Afraid that ping Xiu would get to the bottom of it, Yin Kun quickly changed the topic back to Gong Ziliang, thinking that he had even given him a spirit mine.
“Good! I’ll give you the spirit stones as a token of my appreciation for saving brother Wang.
” “But you cheated me of my spirit mine.
How do you explain this?” Eh? He had cheated Yi kun’s identity and cheated him of a batch of spirit stones.
He even scammed a spirit mine? Instantly, everyone in the hall, including the people of the Monet dynasty and ping Xiu and ping xinghun … The gazes that landed on Yin Kun were like they were looking at a fool.
How could Yi kun not know that once these words were said, his country guarding Duke’s reputation would be destroyed.
However, the 90 million spirit stones were like meat buns to a dog.
They would never return.
He could not afford to lose that large-scale spirit mine.
Otherwise, even if she returned to the resting day and didn’t fall out with him … Without these spirit stones as a resource, he could continue to maintain his relationships with the court.
It wouldn’t be long before his Duke Zhengguo’s mansion would end up in a state where no one would care about it.
“Duke Yin’s words are wrong!” “That spirit mine is clearly a reward for you asking me to help you clear out the demonic beasts that appeared in the mine.” “How can you say that it’s a lie?” After gongzi Liang’s explanation, everyone immediately understood what was going on.
There was an 80% chance that Yi kun had misunderstood gongzi Liang’s identity and wanted to curry favor with him, so he offered a spirit mine.
As for the story about the demonic beasts appearing in the mine vein … Only a ghost would believe that a grand country guarding Duke couldn’t even deal with a few demonic beasts.
After understanding the reason, everyone couldn’t help but be suspicious of Yin Kun,” With the intelligence that this guy had shown, how did he survive until now in the position of the defender Duke? Or was he too kind during the break? At this moment, Yi kun couldn’t care about what the others thought of him.
His face, which had not gone down yet, turned red, either because of the blood clot or because of anger.”You! You! You …” “You’re being unreasonable!” Hearing this, gongzi Liang’s smile disappeared and he said seriously,””Duke of Yin, you can eat whatever you want, but you can’t say whatever you want.” “You asked me to deal with the demonic beast, and I’m taking the reward.
This is natural and fair.” “Where did this snatching and snatching come from?” Hearing Gong Ziliang’s words.
Yi kun only felt a clotted blood rush up to his head.
He was so angry that he shouted,”shut up!” “I made an excuse to get you to clear the demonic beasts in that spirit mine so that you could help me find traces of that gongzi Liang.” “It’s fine if you want to take the spirit mine, but you have to ask the people of the Monet dynasty to tell us where that young master is!” Young master Liang! These three words came out of Yi kun’s mouth and spread to the back of the hall.
Immediately, everyone’s expressions changed.
Mo Zhongtian and the rest looked over.
Xing Feng pressed down on the hilt of his sword, his sword intent fluctuating as he locked onto Yi kun.
Even ping Xiu’s expression was ugly.
This name had brought back bad memories.
“Oh, I know.” “You want to find senior Liang and take revenge for your son, right?” Mo Shaoyun reacted and laughed coldly.
The moment he finished speaking.
With a “clang,” Xing Feng’s sword intent was like a rainbow as it slashed towards Yin Kun’s body.
“Forefather, save me!” Yi kun shouted as he hid behind ping xinghun’s back.
Seeing this, ping xinghun’s face revealed his displeasure towards Yin Kun.
However, he could not just watch as the defender Duke of the Pingjiang dynasty was killed by Xing Feng in front of the palace.
With a wave of his robe, his spiritual power easily dispersed the sword intent.
Only when the sword intent completely dissipated did Yin Kun reveal his head.
“Many thanks, forefather.” After thanking ping xinghun and seeing that the latter didn’t want to talk to him, Yi kun didn’t mind.
He glanced at Xing Feng with lingering fear.
Although he was afraid, he knew that with ping xinghun here, his life would not be in danger.
Then, he straightened his back and said to mo Shaoyun,”So what if I am!” “That gongzi Liang harmed my Qilin ‘er.
When I find him, I’ll definitely skin him alive and pull out his tendons.
Only then can I appease the hatred in my heart and pay my respects to my son’s spirit in heaven!” After saying all this, Yin Kun still felt that it wasn’t enough.
Just as he was about to continue, he suddenly felt a chill on his neck, causing goosebumps to rise.
“Even if you can walk out of this Great Hall today …” “You will also die under my sword in the future!” The next moment.
Xing Feng’s voice carried a bone-chilling coldness as it entered Yi kun’s ears.
When he turned his head and met Xing Feng’s eyes, Yin Kun only felt a chill that almost opened his head.
At this very moment.
Even ping xinghun, who was at the sea of consciousness realm, was standing right beside him.
Yi kun couldn’t feel any sense of security.
Although Xing Feng’s aura was only at the Tribulation passing realm, which was the same as his own, he was still a cultivator.
However, the latter’s sword intent exuded a mysterious yet clear charm.
A brilliant sword intent was called a magical power! This was a sword cultivator who had grasped sword intent at the level of a divine power! In his mind, he suddenly understood.
A sword cultivator who had mastered the sword will of a divine power, even if he was only in the Tribulation passing realm.
However, if one wanted to assassinate someone, even if one was in the sea of consciousness realm, one would have to be on edge all day.
In the ping Jiang dynasty, there was only one person in the sea of consciousness realm.
Swallowing his saliva, Yi kun didn’t dare to look at Xing Feng again.
Ping xinghun thought about how Xing Feng had tried to destroy his own sword intent to protect mo Zhongtian.
He could not help but frown.
Yin Kun was targeted by such a crazy person, he could protect him for a while, but he couldn’t protect him forever.
Ping xinghun could not help but feel extremely curious about Gong Ziliang.
What kind of person could make Xing Feng treat him like this? He was thinking.
“Do you want to know where gongzi Liang is?” “You should’ve said so earlier, I would’ve told you.” The voice of the sea of consciousness realm cultivator suddenly rang out in the hall.
In an instant, everyone’s eyes in the hall fell on him.
“Do you know where Mr.
Liang is now?” Mo Zhongtian was pleasantly surprised.
However, he suddenly thought of something and his expression changed,””This … Senior, I can offer you three spirit mines, but please don’t tell Duke Yin about Mister Liang’s whereabouts!” In mo Zhongtian’s opinion, since Yi kun was willing to take out a large spirit mine in exchange for Gong Ziliang’s traces, he would not hesitate to use it.
He definitely had some methods to deal with Gong Ziliang.
Although he did not think that Yin Kun alone could pose any threat to Gong Ziliang.
However, the problem was that ping xinghun and ping Xiu were still in the main hall.
One of them was a patriarch at the sea of consciousness realm from the Pingjiang dynasty.
The other one was the monarch of the Pingjiang dynasty.
Although his cultivation had been sealed, once he recovered, he would be at the peak of the sea of consciousness! With their strength and the Pingjiang dynasty behind them … This energy was not something that Gong Ziliang could withstand! Moreover, Gong Ziliang had yet to show himself.
Mo Zhongtian thought that it was very likely that Gong Ziliang had paid a huge price for killing the Hierarch.
Under such circumstances, he had to protect Gong Ziliang’s whereabouts from being exposed.

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