, he realized that it was really as Gong Ziliang had said.
From the start, Gong Ziliang had not revealed his identity.
As for his identity as the Nirvana forefather of nine Dragon Holy Land, it was completely his own imagination.
This time, I lied to myself? The next moment.
He could feel the cold gazes from ping Xiu and ping xinghun, and they felt as if there were thorns on his back.
“Then why didn’t you explain clearly when I admitted my mistake?” Yin Kun immediately became angry from embarrassment.
Hearing this, gongzi Liang seemed to have heard an extremely childish statement.
He spread out his hands and said, “You’re stupid enough to admit that you’re wrong.
Do you still blame me?” “Do I have to explain to you even if you think I’m your father?” As soon as gongzi Liang finished speaking, a “pfft” sound could be heard from not far away.
Someone could not hold it in and burst out laughing in such a situation.
Ping Xiu and ping xinghun were both embarrassed, especially ping xinghun.
He had a ‘shut up’ look on his face, which made Yi kun want to dig a hole and hide in it.
However, Yi kun immediately recalled that he had been scammed of 90 million spiritual stones by this scammer.
Those spirit stones were the Duke Zhengguo’s mansion’s private collection for several years, all of their wealth! “I don’t care who you are, and I don’t care why you’re lying to me.” “Anyway, you have to return my spirit stones to me first!” Hearing this, Yi kun changed the topic back to the spirit stones.
The people in the hall could not keep up with his train of thought.
“Eh? Could it be that Yin Zhenguo was cheated of his spirit stones by this person?” “Haha, why is this guy as interesting as senior Jiang?” At this moment, mo Shaoyun laughed secretly.
After saying that, mo Shaoyun was stunned.
His gaze fell on the swindler that Yi kun had mentioned and he started to size him up.
The others were also reminded, and their expressions all fell on this sea of consciousness realm warrior of unknown origin.
“That’s impossible.
Mister Liang was only at the true martial realm before.” “How long has it been? no matter how monstrous he is, it’s impossible to say that he has advanced to the sea of consciousness realm in such a short time.” Very quickly, mo Zhongtian shook his head and said with a disappointed tone.
He was hoping that this person was Gong Ziliang.
However, the problem was that between the true martial realm and the sea of consciousness realm, there were still two major realms, the spirit-forging realm and the Tribulation-passing realm.
Not to mention mortals.
Even if a God descended to the mortal world, it would be impossible to make such a huge progress in just a few days.
Wasn’t this even more exaggerated than sitting on a rocket? Upon hearing mo Zhongtian’s words, the rest of the people came back to their senses and smiled self-deprecatingly, thinking that they had been led astray by mo Shaoyun and had been delusional enough to think that this person in front of them was gongzi Liang.
“Didn’t you say that you wanted to take out those spirit stones as ransom for your Royal brother?” “Don’t tell me that the friendship between you two brothers is all plastic?” Gongzi Liang mocked with a smile.
Yin Kun choked and suddenly realized that at this moment, he was actually being pushed into the fire.
If he denied what Gong Ziliang had just said, he might not even be able to get the spirit stones back.
However, the already precarious relationship between him and ping Xiu was about to break down.
However, to give away 90 million mind stones like this, Yin Kun couldn’t take this lying down.
“Oh, Brother kun has traveled thousands of miles to bring spirit stones to save me.
It’s very thoughtful of you.” “I remember that not long ago, brother kun complained to me that the Duke Zhengguo’s mansion’s spirit stones were not enough to make ends meet.
I believe you didn’t take out many spirit stones this time?” At this moment, ping Xiu’s sharp eyes looked over and he slowly spoke.
Yi kun was shocked as he heard ping Xiu’s implied meaning.
He could only endure the pain and squeeze out a smile,””Not … Not much, chengdi borrowed it from various sources.” With ping xinghun by his side, Yin Kun did not dare to put on the same attitude he had in the Imperial court.
Moreover, the Duke Zhengguo’s mansion’s spiritual stones had always been provided by the palace.
Even though it was under the Duke Zhengguo’s mansion, there were still some spirit stone mines.
However, there was a limit to the number of spirit stones mined each year.
Which meant that the 90 million spirit stones that Yi kun brought couldn’t be exposed.
Once he was investigated, no one would be able to say anything even if he was beheaded for this crime.

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