“Ah …” Sighing in his heart, ping xinghun’s spirit power isolated Xing Feng and the others, allowing Yin Kun to do whatever he wanted.
From ping xinghun’s silence, Yi kun understood the decision of this old ancestor.
As he guided the cursed black snake, he revealed a bitter smile.”Yi kun, thank you for your help, patriarch!” The voice fell.
His body suddenly exploded with a fierce aura.
Immediately, a cursed black snake that was several feet long condensed in front of everyone.
It stuck out its black tongue and circled above Yi kun’s head.
Two pitch-black gem-like eyes flickered with an intimidating light.
When they swept over the people in the hall, they suddenly felt like their scalps were about to explode and had goosebumps all over their bodies.
At the same time, a chill spread through his mind, and he felt as if he was about to collapse.
Fortunately, the eyes of the black snake quickly shifted from them to Gong Ziliang.
The moment he was targeted by the cursed black snake, Gong Ziliang’s soul was suddenly wrapped by a wave of negative energy.
The aura was about to drag his divine soul into an invisible abyss.
But suddenly, a familiar suction force emerged from gongzi Liang’s origin source body and sucked the aura away.
“What?” Gongzi Liang was surprised.
Not only could his origin source absorb the origin source of laws, but it could also absorb the power of curses? When Yi kun saw Gong Ziliang’s expression, he thought that Gong Ziliang had been scared silly by the cursed black snake.
Revealing a cruel smile, Yi kun said,””Gongzi Liang, when you killed my son, did you ever think that you would die in my hands one day?” “Haha, the heavenly Dao has a good reincarnation.
Who will the heavens spare?” Yi kun laughed loudly and waved his hand, commanding the cursed black snake above his head to bite at Gong Ziliang … “Hiss hiss hiss!” However, when he activated the spell and sent out the order … The cursed black snake on his head only flicked out its tongue and had no intention of moving.
“It seems that your heavenly Dao’s reincarnation will not fall on my head.” Childe Liang smiled.
He guessed that the cursed black snake did not dare to attack him because his body of origin had absorbed the aura from his divine soul.
Hearing Gong Ziliang’s words.
Yi kun’s expression was extremely ugly.
However, no matter how he tried, the cursed black snake on his head remained unmoved.
“Could it be that this person has something that the black snake is afraid of?” Yi kun’s heart sank as he thought of a possibility.
“Gongzi Liang, I didn’t want to use this item!” “But since you’re so insistent on dying, don’t blame me!” After saying this, Yi kun took out a strange-looking key.
“You … You actually brought this ominous thing out!” Ping xinghun looked at the key that Yi kun had taken out and instantly understood that the curse had not been activated on a whim, but had been premeditated.
Ping xinghun thought about what Yin Kun had said earlier, that the purpose of their visit was to rescue ping Xiu.
However, when he thought about Yin Kun’s actions, ping xinghun felt a chill down his spine.
At this time, how could he not think of it? Yi kun had set up a death warrior outside the city to activate the curse and had brought this ominous key.
She was also wearing a handkerchief.
This was clearly to curse pingxiu to death as well! After understanding this, ping xinghun could no longer say anything that he had intended to say to persuade her.
He saw ping Xiu and Yin Kun’s embarrassment in the past and only treated it as a dispute between the younger generation.
Who would have thought that the relationship between the two of them would be so bad to the point where they needed to fight to the death? However, ping xinghun knew very well that what the ping Jiang dynasty was about to do next would be extremely dangerous.
If it was him, he wouldn’t allow such an unstable factor like Yin Kun to exist.
Just as Yin Kun took out the key, ping xinghun was shocked.
Gongzi Liang’s origin source body exuded an intense desire.
This was a feeling that gongzi Liang had felt before when he was absorbing the demon General’s power of origin.
“Eh? Could that key be a divine artifact?” “Yi kun actually has such a good thing!” Gongzi Liang’s eyes lit up.
He already had the God-striking whip and the true red Dragon blade, as well as the void bangle that had yet to reach the maximum level.
However, who would mind having more of such a good treasure? Seeing the light in Gong Ziliang’s eyes, Yi kun could not help but sneer in his heart.
“You’re on the verge of death, yet you’re still coveting my treasure.
” “You’re just like that liar!” Thinking back to the scammer who had scammed him of 90 million spirit stones and a large spirit mine, Yin Kun was instantly enraged.
Furthermore, in order to obtain information about Gong Ziliang’s whereabouts, ping Xiu had even made an agreement to give the swindler ten state cities, one billion spiritual stones, and thirty large-scale spiritual mines.
This sum of money had simply allowed the swindler to earn a pot full of money.
“Eh? Could it be that the scammer knew this Gong Ziliang? Did they deliberately collude to cheat us of our resources?” Suddenly, a thought appeared in Yin Kun’s mind.
However, he didn’t have the time to think deeply about it.
After the cursed black serpent above his head absorbed the aura of the ominous key, it was still in a daze.
The snake’s body, which was only a few feet long, suddenly expanded to a few hundred feet.
For a moment, even this Hall could not accommodate it.
The cursed black snake’s aura was also extremely fierce.
If it was before, only mo Zhongtian and the rest were shocked.
But now, even ping xinghun’s expression turned serious.
It was obvious that he felt the pressure from the huge cursed black snake.
“Go to hell!” The next moment.
With Yin Kun’s loud shout, the cursed black snake no longer had any scruples.
It opened its bloody mouth, revealing its ghastly fangs as it tried to swallow Gong Ziliang.
“Senior Liang!” “Mr.
Liang!” “Young master!” “Good …” Different forms of address, but with the same sense of fear, came from mo Shaoyun, mo Zhongtian, Lin anruo and the others.
However, under the double suppression of ping xinghun and the cursed black snake, they were all pinned to the ground, unable to move.
He could only watch helplessly as the cursed black snake bit down on Gong Ziliang’s body.
Gongzi Liang seemed to be scared out of his wits.
He stood there unmoving, allowing the two rows of fangs of the cursed black snake to bite down on his waist.
He looked at the enemy who killed his son, who was about to die in the snake’s mouth.
The excitement that Yi kun had expected didn’t appear.
Only bean-sized tears flowed out of her eyes.
After it rolled to his mouth, Yi kun sobbed,””Son, did you see that? Father will help you … Huh?” Yi kun wanted to say that father had taken revenge for him.
However, just as he was about to say the word ‘enmity’, he suddenly saw a few black things fly out of the cursed black snake’s mouth.
It seemed to be the fangs of the cursed black snake? “Hiss hiss hiss!” The next moment.
A sharp hissing sound came from the cursed black snake’s mouth.
The thick body of the snake whipped the air randomly, making a terrifying Sonic Boom.
He seemed to be in great pain.
Seeing this scene, Yi kun was dumbfounded.

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