For a moment, even Yin Kun’s screams became distant.
A God.
If it had been a day ago, they might have found this form of address strange.
However, after the blood rain yesterday and the divine manifestation of Gong Ziliang … The words ‘good God’ could be heard from the mouths of all the people in the city.
Even the guards on duty in the palace would call him a “good God” whenever they changed shifts.
It was no exaggeration to say that mo Zhongtian and the others had heard so much about it that calluses were growing in their ears.
However, when this form of address came from the mouth of a great medium in the sea of consciousness realm … It was a completely different feeling from what the guards and commoners had said.
In particular, this sea of consciousness realm cultivator was the patriarch of the Pingjiang dynasty.
The significance was even more different.
However, what they didn’t know was … Ping xinghun’s words did not have the same meaning as what they had heard before.
The latter was more of a respectful form of address.
The guards and civilians were saved by gongzi Liang for solving the blood rain disaster.
They treated Gong Ziliang like a god and worshipped him.
However, in their hearts, the guards and citizens all knew that Gong Ziliang was just like them, a living being with a mortal body.
However, compared to ordinary people, gongzi Liang was still a cultivator with great divine powers.
It could pluck the stars and moon, call the wind and summon the rain.
As for the word “God” that ping xinghun had mentioned … Without any other meaning, it was a God! He looked at ping xinghun, who was lying on the ground, trembling.
It was not hard for Gong Ziliang to guess what ping xinghun had discovered.
As for ping xinghun treating him as a God, Gong Ziliang accepted it.
After all, the status of his body of origin was not inferior to that of a deity born from the innate Dao.
In addition, he had grasped the law of sword and the law of force.
He was a human path true God now! Young master Liang Jiangping glanced at ping xinghun and said,”Let monarch ping out first.” Upon hearing Gong Ziliang’s instructions, ping xinghun did not dare to say anything else.
He quickly kept his abhijna small world and brought ping Xiu out.
The Pingjiang dynasty’s patriarch star soul was actually so obedient to gongzi Liang.
Before mo Zhongtian and the rest could be surprised, their vision blurred and ping Xiu, who had passed out, appeared in front of them.
“Eh? Which sea of consciousness realm cultivator is it?” Immediately after, mo Shaoyun discovered a problem.
Ping Xiu was the only one who came out of the divine ability small world.
As for the sea of consciousness realm that he had entered with ping Xiu, it had disappeared.
“Maybe he had something to do and left.” Gong Ziliang smiled and explained on ping xinghun’s behalf.
Hearing this, ping xinghun stammered and quickly nodded in agreement.
Mo Shaoyun’s suspicious gaze moved back and forth between gongzi Liang and ping xinghun a few times.
Suddenly, he seemed to have understood something.
He patted his head and said,””This one knows!” “Senior Liang, you colluded with that sea of consciousness realm cultivator, didn’t you?” “Did you ask that sea of consciousness realm cultivator to sign an agreement with ping Xiu before you ran out? this way, you could trick … Trick monarch ping into taking out those state cities, spirit stones, and spirit mines of his own accord!” The more mo Shaoyun spoke, the more he felt that his deduction made sense.
He continued,””Let me guess.
That person in the sea of consciousness realm must have taken the letter of agreement to the Pingjiang dynasty, right?” Gongzi Liang smiled.”That’s right, that’s right.
Monarch Little Mo, you’re unparalleled in your wisdom.
You’re much smarter than the monarch and the defender Duke of the Pingjiang dynasty.” “It seems like it won’t be long before the Monet dynasty surpasses the Pingjiang dynasty in the hands of monarch Little Mo.” Mo Shaoyun didn’t seem embarrassed at all after being praised by gongzi Liang.
Instead, he spoke arrogantly.
“I’m determined to be the Emperor of the human world for the ages, the unparalleled Lord who will lead the Monet dynasty to establish the Empire!” “How can those two idiots be compared to me?” The crowd treated mo Shaoyun’s words as a joke.
In any case, gongzi Liang was back now, and his cultivation had even risen to the sea of consciousness realm.
There was also the Monet dynasty and Cao Tianzheng, who was in the sea of consciousness realm.
With two seas of consciousness in one day, the country could be stable for hundreds of years! The crowd’s tensed up hearts could not help but relax.
At this moment, looking at the insufferably arrogant mo Shaoyun, they all smiled.
Mo Shaoyun’s eyebrows twitched.
He could tell that the crowd was not laughing at him.
However, he was still unconvinced and said to Gong Ziliang,””Senior Liang, they don’t believe me.
Do you believe me?” Gong Ziliang nodded.”I do, of course I do.” “Not only do I believe in you, but I’ll also help you achieve your Empire.” Mo Shaoyun was only satisfied after hearing Gong Ziliang’s answer.
Then he waved his hand and said,”no need for help.
Governing a big country is like cooking fresh fish.
Now the Monet dynasty has just experienced a series of twists and turns.
We should focus on recuperating.” “Otherwise, when the war starts, the people will be the ones suffering.” To be able to hear such words from mo Shaoyun’s mouth, gongzi Liang could not help but be surprised.
Gongzi Liang thought of some of his previous thoughts and was hesitating whether he should say them.
However, after seeing mo Shaoyun’s growth during this period of time, he smiled and said,””I still want to.” “You used a dynasty to exchange for my life-saving information.” “In return, I’ll return you an Empire.” Mo Shaoyun was stunned when he heard this, thinking that gongzi Liang was joking with him.
But suddenly, he saw gongzi Liang activate his Divine Art of wood, condensing endless wood-element spirit Qi and injecting it into his body.
The latter was stimulated by the spiritual energy and slowly woke up from her coma.
“God! When did you become a God?” After he woke up and saw Gong Ziliang, ping Xiu immediately cried out in shock.
Gongzi Liang’s gaze landed on ping Xiu.
Sensing the sharpness in his eyes, ping Xiu shut his mouth immediately.
He saw that ping Xiu was frightened by gongzi Liang’s gaze like a mouse seeing a cat.
Mo Shaoyun was amused and said,””Senior Liang, is he really treating you like one of those high and mighty gods?” Childe Liang smiled and did not explain.
He looked at ping Xiu and said,”Monarch ping, I would like to borrow something from you.
I wonder if you can agree to it.” Ping Xiu’s body trembled when he heard Gong Ziliang’s words and he quickly replied,””I agree, I agree, I … I agree to all of it.” “Oh? What I want to borrow is your Pingjiang dynasty’s territory, and you’re willing to agree to this?” Ping Xiu’s body stiffened.
Subconsciously, he wanted to shake his head in denial.
However, he recalled the aura he had felt from the golden light on the tip of Gong Ziliang’s finger before he fainted in the divine power small world.
It was a power that was completely above spirit Qi! It was the power of the origin that only gods could master! Immediately, pingxiu’s head was stuck to the cold floor of the hall.
He used all his strength and let out a humiliating voice through his teeth,””Pingxiu, agree!” After saying this, pingxiu felt as if his bones had been extracted.
His entire body was like a pool of mud, lying there limply.

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