“Level 80 is the watershed of the cultivation realm.
Therefore, level 80 items will have additional chances when they need to be upgraded, including but not limited to pill synthesis, equipment synthesis, star enhancement, enhancement …” When he heard the system’s explanation, Gong Ziliang fell silent.
He was not unfamiliar with the watershed in the realm of cultivation.
For example, the illusionary core realm was the first dividing line of the ten cultivation realms.
The Three Realms before the illusionary core realm-physical body realm, Qi refinement realm, and invigorated Meridian realm-were all about training one’s physical body, receiving spirit Qi into one’s body, and tempering and strengthening one’s meridians.
The spiritual power that he cultivated and the spiritual Qi between heaven and earth did not form a cycle.
Hence, even those in the invigorated Meridian realm could only emit spiritual pressure and use their power to suppress others.
However, once one reached the capital transformation realm, it would be a completely different world.
A cultivator of this realm could already communicate with the outside world and continuously absorb spiritual energy into their body.
When he fought with others, the spiritual energy in his body would surge like a river, far exceeding the spiritual energy of an invigorated Meridian realm cultivator by a hundred times.
Hence, the division between the illusory core realm and the invigorated Meridian realm was the divide between the cultivator’s inner world and the outside world.
And the second watershed was the sea of consciousness that gongzi Liang was currently in.
Before the sea of consciousness realm, cultivators could communicate with heaven and earth, refine their spiritual power, refine their spiritual will, and gather their divine flames.
When one reached the step of congealing divine fire, the cultivator would have to fuse their spiritual energy with their life to reach the perfect flawless state.
Not only would his lifespan be greatly increased, but his soul would also become more stable.
However, for mortals, their physical bodies were weak.
If they wanted to live forever and be immortal with the heavens and earth, they needed to go one step further and let their souls escape the shackles of their physical bodies.
This step of cultivation was the content of the sea of consciousness, heavenly God and Nirvana realms.
After recalling all this, gongzi Liang finally understood why the system would set the probability of upgrading level 80 items.
Understanding was one thing, but it didn’t stop Gong Ziliang from feeling heartache for his broken elixir.
Compared to the three high-grade pills that had shattered, Gong Ziliang was more concerned about the fact that the system had not clearly indicated the success rate of the origin pill’s synthesis.
Since he was not sure about the success rate of the synthesis, gongzi Liang naturally did not dare to blindly throw the remaining high-leveled experience pills into the synthesis system.
However, if he had not formed his origin source body, he could have cultivated slowly.
But now, the spiritual energy in this world could no longer be used by his origin source body to increase his cultivation.
In other words, other than the origin pill, if he wanted to continue to improve his realm, the only way was to find a God and absorb the power of the origin.
Frowning, gongzi Liang felt that he had reached a dead end.
The road ahead was blocked.
His origin source body, which should have been an advantage, had now become the biggest obstacle that limited his improvement.
“Could it be that I have to switch to a divine Dao technique and rely on the power of faith?” Gongzi Liang thought of an idea.
The power of faith was formed by the will of all living beings.
It was somewhere in between spirit Qi and Origin Energy.
After absorbing it, the effects would not be as good as Origin Energy, but it could indeed improve the origin body.
However, he felt that there was something wrong with this world’s divine Dao technique, so he was unwilling to try it out.
“System, is there any other way to obtain this origin pill other than through synthesis?” “For example, Where can I find the fragments of the origin pill?” Helplessly, Gong Ziliang turned to the system for help.
[Ding! There’s a new item in the gift bag store! The 998-Yuan origin pill gift package is online! Contains origin pill * 1 + 100000 Yuan] The next moment.
The system’s notification sounded in Gong Ziliang’s mind in a way that surprised him but made sense at the same time.
” 998 Yuan for a pill? system, you really treat me as a good family member!” The corner of Gong Ziliang’s mouth twitched.
He felt that he must be out of his mind to ask the system such a question.
Apart from forcing him to pay, what other constructive suggestions could the damn system give? Of course, Gong Ziliang knew that the price the system had set for the origin pill was not too outrageous.
When one’s cultivation reached the sea of consciousness realm, the amount of spiritual stones and resources needed to advance each level was astronomical.
Furthermore, it would take a lot of time to refine the spiritual Qi and face the barriers of the realm.
It would not be so troublesome to consume the origin pill.
As long as his body could take it, he could keep on taking medicine and improving.
This was especially so for the origin pill, which did not have any grade restrictions.
Whether it was the sea of consciousness realm, heavenly God Realm, or even Nirvana realm.
One pill could increase one’s cultivation by one level! However, Gong Ziliang felt that it would be a waste to spend 998 Yuan on the origin pill when he was only level 80.
He might as well buy a 99-Yuan level pill gift bag and slowly synthesize it with intermediate-level experience pills.
It was a little troublesome, but it could save money! ” 998 Yuan is enough to buy ten big gift bags.” “There’s no chance of failure when synthesizing middle-grade experience pills into high-grade experience pills.
This means that I can synthesize 33 high-grade pills and 11 chances to synthesize origin pills.” “No matter how black my face is, it’s not to the extent of being defeated eleven times in a row.” Gong Ziliang made his calculations and clicked ‘buy’ ten times on the level pill gift pack.
[Ding! [Congratulations, you have successfully purchased a gift bag of 99-Yuan level pills!] [Ding! [Congratulations, you have …] …… As the system notification chimed, gongzi Liang could almost see the system’s face that was about to burst into laughter.
After buying the ten big gift bags, he glanced at the three-digit value of the experience points and put all the middle-rank experience pills into the furnace in batches.
Soon, 33 high-level experience pills were completed.
However, five minutes later.
Gongzi Liang lifted the lid of the fusion furnace for the eleventh time and saw a thick layer of medicinal dregs at the bottom of the furnace.
His face was darker than a fusion furnace, and he started to doubt his life.
Eleven times, all failed! In other words, 990 Yuan had gone down the drain in just five minutes.
If he had known that this would happen, he would have bought an origin pill! Save money, F * ck! “I’m really stupid, really.
” Gongzi Liang shook his head and wanted to cry but had no tears.
He looked at the last three high-level experience pills in his hand.
These three were synthesized from the previous stock.
There were a total of six of them, and three of them had been broken.
So, including that one time, he had failed twelve times in a row! Gongzi Liang felt a little tired.
It didn’t matter if it happened one more time or one less time … He closed his eyes and threw the three high-leveled experience pills into the furnace.
Even after 12 consecutive failures, Gong Ziliang could not help but feel a sense of anticipation in his heart before the results of the synthesis were out.
[Ding! [It’s a pity that the origin pill’s synthesis has failed!] Gongzi Liang said after hearing the notification that was repeated eleven times.
Regret my ass!

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