After Dong Tianbao was transferred to the bifang dynasty, he maintained a good relationship with the bifang dynasty, the Gu family, nine Dragon sanctuary, and the Tiangang orthodoxy.
Every year, no matter if it was all kinds of magic treasures or supreme class precious artifacts, the output would always be above the business volume.
However, with the pavilion master above him, most of his credit would be taken away by the other party.
Initially, Dong Tianbao had thought that this would be the end of his life.
In the bifang Empire, he would be a vice Pavilion master.
He would only consider the matter of promotion when his cultivation level increased.
Until today, when he met Gong Ziliang.
Dong Tianbao felt that perhaps the heavens had not given him a way out and had deliberately given him an opportunity! If he caught it, he would soar into the sky.
It was not a dream! The more Dong Tianbao thought about it, the more excited he became.
Looking at Gu chengfeng and the others who were confronting gongzi Liang, he already had a plan in his heart.
Although the Gu family was a local giant in the southeast Region, he had the sky treasure Pavilion behind him.
Who was he afraid of? Moreover, Dong Tianbao had long heard about the situation of the Gu family’s ancient ancestor.
He could fall at any time.
Under such circumstances, Dong Tianbao did not believe that a puny Gu chengfeng would dare to say no to him.
He was about to speak.
“Young master, the Gu family will not accept this bet.” A voice suddenly rang out from behind Gu chengfeng.
Everyone’s attention was still on gongzi Liang’s calm performance.
When they suddenly heard someone’s response, they all looked toward the source of the sound in confusion.
When he saw Gu Lian Ren’s face that was disguised as a man’s but could not hide her stunning looks … Those people’s gazes seemed to be attracted by a magnet, unable to move away.
Gu lianren ignored those people and walked forward.
She said to Dong Tianbao,”Pavilion master Dong, the Gu family is incompetent.
We have made a fool of ourselves.” “As compensation, the Gu clan is willing to pay an extra 10% of the price to purchase this batch of supreme class precious artifacts.” Dong Tianbao’s mind was still on gongzi Liang.
When he heard Gu lianren mention the purchase of supreme class relics, he realized that she was talking to him.
“It’s fine.
Since we’re here, we’re all friends,”Dong Tianbao said, waving his hand.
“It’s fine as long as we don’t hurt our relationship.
” “There’s no need for compensation.
” If it was before, Dong Tianbao would not have been so easy to talk to.
But now, because of Gong Ziliang, he did not want to continue being entangled with the Gu family.
The less trouble, the better.
Seeing that Dong Tianbao’s attitude had softened and he did not intend to pursue the matter, Gu lianren heaved a sigh of relief.
However, she and Dong Tianbao wanted to let the matter pass.
Some people were unwilling.
“Hmph, miss, you’re giving way to an outsider again and again.” “You’ve raised other people’s morale for nothing and destroyed the Gu family’s prestige.
What do you mean by this?” “Don’t tell me you’ve taken a fancy to this kid?” Once Gu chengfeng’s words rang out, it caused a huge reaction from the crowd.
There were quite a few people present who knew about the Gu family’s situation.
However, they did not expect that the Gu family’s situation would be so severe that even the master and servant could openly fall out with each other.
For a moment, the people in front of the counter looked at the two of them with surprise and anticipation.
Gu lianren’s face was pale with anger.
She had never thought that Gu chengfeng would actually say such words.
Especially the last sentence, if it was spoken by an outsider, it would at most be a rumor.
However, Gu chengfeng, as an old man of the Gu family, had said such things to her, the Holy daughter of the Gu family, who was not yet married.
If word got out, how would people see her and the Gu family? Of course, Gu chengfeng knew that his words would have a great impact on Gu Lian Ren and the Gu family.
However, ever since he met gongzi Liang, everything had gone wrong for him.
He had been targeted by Gu Lian Ren and Dong Tianbao.
Right now, he was about to regain his dignity and use the bet to slap that Gong Ziliang in the face, but Gu Lian Ren had jumped out to stop him again.
If this was in the past, he would have tolerated it.
However, seeing that the Gu family was on the verge of collapse, Gu chengfeng decided to take advantage of this opportunity to fall out with Gu Lian and leave the Gu family! Fortunately, he had brought all the resources he had accumulated over the years with him before he came out.
Even if she could not return to the Gu family, she would not lose anything.
Thinking of this, Gu chengfeng instantly had no more reservations and said,””Gu lianren, don’t even think about using your status as the Gu family’s Holy daughter to pressure me.” “From today onwards, Gu chengfeng will cut off all ties with your Gu family!” “Anyway, the ancient ancestor is dying.
I don’t want to stay in the Gu family!” Gu chengfeng’s words made Gu lianren even angrier.
When the others saw this, their eyes lit up with excitement.”Fight, quickly fight!” He did not disappoint them.
In the next moment, a terrifying bloodline aura exuded from Gu Lian’s body.
But before the bloodline aura could press down on Gu chengfeng … “Miss, Dong Dao has served the Gu family for 40 years.
Today, I would like to ask for your permission to allow Dong Dao to leave the Gu family.” Gu Dong’s voice was heard from the side.
Gu lianren was stunned.
The bloodline aura that she had unleashed almost accidentally landed on the cultivators in front of the counter.
“Miss, bei Shan has served the Gu family for 33 years …” “Miss, Nangong …” “Miss …” Immediately after, the other three people also resigned and wanted to leave the Gu family.
In an instant.
A strong sense of powerlessness welled up in his heart.
Gu Lian Ren almost lost her balance.
She lost control of the blood vessels that she was summoning and they dormant in her body.
Although the Gu family’s hearts had wavered because of the ancient ancestor’s matter these past few years.
However, Gu lianren had never expected that Gu chengfeng and Gu Dong would leave without even waiting for the ancient ancestor to fall.
“Four uncles, does the Gu family not treat you well?” Gu Lian’s eyes were red as she asked.
“Miss, what’s the point of saying this now?” “As the saying goes, when a tree falls, the monkeys scatter.
A good bird chooses a tree to rest in.
We made this choice because we had no choice.” “As for miss, it’s better to find a good matchmaker as soon as possible and draw a clear line between you and the Gu family,” “I think young master Ma, the great-great-grandson of the bi Fang Empire’s patriarch, should …” Every word in Gu Dong’s voice was like a heavy hammer that was heavily smashing towards Gu lianren.
When Gu Lian Ren heard Gu Dong mention Ma Yuan again, she immediately understood something.
“Enough!” Without waiting for Gu Dong to continue, Gu Lian Ren shouted coldly and interrupted him.
With disappointment and cold eyes, Gu lianren glanced at the spiritual crystals on the ground and said with a self-deprecating tone,””There are a lot of spiritual crystals in here.
Did the patriarch of the bi Fang dynasty give them to you?” After being exposed by Gu Lian, Gu Dong’s face turned awkward and he shut his mouth.
“So what if I am!” On the other side, Gu chengfeng didn’t hold back at all, bringing out the shady business that was supposed to be hidden under the surface.
After saying that, Gu chengfeng felt that since he had already made things clear, there was nothing to hide.
He continued,””I’ve worked hard in your Gu family for 50 years.
How many spiritual crystals did I get?”

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