Seeing this scene, Yi kun was dumbfounded.
His Adam’s apple rolled, and with a “gulp”, he swallowed the rest of the words he didn’t finish.
At this moment.
Yi kun was not the only one who was dumbfounded.
Ping xinghun, mo Zhongtian, and the rest were all at a loss as to what to do after seeing the movement of the cursed black snake.
Before everyone could figure out what had happened to the cursed black snake … “Owwuuu!” Suddenly, another scream burst out from Yi kun’s mouth.
The pitch was so high that it almost pierced everyone’s eardrums.
Then, everyone’s gazes turned from the cursed black snake to Yin Kun.
The latter’s entire body was burning with a strange Black Flame.
A ferocious aura that came from the same source as the cursed black snake was emitted from the Black Flame.
After looking at it for a while, they felt their hearts tremble.
Even ping xinghun didn’t dare to get close.
He could only use his spiritual power to extinguish the black flames.
However, after ping xinghun’s spiritual energy landed on Yin Kun … Not only did it not extinguish the black flames, but it was like adding oil to the fire, making the fire even more intense.
“He’s suffering from the backlash of the curse!” At that moment, a faint voice came from the place where the cursed black snake had pounced.
Ping xinghun turned his head around and saw Gong Ziliang standing there with a smile, completely unscathed.
He immediately understood that the black flames were definitely the work of Gong Ziliang.
Even though Yi kun had stolen the unknown key and wanted to kill pingxiu.
However, Yin Kun’s ancestor had fought alongside the founding ancestor of the Pingjiang dynasty and had risked his life to obtain the hereditary position of country guarding Duke for his descendants.
Yin Kun’s grandfather was also very close to ping xinghun when he was alive, forming an extremely deep friendship.
Initially, ping xinghun had planned to plead with ping Xiu to let Yin Kun off after he returned.
But now, as he watched Yin Kun suffer from the black flames and was about to die, ping xinghun shouted angrily,””Gongzi Liang, what did you do to Yi kun!” In the face of ping xinghun’s baseless accusations, Gong Ziliang’s face was one of innocence.”Hey hey hey, old man, don’t you dare throw dirty water at me!” “Just now, it was clearly Duke Yin who activated the heavenly Killing Curse and wanted to kill me with that key.
In the end, he wasn’t skilled enough and suffered a backlash from the curse.” “These big guys were watching, I didn’t do anything!” Ping xinghun did not believe Gong Ziliang’s explanation.
After all, if what Gong Ziliang said was true, that Yin Kun was not skilled enough, he would not have let the cursed black snake attack.
However, other than this, ping xinghun could not think of any other possibility that could have caused the current situation.
“Could the problem be with that ominous key?” Suddenly.
A thought popped up in ping xinghun’s mind.
Just as he was about to shift his gaze away from Gong Ziliang and grab the key that Yi kun had thrown away.
From the corner of his eyes, he saw a barely noticeable Golden Ray entering Gong Ziliang’s body at the waist where the cursed black snake had bitten.
At first, ping xinghun thought that he was seeing things.
However, when he injected spiritual energy into his eyes, he focused.
This time, the golden light didn’t appear.
However, the aura that Gong Ziliang was exuding made ping xinghun pale with shock.
“Sea of consciousness!” “You’re actually in the sea of consciousness realm!” He had discovered that gongzi Liang’s aura was not at the true martial realm as he had thought.
It was a sea of consciousness that was equivalent to his own! Ping xinghun finally believed Gong Ziliang’s explanation after his shock.
Although curses could be cast from a distance and curse someone to death without anyone knowing, it was still a technique that could be used.
It could be said to be mysterious and unpredictable.
However, there was a huge drawback.
One of them was the cursed person’s strength.
Once the cursed person’s strength exceeded the caster ‘s, the caster would have a high chance of suffering a backlash.
Ping xinghun speculated that the current situation was because Yin Kun had cast a curse with his tribulation passing stage cultivation.
However, he didn’t know that the target he wanted to curse to kill was actually in the sea of consciousness realm.
As a result, it triggered the curse’s backlash, and the curse’s power turned into black flames that burned his body.
“Eh? No, even if Yi kun misjudged gongzi Liang’s strength and suffered a backlash from the curse.
” “However, with that unknown key, it’s impossible for gongzi Liang to say that he’s completely unaffected by the curse!” Even though they were both in the sea of consciousness realm, ping xinghun knew that if he had been bitten by that cursed black snake, he would have definitely paid a heavy price as well.
At the thought of this, ping xinghun’s gaze fell on Gong Ziliang once again.
At this moment.
Gong Ziliang’s original source body had just refined the remnant power of the cursed black snake and the golden light that it had turned into was caught by ping xinghun’s eyes.
From the golden light, ping xinghun could sense an aura that was almost exactly the same as the divine energy left behind in his small world.
“Rub Rub Rub!” Ping xinghun took a few steps back.
In his mind, the sea of consciousness realm cultivator who had entered the divine power small world with ping Xiu overlapped with the young man in front of him.
Even though the two of them looked very different.
However, anyone who had reached the Qi refinement realm could change their appearance.
Moreover, it was Gong Ziliang who was in the sea of consciousness realm! In other words, the sea of consciousness realm cultivator from before and this gongzi Liang before him were the same person.
No! He wasn’t at the sea of consciousness realm, nor was he the Nirvana forefather of the nine Dragon Holy Land.
Instead, he was a God who walked on the land of mortals! As soon as this thought came into his mind.
Ping xinghun could no longer care about Yin Kun’s life.
In his mind, countless thoughts came one after another.
Many of his doubts were resolved.
For example, the cursed black snake that Yi kun had condensed at the beginning did not dare to attack because it sensed that Gong Ziliang was not to be trifled with.
After that, Yi kun took out the ominous key and increased the power of the curse by tens of times.
After activating it, the cursed black snake’s teeth were all broken, but it did not even break Gong Ziliang’s skin.
As for Yi kun, who dared to curse a God, suffering a backlash, it naturally became a normal thing.
Other than that.
Ping xinghun guessed that ping Xiu must have found out about Gong Ziliang’s identity as a deity, which was why he was willing to pay any price to find out where he was.
However, what ping Xiu didn’t expect was that the person who signed the agreement with him … It was none other than gongzi Liang! These thoughts quickly flashed through his mind.
Ping xinghun looked straight at Gong Ziliang after he regained his senses.
Then, he knelt down and said with a trembling voice,””Ping xinghun of the human race pays his respects to the gods!” On the other side.
Mo Zhongtian and the rest were still in shock after ping xinghun’s discovery of gongzi Liang’s sea of consciousness cultivation.
To them, it was already great news that gongzi Liang could return safely.
He had never expected that Gong Ziliang would gain such a huge improvement.
He had directly transformed from the true martial realm to the level of powerful experts like the peace Astral Soul and Cao Tianzheng, who were both in the sea of consciousness realm.
All of a sudden, ping xinghun knelt down before Gong Ziliang.
Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard ping xinghun’s trembling voice.

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