“Eh?” Gongzi Liang raised his brows in surprise.
After reaching Level-7, his divine sense had already reached the “chant” level.
It could be said that it was not inferior to the consciousness of a heavenly God Realm.
But now, he was actually stopped.
“Young master, all the counters here have been engraved with a seal that prevents detection,” Even a heavenly God can’t see through it.
” At this moment.
A warm voice came from behind.
Gongzi Liang turned around and saw a chubby-looking middle-aged man in a long robe walking over with a smile.
The collar of the long robe was embroidered with the obvious logo of the sky treasure Pavilion.
Gongzi Liang immediately understood that the manager of sky treasure Pavilion had arrived.
Gongzi Liang wasn’t embarrassed at all that the other party had exposed his probing with his consciousness.
“I’m gongzi Liang, please forgive me if I’ve offended you.
” Hearing this, the stout man’s smile grew wider.””So it’s a good brother.
It’s good that you’re here.
Sky treasure Pavilion is open for business, so you’re all friends.” “It’s just a small matter, don’t worry about it.
” “I am Dong Tianbao.
I am indebted to the boss’s kind treatment and am the Deputy Pavilion master of this Pavilion.” Seeing that Dong Tianbao, as the Deputy Pavilion master, could put on such an attitude, he did not act like a snob in those melodramatic novels.
Gongzi Liang could not help but have a good impression of Dong Tianbao and the sky treasure Pavilion.
Thinking about it, with the size of the sky treasure Pavilion, it was natural that they were well-versed in the ways of buying, selling, and using people.
He definitely wouldn’t say that he would send someone who was so arrogant to become the Deputy Pavilion head.
While Gong Ziliang was deep in thought, Dong Tianbao was sizing him up.
With his status as the Vice Pavilion master, he wouldn’t have to personally welcome all the guests.
However, when Gong Ziliang came in just now, the clear sky Mirror of the profound Gold Pavilion could not detect his true cultivation.
Although the Haotian treasure mirror in this Black Gold sub-Pavilion was not the original, but a replica of the one in the headquarters.
However, from the sea of consciousness realm to the mortal realm, as long as one walked in front of the Haotian treasure mirror, one would know whether they were human or ghost.
It was not easy for even a divine realm expert to completely hide his aura under the Haotian treasure mirror.
Therefore, Dong Tianbao was alarmed and came out to welcome him.
He sized it up for a while.
With Dong Tianbao’s late sea of consciousness realm cultivation base, he naturally could not see through Gong Ziliang’s true cultivation base that was hidden under his origin source body.
However, from gongzi Liang’s expression, he could tell that the person before him was not old.
Even if he had started cultivating in his mother’s womb, it was impossible for him to reach the heavenly God Realm that even the Haotian treasure mirror could not reflect.
It was more likely that he had some powerful spiritual treasure that isolated the power of the Haotian treasure mirror.
Even so, Dong Tianbao knew that the young man in front of him must have a powerful background to have such a spiritual treasure.
Dong Tianbao said,””I wonder if brother Liang is here to purchase weapons, armors, or …?” At Dong Tianbao’s question, Childe Liang finally shifted his attention away from the dazzling array of magical treasures on the counters.
He said,””Ji realm precious artifact.” A supreme class precious artifact! When Dong Tianbao heard these words, his eyes could not help but flash with joy.
Big business! Magic weapons were divided into four grades: ordinary weapon, treasure weapon, magic weapon, and spirit weapon, corresponding to the yellow, black, earth, and heaven grades.
Above heaven-grade spirit tools, there were supreme class precious artifacts that could increase a cultivator’s attributes in all aspects! Even in the sky treasure Pavilion, a supreme class precious artifact could be considered top notch.
The number produced each year was far lower than that of heaven grade spiritual weapons.
Fortunately, the high price of a supreme class precious artifact made ordinary cultivators shrink back.
Generally speaking, those that had the ability to spend supreme class precious artifacts were at least forces on the level of an imperial dynasty.
The Holy Lands, ancient orthodoxies, and aristocratic families were the main sellers of supreme class precious artifacts in the sky treasure Pavilion! Suddenly, Dong Tianbao thought of something and said,””This … Good brother, is the main family the Gu family?” The Gu clan was the leading clan in the southeast Region, and they were in charge of the demonic lands.
The number of Supreme realm precious artifacts they had used was even higher than the nine Dragon Holy Land and the Tian Huan orthodoxy.
Every once in a while, he would take a batch of supreme class precious artifacts from the sky treasure Pavilion to replace the equipment of the Gu clan’s demon-suppressing guards.
Just a few days ago, the Gu clan had already sent people to deliver news.
They were prepared to hand over the goods at the White Cloud City and take away this batch of supreme class precious artifacts.
Therefore, Dong Tianbao thought that gongzi Liang was someone from the Gu family who had come to collect the goods.
Hearing this, Gong Ziliang shook his head and said,”Pavilion master Dong, you’ve made a mistake.
I’m not a member of the Gu clan.” “In addition, I’m not here to buy a Ji realm relic.
I have a batch of Ji realm relics that I want to sell to Pavilion master Dong.” When he had heard Gong Ziliang deny that he was not from the Gu family, Dong Tianbao had been overjoyed, thinking that another big customer had arrived.
However, when he heard what Gong Ziliang said after that, he blurted out,””Eh? You’re not here to buy, but to sell?” As soon as he said that, Dong Tianbao suddenly realized that his words were very ambiguous.
He quickly explained,””Good brother, this Dong has a bad mouth and said the wrong thing.
Please don’t blame me.” As the number one magical treasure trading place in the middle state, the sky treasure Pavilion had a wide range of business, not just selling magical treasures.
There were also businesses such as customizing, repairing, and appraising magical equipment, as well as mining and smelting.
Naturally, he also kept his magic treasures.
However, even Holy Lands, ancient orthodoxies, and aristocratic families had a huge demand for treasures at the level of supreme class precious artifacts.
The dynasties, sects, and high-level families would even collect them as their heritage.
Even if they encountered a situation where they couldn’t afford to eat, they would only take it out as collateral.
This was the first time Dong Tianbao had encountered a situation where supreme class relics were sold to the sky treasure Pavilion.
“Eh? Could it be that this person stole a precious extreme grade artifact, and it’s not easy to use it?” Dong Tianbao thought of a possibility.
He recalled how gongzi Liang had used his divine sense to spy on the counters as soon as he entered, and the smile on his face faded a little … However, as the Deputy Pavilion master of sky treasure Pavilion, Dong Tianbao still had his professional qualities.
He didn’t get people to throw Gong Ziliang out of the door just because of his baseless suspicions.
Just as he was about to ask gongzi Liang to take out his Supreme realm precious artifact for him to inspect the goods … “Sky treasure Pavilion’s master, long time no see.
You’re even more elegant than before.” Suddenly, a hearty laugh came from the door.
Dong Tianbao shifted his gaze away from gongzi Liang and saw six figures walking into the sky treasure Pavilion.
It was Gu lianren.
The person who laughed just now was old Gu, who was walking at the front.
He stood at his original spot and smiled.”Brother chengfeng, you’ve finally come!” The brother chengfeng that Dong Tianbao had mentioned was old Gu.
The two of them didn’t really have a deep relationship.
They had only interacted a few times when Dong Tianbao was delivering supreme class relics to the Gu family.
After a while, they got to know each other.
Immediately after, from the corner of his eye, Dong Tianbao glanced at the few people behind Gu chengfeng.

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