Wasn’t the Christian Church a dynasty? The Monet dynasty had swallowed so many that they couldn’t even count them on one hand.
On the other hand, it was mo Shaoyun.
After sitting on the Dragon chair for a few days, he began to miss the liveliness and liveliness of the streets.
However, mo Shaoyun knew that a ruler was the face of thousands.
Everyone in the world was watching, so he couldn’t break the rules.
In the next moment, mo Shaoyun began to look forward to the appearance of a troublemaker.
This way, he could throw the dynasty to his Imperial father, who would take his Imperial mother out to tour the mountains and rivers every other day.
He would personally lead his troops to fight against those who did not submit! Unfortunately, mo Shaoyun’s hopes were dashed again and again.
It was only today, when the last letter of credence was delivered to him, that mo Shaoyun knew that his last chance had been dashed.
Moreover, from now on, what he had to manage was not just the Monet dynasty.
Instead, it was ten dynasties! Happiness X10! Falling back into the dragon chair, mo Shaoyun recalled that from the moment he opened his eyes, he had to bury his head in the mountain-like piles of memorials.
When he thought about the workload in the future, he suddenly regretted letting gongzi Liang help him build this so-called Empire.
“Congratulations, Your Majesty, for uniting the ten countries!” At this moment.
“Your Highness!” An official knelt down and called out.
“Congratulations, Your Majesty, for uniting the ten countries!” The other ministers also knelt down.
Mo Shaoyun came back to his senses.
His gaze swept across the officials in a daze.
“My ministers!” He stood up and said in a dignified voice.
The regret that had just risen in his chest dissipated.
Mo Shaoyun said,”The ten countries will submit.
Three days later, we will set up an altar to worship our ancestors.” “Monet dynasty, rise to imperial court!” At this very moment.
Mo Shaoyun’s voice seemed to have a magical power.
In the ears of those ministers, the bones that had made them stand for a long time suddenly burst with a strong power.
His aged body was rejuvenated with a new round of vitality.
“In addition, Mister Liang will be honored as the Supreme Saint of the Empire and offered to the Imperial temple to enjoy eternal incense!” And when they heard that mo Shaoyun had bestowed the title of ‘absolute Saint’ upon gongzi Liang … The officials knelt down and bowed again, all of them were convinced,””Your Majesty is wise!” “Achoo, Achoo, Achoo!” In a side hall of the temporary imperial residence, Gong Ziliang sneezed several times.
Rubbing his nose, gongzi Liang glanced in the direction of the throne room and then looked away.
At this moment, other than Gong Ziliang, there were a few other people in the side hall.
Mo Zhongtian, Xing Feng, and Lin anruo.
Cao Tianzheng, ping xinghun, and ping Xiu had just returned to South Peace City.
“I’ve called all of you here today because I have something to tell you.
” “I’m about to leave this place.
” Gongzi Liang didn’t beat around the bush and went straight to the point.
He calculated the time.
Ever since he was teleported to The Purple Cloud Empire by the space crack.
He had already stayed in the Wu State for several months.
He thought of the heavenly Dao in Qingzhou, which he had pierced through and left behind a mess.
He had no idea what the situation in the ancient dynasty had become.
In addition, they found out that the Bai family’s prodigy, Bai niansheng, was most likely the “Reaper” that the gods of the upper realm had sent to this world.
All of this made Gong Ziliang wish he could grow wings and rush back immediately.
Hearing Gong Ziliang’s words.
Even before the six of them came over, they already had some guesses in their hearts.
However, when they heard Gong Ziliang say that he wanted to leave, their expressions changed to varying degrees.
Mo Zhongtian forced a smile.
He had expected this day to come.
With Gong Ziliang’s talent, he was a true dragon that would soar through the nine Heavens.
As for the Monet dynasty, even if it was like a Python swallowing a Dragon, it was a sign of the dynasty.
To Gong Ziliang, it was still too small, too small.
Therefore, he didn’t say anything to make her stay.
He only said,””Mr.
Liang, don’t forget to come back and get the gold that the Monet dynasty owes you.” Gong Ziliang waved his hand.”Keep it.
It’s a gift for the Monet dynasty.” Mo Zhongtian’s smile faded when he heard this.
He knew that Gong Ziliang’s words implied that he might not have a date to return.
Gongzi Liang did not say anything more to mo Zhongtian.
After some thought, he passed on a few of his cultivation techniques to Cao Tianzheng with his spiritual will, excluding the demonic god-slaying spear.
Cao Tian was startled, but he saw gongzi Liang smiling at him.
He knew that this was a gift from gongzi Liang to the Monet dynasty, so he expressed his thanks and accepted it.
Meanwhile, gongzi Liang looked at Xing Feng and passed on the seal-condensing technique that he had obtained from his comprehension of the God-striking whip over the past few days.
After obtaining the technique, Xing Feng knew.
This was so that he would have the means to control ping xinghun and the other sea of consciousness realm old ancestors after he left.
As for the rest day, gongzi Liang had already decided to bring them along.
“Many thanks, brother Liang.” Xing Feng smiled freely, but anyone could see how unnatural his smile was.
The two months she spent with Gong Ziliang had been like a dream.
Now, with a snap of his fingers, it was time to part.
Even though Xing Feng’s sword intent was brilliant, he was able to cut off many emotions.
At this moment, he couldn’t help but sigh.
Apart from that, Xing Feng still had some secrets about Gong Ziliang that he had yet to see through.
However, since Gong Ziliang didn’t take the initiative to tell him, Xing Feng naturally wouldn’t ask.
“Since you and I call each other brothers, why do you need to do so much?” Childe Liang smiled and walked to Xing Feng.
He opened his arms and gave the latter a bear hug.
Xing Feng finally could not suppress the confusion in his heart after being hugged by Gong Ziliang.”Good brother, how did you do it in the main hall that day?” When Gong Ziliang heard this, he naturally knew what Xing Feng was talking about.
With Xing Feng’s talent, he might be able to transcend the mortal world one day.
Therefore, he condensed a sword law and slapped it into Xing Feng’s body.””Because I am indeed a God!” He heard Gong Ziliang’s voice transmission and felt the additional power of the sword way that was above his divine power level sword will that had appeared out of nowhere in his body.
A look of surprise flashed across Xing Feng’s face before he calmed down.
Xing Feng had already noticed something from the way ping xinghun and ping Xiu had treated Gong Ziliang and the way they had addressed him that day in the main hall.
It was just that he didn’t dare to believe it at that time.
However, Xing Feng could now confirm that gongzi Liang had already left him far behind and had become a legendary God! It was because of this that he felt a little lonely.
“Brother Xing, I’ll be leaving.” “I hope that we can meet again at the peak one day!” In the next moment, gongzi Liang’s encouraging voice entered his ears.
Xing Feng’s body trembled, and the loneliness that was about to rise in his heart was instantly crushed.
Meet again at the peak! This day would not be too far away! Sensing that Xing Feng’s inner demons had been removed, gongzi Liang revealed a smile.
After cupping his fists to Xing Feng, mo Zhongtian, Cao Tianzheng, and ping xinghun, he summoned the Phoenix-winged divine Peng and brought ping Xiu and Lin anruo up into the sky.
Gong Ziliang naturally had his own plans for taking the two of them away.

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