ust now, I’ve been passed down the throne by my father, and I’m the monarch of the Monet dynasty!” “As for you, you’re just a state Duke.
Do you think you’re worthy of speaking to me?” “Get lost!” The word “scram” was like a slap to Yi kun’s face.
Although he didn’t hear any sound, a burning pain could be felt from Yin Kun’s swollen face.
They looked at mo Shaoyun in disbelief.
It was as if he couldn’t accept the fact that this young man in front of him had become the monarch of the Monet dynasty.
However, after realizing that the pingxiu and ping astral souls didn’t refute mo Shaoyun’s words … Yi kun had no choice but to accept this fact that sounded extremely absurd.
Immediately, Yi kun’s face turned cold as he said,””Hmph, so what if you’re the monarch of the Monet dynasty?” “If you can’t take out the spirit stones, are you going to force this scammer … Fellow Daoist to not tell him where gongzi Liang is?” Mo Shaoyun’s mouth twitched at Yi kun’s words and he said disdainfully,””No wonder I was cheated of my spirit stones and mine.
With your pig brain, I would feel embarrassed if I didn’t lie to you.” “Since I’m the Emperor of a dynasty, how can I only have spirit stones?” At this point, mo Shaoyun no longer paid any attention to the Furious Yi kun and turned to look at mo Zhongtian.
The hearts of father and son were connected.
Their eyes met.
Before mo Shaoyun could speak, mo Zhongtian already knew what his son was going to do.
“Yun ‘er, whatever you want to do, you can do it!” “Since I’ve passed the throne to you, I believe that the Monet dynasty will be better in your hands than in mine.” Hearing mo Zhongtian’s words, mo Shaoyun’s eyes started to water.
Mo Shaoyun sniffed and nodded at mo Zhongtian.
He then turned to the sea of consciousness realm cultivator and said,”senior, I’ll buy the information on senior Liang.” When he heard this.
On the side, a smile appeared on Yi kun’s swollen face as he waited to see mo Shaoyun make a fool of himself.
The Monet dynasty was the Pingjiang dynasty’s primary target.
They had long since learned everything about the Monet dynasty, including its power, resources, and soldiers.
Yin Kun could roughly guess how many spirit stones he could take out.
Unless mo Shaoyun slapped himself in the face and promised a non-existent number.
Otherwise, even if mo Shaoyun and Mo Zhongtian were squeezed dry, they would not be able to take out more than 170 million spiritual stones.
However, if mo Shaoyun really dared to do so, he would be able to expose his lies.
At that time, that scammer would definitely turn hostile.
Yin Kun was thinking.
Mo Shaoyun’s voice came into her ears,” “The reward is half of the Monet dynasty!” Mo Shaoyun’s voice was loud and clear! A few short words entered his ears.
Yi kun immediately stood there without moving, as if he had been cursed.
By the time they realized what was going on, mo Shaoyun had actually offered half of the Monet dynasty in exchange for a piece of information.
Yi kun’s gaze shifted from mo Shaoyun to mo Zhongtian.
His expression was full of doubt, as if he was saying,”your son is going to destroy your country.
Are you really not going to do anything?” However, what entered Yi kun’s eyes was mo Zhongtian’s smiling face as he looked at mo Shaoyun.
He seemed to be praising mo Shaoyun’s actions.
“Crazy! You father and son are both crazy!” “The Monet dynasty has two crazy sovereigns!” Yi kun’s hand trembled as he pointed at mo Zhongtian and Mo Shaoyun.

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