ld see the same confusion in their eyes.
He had said that it was only a few tens of thousands of spiritual crystals, but in the end, he still regarded spiritual stones as his life? Gu chengfeng could only think of this possibility.
“Hmph, I don’t care what tricks you’re playing.
If you can’t take out a Ji realm precious artifact, then even if the Emperor of heaven comes today, you’ll still have to kowtow to this Gu!” Gu chengfeng thought to himself as he regained his confidence.
In his opinion, even if there was a one in a billion chance that gongzi Liang would take out a Supreme realm precious artifact … Then, he would only lose tens of thousands of spiritual crystals.
When he took control of the Empire that the patriarch of the bi Fang dynasty had promised him, he would be able to earn back these spiritual crystals in minutes.
Furthermore, compared to spirit crystals, medicinal pills, and other resources that were easy to obtain, Gu chengfeng was more willing to leave with the rare supreme class precious artifacts.
Through Gu chengfeng’s gaze, gongzi Liang could vaguely tell what he was thinking.
“Hmph, don’t worry.
I said I’ll make sure you can’t even wear your underwear, so I won’t let you leave with a piece of cloth!” With this in mind, Gong Ziliang stepped forward with a smile and pulled out the parts of the ‘Azure demon set’ from his backpack.
“Dong Dong Dong …” A dull sound, accompanied by one green light after another, entered everyone’s ears.
At the same time.
Under everyone’s increasingly wide gazes, extreme grade precious artifacts that emitted powerful auras appeared by young master Liang’s feet one after another.
From the fluctuations of spiritual Qi, the quality of each item was definitely not lower than the three tribulation passing state treasures that Gu chengfeng had taken off.
A full minute passed before the number of Supreme realm precious artifacts in front of gongzi Liang stopped increasing.
“Ah, 63.
I accidentally took 3 more.” As Gong Ziliang spoke, he was about to put the three extra green-grade equipment back into his backpack.
Gu chengfeng’s eyes were wide open.
When gongzi Liang took out these supreme class precious artifacts, he had already used his divine sense to probe them.
They were indeed all supreme class precious artifacts of the sea of consciousness.
Furthermore, some of them were clearly of higher quality.
Even his sea of consciousness spiritual sense was completely blocked outside.
At this moment.
Seeing that Gong Ziliang was about to take back the three supreme class precious artifacts, Gu chengfeng was immediately discontented.
At this moment, he had already lost his ability to think.
He had forgotten to think about the background of Gong Ziliang, who was able to take out these Supreme-grade precious artifacts.
He only knew that all of the Supreme class precious artifacts on the ground were his! With this batch of knowledge sea tier supreme class precious artifacts, even if he left the Gu family, he would still be able to accomplish great things! Others might not know, but he did.
The reason why the Gu clan did not hesitate to spend a large number of spirit stones to purchase a supreme class precious artifact to support the demon suppressing troop was because … It was not that the Gu family had no place to spend the spiritual stones.
Instead, it was because the Gu family could obtain a large amount of resources from the demon land guarded by the demon-suppressing troop.
Among them, there were not only the blood essence and inner core of Devils that could be used for alchemy, but also the fur and skin of Devils.
There were also some natural treasures formed in that environment of the devil World.
Each of them was hard to find.
Relying on the resources obtained from the demonic land, the Gu family’s demon-suppressing guard had expanded from a quota of 50 people in the sea of consciousness realm to a scale of 100 people in the sea of consciousness realm.
Otherwise, just the daily consumption of these sea of consciousness realm cultivators would be a huge burden to the Gu family.

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