He had taken this portrait from a porridge shop when he entered the city.
The man on the screen was none other than gongzi Liang, who had resolved the blood rain yesterday and was regarded as a God by the entire Monet dynasty.
He was also the young master Liang that mo Shaoyun had wanted to protect even if it meant giving up his Empire! Ping xinghun opened the portrait and scanned it.
It was exactly the same.
The person in front of him was gongzi Liang! On the other side.
Mo Zhongtian and the rest were all waiting for peace to break and for them to walk out of the small world of divine powers.
After hearing the name that Yi kun shouted, he was surprised for a moment.
He raised his head and saw Yi kun’s back as he rushed forward.
When they saw the figure in front of Yi kun, everyone was stunned.
He rubbed his eyes and wondered if he was hallucinating.
“You dare to hurt Mister Liang? Have you asked the sword in my hand?” Until a bright sword light rose up, illuminating the cold air in the hall.
It also illuminated Gong Ziliang’s appearance.
The crowd also came to their senses in shock.
The young master Liang that they had been thinking about had really returned! “Stop!” He didn’t wait for Xing Feng’s sword light to stop Yi kun.
Ping xinghun’s spiritual power, which enveloped the hall, shattered the sword radiances.
Sensing the sword Qi and spiritual Qi fluctuations coming from behind him, Yi kun knew that with ping xinghun around, no one in the field could stop him.
As for whether or not he could get rid of Gong Ziliang, this was completely out of Yin Kun’s consideration.
After all, according to the information he had.
Back in Chai city, young master liangcai was only at the illusion core realm.
Even if he ate medicinal pills like a meal these few days, how much could he improve? True martial realm? Or the spirit-forging stage? However, he was a being who had condensed the spiritual Qi vortex into a divine fire.
Even a God-Ascension cultivator wouldn’t be able to fight back in front of him! With the intent to kill, Yin Kun’s boiling spirit energy had already flooded the area where Gong Ziliang was standing before he even arrived.
Upon seeing this scene.
Mo Zhongtian and the others widened their eyes.
Xing Feng’s sword Qi slashed out no less than ten million.
However, under the suppression of the level star soul, he could not even take half a step.
Yin Kun’s spirit energy started to boil.
The anger in Xing Feng’s chest was so intense that it could no longer be suppressed.
He was about to destroy his sword intent, break through the seal of his flat star soul, and rush over to take Yi kun down with him.
“Is that all you have? It’s not even enough to scratch my itch.
” A sneer came from the boiling spiritual energy.
Immediately, a palm extended out of the spiritual Qi and coincidentally landed on Yin Kun’s face.
In everyone’s eyes, it looked more like Yi kun had taken the initiative to use his face to hit the palm.
The next moment.
Everyone saw Yi kun’s body turn 360 degrees in mid-air and crash into the Golden Roof of the hall.
As he spun, Yin Kun kept spitting out his broken teeth and blood.
The scene was too beautiful to look at.
That was fast.
With a thump, Yin Kun’s entire body made a human-shaped dent on the Golden Roof of the palace.
If ping xinghun had not acted in time and used his spiritual energy to wrap around Yi kun … Otherwise, the Golden Peak would have been penetrated by this collision.
He was pulled down by ping Xing’s soul spirit power and fell back into the hall.
Yi kun’s head that was already swollen turned into a tragic sight.
However, at this moment, he could not care about his image.
His two red eyes were filled with the rage of a wild beast, and he only had Gong Ziliang in his eyes.
Realizing that there was something wrong with Yi kun, ping xinghun said in a low voice,”Yi kun!” He wanted to wake Yin Kun up, but Yin Kun’s back was facing him and he didn’t even turn back to look at him.
He was about to use his god art little world to keep Yin Kun in and let him calm down.
Suddenly, Yin Kun took out a yellow talisman and ignited it with his spirit energy.
“Men of sacrifice from the yin clan, activate the curse!” “Kill!” Yi kun shouted.
The fireworks ignited by the yellow talisman carried his voice and drifted dozens of miles away.
Ten miles outside South Peace City.
The men of sacrifice brought by Yin Kun immediately removed the daggers from their waists after receiving the message from the yellow talisman.
As he mumbled to himself, he swiped the dagger at his neck without hesitation.
“Pfft~” The cold blades of the daggers cut their throats.
The blood that gushed out of the wound was black in color.
At the same time, the life force in their bodies was like a pocket that had been torn open, rapidly disappearing.
They turned into threads of curse power, congealing into black snakes that ordinary people couldn’t see, and flew toward South Peace City.
In the main hall.
Just as Yin Kun lit up the yellow talisman, ping xinghun had already understood what Yin Kun was trying to do.
He immediately exclaimed,””Yi kun, quickly stop.” “The consequences of this heavenly Killing Curse aren’t something you can bear!” The words “heavenly Killing Curse” came out of ping xinghun’s mouth.
Mo Zhongtian and the others ‘expressions changed.
Curses were harmful to the heavens and could harm people, so it was hard to guard against them.
As such, it had always been rejected by the cultivation world.
Even the demonic cultivators who were despised by everyone would rarely cultivate it.
Mo Zhongtian and the rest had never heard of the heavenly Killing Curse that Yi kun was about to use.
However, the black snakes formed from the anger of the kamikaze Warriors outside the city followed the guidance of the yellow talisman and entered the Great Hall.
They all felt their blood run cold.
It was as if he was being stared at by some evil creature and could lose his life at any time.
“Old ancestor, ping ‘er is dead.
My spirit stones and spirit mine are all gone.” “After I go back, brother Wang won’t be able to tolerate me anymore.” “Rather than dying like this, I might as well use my old life to take revenge for ping ‘er!” “Old ancestor, Yi kun, I hope you can help me!” As the saying goes, when a person is about to die, his words are also kind.
Yi kun knew that since Gong Ziliang was here, it would be impossible for him to escape with ping xinghun around.
After gongzi Liang was dealt with, the people of the mo family in the main hall would become the prisoners of the Pingjiang dynasty.
At that time, the Monet dynasty would either become a vassal state of the Pingjiang dynasty.
They could either get rid of the mo father and son, and then the Pingjiang dynasty’s Armored Cavalry would trample over the Monet dynasty’s National Defense.
No matter what the result was, the Monet dynasty was already in the pocket of the Pingjiang dynasty.
When the Pingjiang dynasty annexed the Monet dynasty, they would definitely sharpen their blades and take advantage of the situation to sweep away the other dynasties.
To resist foreign aggression, one must first stabilize the internal situation.
Before they took action, any disharmonious voices in the Pingjiang dynasty would be wiped out by ping Xiu with iron and blood.
The Duke Zhengguo’s mansion behind him should be the first target to be found out.
This was also the reason why pingxiu had kept him until now.
Their purpose was to kill the chicken to warn the monkeys.
At that time, the Duke Zhengguo’s mansion, which had no spirit stones or spirit mines to win over the forces in the court, would be like a tiger without its claws and teeth, waiting to be slaughtered.
Hearing Yin Kun’s words, ping xinghun knew that he had already made up his mind and could not persuade him.

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