he latter was only a true martial realm cultivator.
However, since young master Liang could even kill a reverent-God, ping Xiu had no doubt that he could destroy the Pingjiang dynasty.
It seemed that mo Shaoyun was really not going to continue bidding.
Ping Xiu was completely relieved.
He turned to the sea of consciousness realm cultivator and said,””Fellow Daoist, if you feel that my conditions are suitable, could you please …” “Wait!” Before pingxiu could finish his words.
Mo Shaoyun interrupted him again.
“I’ll offer an Empire!” Mo Shaoyun’s calm voice came out of his mouth.
As it smashed into the air in the hall, it also ruthlessly smashed into everyone’s hearts.
Not half a dynasty, but another person! He didn’t even want the entire dynasty! The young master is kind! And the mountains and rivers are light! Yi kun stared at mo Shaoyun, trying to see something from his face.
However, mo Shaoyun immediately shut his mouth after he finished speaking.
He only used a pair of extremely determined eyes to look at that sea of consciousness realm, waiting for a response.
At the same time.
Ping xinghun’s Qi flow was in chaos.
The spiritual power that he had been holding back almost slipped out of his hand and destroyed the hall.
After suppressing his Qi, he looked at mo Shaoyun in shock.
In his mind, ping xinghun was filled with endless doubts.
What kind of magic potion did that gongzi Liang feed the third Prince? To be able to make him give up his Empire to protect that young master Liang? Immediately.
Ping xinghun quickly rejected the idea of Gong Ziliang trying to bewitch mo Shaoyun.
This was because ping Xiu had also offered ten state cities and a large number of spirit stones and spirit mines.
As he thought of this, ping xinghun quickly turned to look at ping Xiu.
His face was filled with shock, afraid that he would hear something from pingxiu’s mouth.
Fortunately, although ping Xiu’s face was gloomy, he did not continue to bid.
Ping xinghun heaved a sigh of relief.
It wasn’t that pingxiu didn’t intend to follow up with the price.
It was because mo Shaoyun had put the entire Monet dynasty on the line.
If he wanted to take out more than mo Shaoyun, it would not be as simple as giving a few more state cities.
That price was not much different from having gongzi Liang destroy the Pingjiang dynasty.
Of course, if the person that Yin Kun brought over was just an ordinary sea of consciousness realm cultivator, then it would still be fine.
However, the spiritual beast at the spiritual ocean realm that had been kept earlier undoubtedly showed that even if this person did not have a powerful force like the nine Dragon Holy Land behind him, he was definitely not someone that he and the Pingjiang dynasty could afford to provoke.
If he agreed to give him more conditions and didn’t agree, the consequences would only be more losses.
Thinking of this, pingxiu had already decided to give up.
He was prepared to follow the original plan and let ping xinghun capture mo Zhongtian and the rest.
This way, even if they couldn’t find Gong Ziliang’s whereabouts … After Gong Ziliang showed himself and went to the Pingjiang dynasty, he could still negotiate with him with these people.
He was thinking.
“The third Prince sure is generous.” “Oh, that’s not right.
I should be addressing him as monarch mo now.” The voice of the sea of consciousness realm cultivator suddenly rang out.
When he heard that person’s friendly attitude towards mo Shaoyun, ping Xiu’s heart sank.
He knew that he was going to lose to mo Shaoyun this time.
“However, I’m used to being free.
I’m neither good nor interested in governing a dynasty.” “I only like spirit stones that can be seen and touched.” “I’m sorry.
” However, the next moment.
When the voice of the sea of consciousness realm cultivator came.
Ping Xiu’s dim eyes were filled with extreme joy.

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